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Collapse American Style. Interview: Dmitry Orlov.

I just came across this thing. It's rather mind-blowing. This Dmitry Orlov guy is an American citizen, former Russian, who just kept going back to the USSR before, during, and after its total collapse. He has no doubt that the same will happen in the USA, and rather soon. I can't say I necessarily agree with everything he claims, but reading this made my hair stand on end.
Transition Voice — August 16, 2011 — No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Interview: Dmitry Orlov —
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Collapse American style

LC: Well, we sort of covered this a bit, but it certainly sounds like you don't think most people in America even have a clue. The thought being that Americans think this only happens to people in other countries. For most Americans it's not even on the radar.

But what about the other aspect of the question. In terms of our guns, our militarism, our "I want my MTV." And Starbucks and McDonalds and I'm driving around and I'm consuming things and I'm tossing them out.

What do you foresee if things converge in such a way that there's a harsh comedown, how ugly do you think things could get in the US, citizen to citizen?

DO: As ugly as it is. If you want to see ugly go to Flint, Michigan. Go to Detroit. There's lots of places in the rust belt that—you go there and they're really post-collapse already. And there's more and more of them every year. We're losing entire cities. It's an ongoing process. And it's very, very ugly.

LC: Ugly in what way?

DO: People get killed. A lot of people don't survive. A lot of people's lives get ruined. So that's happening. It's not something we look forward to in the future. It's happening today.

It's just that Americans have this strange idea that, "Well, it happens to somebody else." It's always happening to "somebody else." And then when it happens to you, it's, "Oh, that's just my bad luck." Suddenly I'm somebody else. But it doesn't relate. It just bounces off people.

So we're not talking about some fictional realm that only exits in the future. We're talking about this country today.

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