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Seriously. kboo.fm has been "off-line", "down for maintenance" , 404, and now nothing.
Anyone know anything? Leave a comment on KBOO's Facebook page:


It's particularly aggravating as the last instructions from a KBOO member were:

"KBOO members can now contact the board directly through the board web page."

None of the KBOO hosted emails will work.


Programmers in particular should worry about losing their archives.

This is pretty serious 05.Aug.2013 11:05


The kboo website has a think where they automatically archive programs. I don't know if this happens with or without the website being active, but at the very least programmers have lost access to their archives. Yeah, they should have backups, but not everyone has terabytes of backup space.

When websites are closed members are given the opportunity to download their material in a specific period of time, usually a couple weeks or even a month. Longer if it's a large website, like geocities. This sudden vanishment is disturbing.

Kboo needs to reassure programmers they will have a chance to access their archives for download.

guess if the website gonna be down we need a board meeting annoncement here 05.Aug.2013 16:07

just helping

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meeting for August 2013
Tuesday, August 6th, 2013, 6pm
SEIU Local 503 Union Hall 6401 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR

FYI the SEIU rebuked by a judge 06.Aug.2013 13:16

pro union anti con


"A Salem judge has ruled that Local 503 of the Service Employees International Union has violated the state's nonprofit laws by failing to hold annual membership meetings, withholding certain records from members and improperly trying to change its corporate structure. "

I wonder why KBOO is holding a board meeting at the SEIU instead of at KBOO?

More KBOO News 07.Aug.2013 09:03