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Obamanation 2013

Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism Task Force Agencies are involved in criminal activities in Washington State. Burglaries are known to have been committed under the Obama administration and agencies are helping to coverup their criminal activities. Stolen and property of unknown origin has also been planted in storage units and a residence. Local law enforcement agencies have been used for harassment as well as conspiracy to aid and abet the burglaries. Gag orders have been used to keep the information from being revealed by individuals with knowledge of the criminal activities.
One of two facebook posted Pictures on Patrick Rainer's facebook page 6/2012
One of two facebook posted Pictures on Patrick Rainer's facebook page 6/2012
Second of two facebook posted Pictures on Patrick Rainer's facebook page 6/2012
Second of two facebook posted Pictures on Patrick Rainer's facebook page 6/2012
Items left in residences as souvenirs / calling cards  in home invasion searches
Items left in residences as souvenirs / calling cards in home invasion searches
One item left in residence from 2012 home burglary
One item left in residence from 2012 home burglary
Edward Snowden has just scratched the surface of what the US government has been doing and lying about for a long time. It has not just been about the collection of data on individuals, as Snowden knows about, but it has also involved using data and operatives in targeting political activists and others for criminal acts. Those who are not under the governments' control and who have voiced opinions against the governments' desired spin on events and issues are at risk for being targeted. It is also not just the use of IRS targeted audits that are being directed against politically targeted enemies of those in power, but using the Homeland Security FBI Task Force Agencies and Operatives for Watch List Targeted and Sanctioned Burglaries as well, as I can attest to and others. After 9-11 I became a 9-11 Visibility Project Activist and publicly distributed 9-11 Deception Dollars. I believe my 9-11 activism put me on the FBI "Watch List" or perhaps more accurately the Governments' Hit list.

Today Obamas' Kill List outside of this country is not the only Hit List that Americans need to think about - it is also the Political Hit List inside this country. Surveillance data, technology and personnel are being used against the politically outspoken and targeted activists. Judi Bari and her boyfriend were the first activists which I learned about, besides Martin Luther King, who were targeted for criminal acts. The FBI tried to frame her and her boyfriend for the bomb that was planted in their car, after they had survived the explosion. Fortunately, she had an activist organization that stood up for her and helped pursue justice for the smear campaign that was generated against her.

Unfortunately, in Washington State, the ACLU is willing to sue a florist for not selling flowers to a couples' wedding, but they have turned down my repeated requests for help over the years (since 2005, when my name was Susan Elmes) from targeted surveillance, stalking, home invasions, searches, as well as the leaving of calling cards (i.e.: a bail bonds match book, and unknown cassette tapes in tape players) in two of the apartments which I had lived in after 9-11, inside secured access buildings. I approached Congressman Jim McDermott at a town hall meeting, and gave him one of the cassette tapes left, while Bush was still in office. Seeing Jim McDermott did nothing to stop these activities. These activities escalated to burglaries and the planting of previously stolen and unknown origin property back into the residence since 2011. My case is proof that the so called "Patriot Act" laws are being used to carry out criminal acts against targeted activists and politically targeted individuals and organizations.

I cannot find a civil rights organization to help me fight these crimes and I am unable to afford the large retainer for a private attorney to assist me. I have not been able to get the FBI, Border Patrol, NSA, or other FBI task force agencies to release information in my FOIA requests.

My most recent experiences:

As a FBI "Watch List" victim, since becoming politically targeted after 9-11 and the passage of the so called "Patriot Act", I have seen the surveillance, monitoring, searches and harassment operations escalated into burglaries under Obama. A girlfriend has also been politically targeted for surveillance, monitoring, burglary, car theft, and even the complete theft of a locked mailbox on the very day that a large check was to be delivered to it. (She has been very outspoken against Obama in the past.)

I was repeatedly burglarized at a home in Ferry County, WA, and storage units in Tukwila, WA (near the large Homeland Security complex close to Seatac Airport) and Ballard, WA. Some of the stolen property from the residence, in Ferry County was placed back into the residence in subsequent illegal entries and burglaries, as well as in my storage units. Property of unknown origin also was placed in the house as well.

Two cassette tapes were left on top of a video tape labeled "Unlawful Entry", flaunting the fact that these people could engage in these activities and get away with it. Small US flags were also left in some of the planted, returned stolen property. The local law enforcement would not take fingerprints off of items that I know should have been fingerprinted. It was common knowledge, in Ferry County, that personnel connected to Homeland Security were involved in the burglaries and illegal entries.

After the first two burglaries, which I knew about, my insurance company canceled me. They ended up paying only 50% of the replacement costs for the incomplete list of items that I knew had been stolen in two of the home burglaries. Every thing that I owned had been gone through and the best and most expensive items, as well as brand new items where stolen. They actually returned a vintage brown suede, saddlebag-style, Coach shoulder bag that I had kept in new condition. I found it placed in a storage container, obviously used, with the shoulder strap stained by use, and a sticky feel to the suede, which I believe must have been left by treatment with some kind of leather cleaner which left a residue. A long sleeve, red wool, size 12, Nordstrom dress was also returned with shorter length (approximately 4-inch) blonde hair left on it. There was also a long strand of wavy, reddish colored hair which I found on the kitchen table cloth after a burglary in April 2012, when I had been gone for a little over a day and had another major covert entry burglary. I had spent over $400 on high security Medeco deadbolts to no avail. On one occasion, June 15th 2012, they unchambered the Glock I was sleeping with and removed all the hollow point bullets out of the magazine, while I was out of the house briefly to take garbage down the road for its weekly pickup. I was harassed by Deputy Patrick Rainer for reporting that illegal entry and the thefts of other items which occurred on that day.

I went to see Ferry County Sheriff Pete Warner, in June 2012, to complain about the harassment from Deputy Patrick Rainer, in a phone conversation involving the ongoing illegal entries and thefts, as well as to report the deputy driving by after the phone conversation ended and tweaking his siren to reinforce his harassment. Sheriff Warner stated that he couldn't control what other agencies' personnel were doing, and that he could only ask his personnel to stay away from them. He also said that Deputy Rainer had told him he tweaked his siren at a deer. I knew that to be untrue because my cell phone was kept in the window, due to problems with receiving cell phone transmissions in the area, and I was at the window when Deputy Rainers' call was ended and I saw him drive by. I am convinced that the personnel in the Sheriffs Office have been involved in aiding and abetting the other agencies' criminal activities, obstruction of justice, as well as harassment, which allowed the continuation and escalation of these criminal activities. According to the Ferry County Public Disclosure Officer, Deputy Patrick Rainer had called me, using a cell phone that was listed as belonging to Deputy Talon Venturo, on his day off, close to where I was living at Malo, WA, before he drove by in a vehicle tweaking its siren on the 19th of June 2012. The Sheriffs Office is approximately 15 miles away and for some reason Deputy Rainer, supposedly on his day off, had drove that distance not to stop at my residence, but only to call me on the other officers' cell phone, and tell me that he wasn't going to give me an incident number for the burglary and also harass me for reporting it.

I found out why I had been harassed when I found Deputy Rainer's Face book webpage and it showed a staged photo of a "New World Order" Police Officer beating up a peace activist, who lay bleeding on the sidewalk with his anti-war sign near him. I couldn't believe that this "Officer" also belonged to the Jesus Christ Church of Later Day Saints, but later I remembered that when I was a low voltage electrical apprentice, one of the men I worked with told me that he had joined the Mormon Church to advance his career. (Another man had also told me that the FBI recruited out of the Mormon Church.) I believe it is not a coincidence that the new large data collection site, and all the job positions are in Utah, for political reasons connected to the Mormon "Church" members, their families and Homeland Security agencies.

I made a post regarding the June 2012 incident and harassment from Deputy Rainer to the website "Dirty Cops Must Register". (Posted info on 6/24/12 link:  http://dirtycopsmustregister.com/2012/06/)

I know that county cell phone records of the people connected to the criminal activities would show up on the Ferry County Sheriffs' Department Deputies cell phone records, but they have failed to release the requested public disclosure information on all the phone numbers called on the date that Deputy Rainer harassed me over the phone, using the other deputy's' cell phone. The Ferry County public disclosure office gave me a redacted copy of the phone call lists with only my phone number left visible.

Nighttime illegal entries and burglaries began occurring during the summer after the burglary incident on June 15th 2012, was reported. Money was stolen out of my wallet and keys also. My computers were also tampered with and files placed on my desktop display. (In an earlier burglary one computer was stolen completely, as well as several copies of Windows XP Pro.) A photograph was placed on my laptops' desktop display with a license plate frame that said "SHARPE IS THE NAME GARDEN RAILROAD IS THE GAME" (WA# 122-REY). I had to resort to hiring house sitters when I had to leave as well as having my mother to stay at the house while I was gone for short periods.

I was told by a person living in the Puget Sound area, that I could not stop them from coming in, short of getting a trained guard dog or an expensive hardwired camera system. I believe they would probably poison a guard dog, as I had to take my cat to the closest emergency vet clinic, which was over 140 miles away in December 2011, after one of the illegal covert entry burglaries in which mouse poison was spread throughout the house.

Harassment was not the only response by the Ferry County law enforcement for reporting the repeated crimes. Eventually Deputy Rainer and Sheriff Warner arranged to arrest me in October 2012, after I had confronted people on the property who had parked a vehicle which looked like the same late model green colored truck with matching canopy of a couple whom had stolen things and quickly left from one of the yard sales which I had in late Spring 2012. Deputy Rainer and other officers came while I was sleeping, and tried to breakdown the front door, which I had barricaded to prevent illegal entries from occurring through.

After arresting me the Sheriffs' Office tried to keep me locked up even after my bail was posted by immediately having me committed to a mental hospital instead of releasing me on the bail that was posted. After a brief forced stay at the mental hospital I was released (I believe they were convinced of the accuracy of my story of what was going on), then I found out that after my release I was now being sought on another warrant, as the Sheriffs' Office wanted to keep me locked up and shut up by raising my bail (which my attorney had quashed).

My youngest brother, Daniel, spent one night with me in the residence, and while I was asleep in one room, at approximately 1:00 AM he heard a noise outside, looked out, and saw a white van with lots of antennas on top of it and bicycles on the back of it. He would not spend any more nights in the home with me after that. I found that more illegal entries and thefts had occurred while I had been under the Ferry County Sheriffs Office detention and subsequent involuntary commitment after my bail had been posted. During that time period, while I was gone, one brand new book which I had left on the kitchen table had been obviously read, and page corners were turned down in it by whoever had been illegally entering the house, and had stolen other items also.

I had to leave Ferry County immediately to get away from the ongoing illegal entries and Sheriffs Office harassment, so I moved almost everything from my home and Tukwila storage unit to a new storage facility in Ballard. The secured storage units at the new facility were also illegally entered and burglarized. I had to move the contents of my Ballard storage units to another storage facility and have one padlock repaired by the locksmith shop. Another padlock had a letter scratched into the top of it between the entries of the shanks. I believe that they have used law enforcement, fire department or FEMA access codes (or backdoors in the computers' security programming) to deactivate the alarm system at storage facilities and enter units illegally and burglarize the storage facilities, as well as plant stolen property from my home into the storage units.

If people are afraid of surveillance, stalking, searches, thefts and other Constitutional Rights Violations and Criminal Activities by Homeland Security agents or operatives -- they have a right to be. No one can believe any case against anyone that the Federal government is prosecuting now because of the outrageous criminal acts which people connected to Homeland Security have been involved in here. Targeted covert illegal entries, searches, burglaries, stalking as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property, with the protection and harassment from local law enforcement have totally discredited the credibility of Homeland Security Task Force Agencies, as well as the Ferry County Sheriffs Office. Some burglaries that others have been targeted for were made appearing to look random (not covert entries).

This country has turned into a Nazi Gestapo state and the criminals in Homeland Security are authorized to do whatever their superiors order. I remembered that a couple years ago I had overheard a phone call of someone, whom I knew to be an informant, as well as involved in harassing me, and connected to the burglaries. He mentioned his lack of being involved in politics, and he talked about my political activities, and he asked "What did the President say?" in his side of the phone conversation. (I know it wasn't the President of Starbucks that they were talking about either.) Remembering this conversation, which occurred before my knowledge of the burglaries being committed and linked to Homeland Security surveillance personnel and operatives, has convinced me that political targeting was initiated as a Presidential Policy to be implemented against those who speak out against the current regime and those who exercise their First Amendment Rights. There is no doubt in my mind that not only has the Obama regime and Homeland Security Personnel been targeting people for IRS audits, but has also been targeting people for other crimes, stalking, surveillance, harassment operations, and burglaries.

The government does not want the truth about surveillance, gathered data, personnel, covert entry searches, thefts and burglaries being used on politically targeted individuals. They have tried to keep the truth about these activities, being carried out by Homeland Security personnel, suppressed and covered up. The people involved in these activities need to be held accountable for them, and restitution should be made for their criminal acts.

In the absence of an attorney I've started the petition on Change.org for the House of Representatives titled "Impeach Obama, & stop using the FBI "Watch List" for targeted burglaries".

Here's the link:
 link to www.change.org

Here's why it's important:
Criminal activities, including illegal searches and thefts, by people connected to Homeland Security should not be allowed or supported with tax dollars. Undermining constitutional protections and rights, as well as targeting individuals and groups with political beliefs that threaten embedded politicians and their propaganda campaigns should be stopped. Restitution should be made to the people that have been targeted for criminal activities by these agencies and personnel. The people involved in directing and carrying out these targeted campaigns for political repression need to be fired. The use of surveillance technology, data and personnel in targeting individuals for harassment, burglaries and other crimes should be stopped. Laws and gag orders which are protecting government agencies and their sponsored criminals involved in these operations should be repealed. Not releasing FOIA information shouldn't be allowed when it covers up the criminal activities of people connected to Homeland Security agencies. Obama should be impeached for sanctioning these activities.

Crystal Starheart
(206) 371-9430

2013 Crystal R. Starheart -- all rights reserved

homepage: homepage: http://www.change.org/petitions/house-of-representatives-impeach-obama-stop-using-the-fbi-watch-list-for-targeted-burglaries
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