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Nez Perce, Idle No More, Rising Tide Blockade Highway 12 to Stop Megaloads

Nearly 150 members of the Nez Perce Nation were joined by Idle No More, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), and others in a blockade of Highway 12 in Idaho for three hours late last night to stop a megaload carrying tar sands equipment.

While most people stood on the edges of the road to support the blockaders, the manifestation included about 50 people on the Highway stopping traffic, and was the longest blockade since the beginning of the megaloads shipments.

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J29 - Nonviolent Direct Action Shuts Down First US Tar Sands Mine in Utah

July 29th - Utah: This week activists converged at PR Springs, site of the first proposed tar sands mine in the United States. Three people had locked themselves to heavy machinery in order to prevent the progress of road construction, and it was determined that work was stopped for the rest of the day when workers had been sent home. This is the first mass action against what is slated to be the first tar sands mine in the United States. One banner hung from a halted backhoe read "If you build its, we will come. " Uintah County Sheriffs responded, however no arrests were made.

"The proposed tar sands and oil shale mines in Utah threaten nearly 40 million people who rely on the precious Colorado River System for their life and livelihood, " said Emily Stock, a seventh generation Utahn from Grand County, and organizer with Canyon Country Rising Tide. "The devastating consequence of dirty energy extraction knows no borders, and we stand together to protect and defend the rights of all communities, human and non-human, " Stock said.