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North Pole melted

Drawing from several sources: Arctic emergency this week.
As Washington DC enjoys record sultry weather, the bouy at the North Pole is floating, methane is increasingly vented, and a cyclone is forming around the Arctic region. The "clathrate gun" or "Methane bomb" is being triggered.


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KBOO 25.Jul.2013 14:08


Thanks for posting the link to the 30 minute KBOO Presswatch show on the effects of climate change in the arctic.

The guy who called in and claims it is just long term historical cycles is incorrect. While there have been times where the earth was warmer than it is now, the historical record shows that these sorts of changes have happened slowly over many centuries or millennia. The speed of change we are seeing now is unprecedented compared to any historical data.

Image from North Pole 25.Jul.2013 21:05

Judge for yourself

north 26.Jul.2013 15:02


image of water at the north pole from july 22nd. there is still ice underneath, but the north pole buoy is floating