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Manning Not Guilty

Bradley Manning, the former intelligence analyst who perpetrated the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history, has been acquitted of the most serious charge against him.
 link to www.npr.org

. 30.Jul.2013 11:58


However he was found guilty of 18 charges and can face over 130 years in prison. It is the 'aiding the enemy' charge he was found not guilty of which is certaily significant.

Manning GUILTY on 20 counts 30.Jul.2013 13:36

title to this initial post misleading

Yes, the mainstream media are trumpeting that Manning was found "not guilty"- of just two of the many charges, the worst of which is aiding the enemy (which carries the death penalty).

However, Manning was found guilty on 20 additional charges & could still receive sentencing equal to more than 100 years in prison.

Clear abuse of the First Amendment and Espionage Act 30.Jul.2013 19:07


Julian Assange said he took no solace from Manning's acquittal on the most dangerous charge of aiding the enemy, and also said the only victim in the case had been the US government's "wounded pride", adding that Manning's disclosures had helped spark the Arab Spring.

Assange also said the aiding an enemy charge was absurd, put forward as a red herring to detract from the other charges. Assange said the only just outcome would have been acquittal on all the charges, saying conviction was a "clear abuse" of the first amendment and Espionage Act in the US. He described the actions of Manning as "unquestionably heroic"

Remember 30.Jul.2013 19:44

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Maybe progressives will remember the revolting conduct of barack obama as he smashes whistle-blowers & truth-tellers. The list of his victims is long. republiscums are not the only enemies. democRats are enemies, too.

Don't think Assange is quite right 31.Jul.2013 06:57


Sometimes I think that Assange's analysis can be convoluted. I don't qualify Libya or Syria as 'Arab Spring' type events. There are homegrown problems in all of those states in the ME regarding oppression and economic justice which I would think is the true 'Arab Spring'. I'm not saying that the US hasn't been complicit and supportive of the issues surrounding what led to what I consider 'Arab Spring' events or the events themselves, just that Assange in such broad asessment is trying to slay the little rats in those countries by fencing with the big shadow on the wall.

Seems to me the telling thing is that Manning wasn't found guilty of aiding the enemy and that truth was recognized. While idiots here may have not known what was going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, the people in those two countries and ME surely did, and what he released only mattered to embarass those here who were either complicit idiots or those ignorant. Personally, from what has been released of Snowden's information I suspect that a judge with any respect for justice would find on the merits of the releases that Snowden isn't guilty of anything but releasing dubiously classified materials. Snowden just confirmed what those who pay attention have known for years and that he simplified verification of that knowledge. Seems even now a less than significant majority of Americans have been enlightened. Even so, the government may have a really difficult problem with Snowden as they did with Ellsberg.

My personal hopes I share with Den. It's time to stop crucifying those who can materially prove the dishonesty, incompetence, and outright disdain for principle and ethics of not only the elected, but their appointed, hired, or volunteer underlings and the mockingly complicit behavior.