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White Castle Tree-Sit: A Conversation in the Canopy

How long have you been up here, and what can you tell me about being here?

I've been up here almost a month, and it's different everyday. The most interesting thing about being up here is that trees work in vertical ecosystems, as you climb you are going through areas of the forest most people will never see in their entire lives. Living at the top for such an extended period helps you understand the subtleties of life here. I never thought I would care this much about lichen.

What wildlife have you seen?

Deer visit the bottom of the tree multiple times a day. One is a mama deer with two fawns. There lots of little birds that are excited about the traverse networks. The mountain beavers rustle around and communicate at night. When I turn my headlamp on at night there are tiny white moths that try to perch on my nose. We hear owls almost every night.

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