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Nez Perce Blockade Has Local Connection

Nez Perce leader: 'We need to be able to meet our ancestors in the spirit world and hold our heads up strong and answer them when they ask if we did all we could do to protect the people and the land.'

Nez Perce block equipment destined for tar sands extraction. The company moving the equipment is based in Hillsboro.

As the climate heats up and the debate continues to swirl around the drain of corporate irrelevancy, it is business as usual in the world of fossil fuels. On Monday, an Oregon based company called Omega Morgan transported a 200+ foot long piece of industrial equipment through a human blockade set up across the road. Over a dozen indigenous people were arrested for blocking the road trying to forestall yet another climate heating initiative.

Omega Morgan specializes in moving heavy machinery. They claims their employees are "Doing the Impossible" by moving such large objects. No word yet from their PR department on how they will help move the climate back to a healthy state for people, plants and animals.

Omega Morgan is located at;


Omega Morgan Hillsboro
23810 NW Huffman St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124

You can read more at the Last Real Indians.

 link to lastrealindians.com