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RogueIMC (southern Oregon) is down

Either the Rouge IMC was hacked or our 90s version of MiR finally fizzled out.
The Rogue IMC - rogueimc.org - is currently off line. We had been running a version of indymedia software (MiR) and our particular setup hadn't had much updating since we started more than 10 years ago. The sever hosting the site had stopped running yesterday and after coaxing it back to life, we found zillions of troubling errors and decided it was time to look around and... A: determine there's interest in building another site with modern software, and B: if that interest exists, renew or search for the right platform and maybe even get some technical help to put it all together. We put a placeholder page on a new sever and migrated some other sites to that new sever too.

In the meantime... Can we camp out with you guys ?

homepage: homepage: http://rogueimc.org

indy 23.Jul.2013 23:56


PDX IMC is still using MIR and could perhaps offer some assistance if you want to get Rouge back up on MIR... I'll forward the above posted email to one of the techs.

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to camp out here and post news to the site.

Thank you 24.Jul.2013 08:09


Thank you. We look forward to being back online and welcome your assistance.

NkmRafjPjg 24.May.2014 01:39

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