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Bike Farm Bike Move

Be apart of history on August 10th! Move Bike Farm by Bike! We will meet at 9:00am and roll out around 11am. We will follow an easy 1.6 mile route to the new Bike Farm at 1810 NE 1st Ave (1 block North of Broadway and 2 blocks east of Williams).

Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 9am-noon
Bike Farm is an all volunteer-run collective dedicated to every aspect of bicycle education, from safe commuting to repair. We have outgrown our old space and are opening up in a larger new space! There are plenty of bicycles, frames, parts and tools to haul. Your help is needed to make this possible!

If you are really up for a challenge, we have some work benches fit for articulated trailers. Come prepared!

As always, there will be coffee and sugary goodness at the start, followed by lots of food, beer, and good times at the end.

Shift2Bikes:  http://www.shift2bikes.org/cal/viewmonth.php?month=08&year=2013#10-3978