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Spiritual Renaissance -- creating a thoroughgoing Grassroots Mass Media

How to defeat the Corporate Oligarchy that misrules us, nullifying its terribly effective mass media Thought Control machine?? Via grassroots public education campaigning on vital issues -- to create an informed, sparetime-activist General Public. This leads to a thoroughgoing Grassroots Mass Media and genuine Grassroots Democracy.
Spiritual Renaissance---creating a thoroughgoing Grassroots Mass Media

Grassroots Public Education Campaigning
to create an Informed, sparetime-Activist General Public
[nullifying the corporate mass media Thought Control machine
which misleads & dumbs the Public down, down, down]

Formula: grassroots public education campaigning conveying
(only) essential information on vital issues =
(in time) an informed, sparetime-activist General Public =
grassroots mass media to nullify corporate mass media Thought Control =
community assemblies to replace bought-and-paid for congresses/parliaments
= participatory Grassroots Democracy.

Grassroots public education campaigning, conveying essential information [only] on vital issues,
is indispensable because the Corporate Oligarchy's perpetrated injustices [war, destruction of freedoms, environmental crimes, etc., etc.] are founded on an uninformed/misled, usually passive General Public. That's the nasty basis of it all.

The Oligarchy [the Corporate Elite that really rules] depends on the General Public to supply soldiers, police, VOTES for bought-and-paid for political candidates, tax money [such as Bailout bonuses for the SuperRich], etc., etc., the gullible masses sitting in front of televisions or chatting idly on mobile phones [indeed doing a thousand-and-one things that are unprogressive or regressive].
When brainwashed, as it has been, this General Public favors torture and whatever other barbarity, iniquity, absurdity the TV and presstitutes foist upon them.
Or, when well-meaning, the Public lacks facts and are totally befuddled as What To Do.
I don't have to say more about this. You understand.

The General Public -- although decisive, I mean decisive!--- is almost uniformly ignored by political progressives, leaving them to the base, indoctrinating, all-important corporate mass media Thought Control machine.

This corporate mass media Thought Control machine is extremely, extremely effective in fulfilling its responsibility to suppress truth, distort facts, and plaster outright lies. Very few of the duped, wanting-to-believe-authority Public bestir their minds to learn crucial facts and think independently. That's where we must come in.
[Note: today's pervasive political corruption, which destroys political democracy, would be impossible, impossible were there an informed, sparetime-activist Citizenry. The ancient Athenian participatory, grassroots democracy was virtually devoid of corruption. And we don't have to put up with it either. The difference is in the nature, the minds-and-hearts of the Citizenry.]

[By the way, the so-called 99% is NOT on our side (although they could be), even though victimized by the Oligarchy. That's the problem -- they are ignorant and made to be hostile to bettering themselves and society. Or they grope and flounder and are easily manipulated.]
[They need, absolutely and unequivocally, to be TAUGHT and politically ACTIVATED in worthy directions.]

That's why Grassroots Public Education Campaigning, conveying essential information on vital issues, must be done or it's game over.
We must create an informed, spare-time [the Classical Athenian grassroots-democracy secret] politically-active General Public, and the present, ugly, worsening situation will become dramatically, dramatically and irreversibly changed for the better.

["Irreversibly "--- When the Spartan garrison left Athens after the Athenian defeat in the Peloponnesian War, the Spartans gave all power to an Athenian Oligarchy. Quickly, the democrats (who of course astronomically outnumbered the Oligarchy, as today) threw out the oligarchs and re-established their accustomed Democracy. [Greek, "Oligarchy" = Rule by the Few; "Democracy" = Rule by the People]. We want the process of informed, sparetime-activist democracy to get into people's 'blood'; then we've 'got it'. Practice makes perfect here.

What is Grassroots Public Education campaigning (conveying essential information on vital issues), specifically?
It means leafleting/talking/telephoning in colleges/universities [tremendously important, for without legions of college/university students involved, Forget it! - and women are crucial], doing so Door-to-Door, and by Telephoning. This Movement bypasses and enfeebles corporate mass media Thought Control.
[The Internet can be very useful for contacting the like-minded, the already politically-progressive. BUT observe that the General Public cannot be reached this way. The General Public does not - evidently cannot - receive politically-progressive information by the Internet.
They must be contacted and influenced Door-to-Door, through Telephoning, and via college/university students (even high school students), their offspring!]

[Just how effective is this kind of Movement has been proven by Thomas Jefferson-James Madison undermining and non-violently overthrowing the Federalist despotism, Eugene McCarthy's campaign which undid the sitting president Lyndon Johnson, Dennis Banks' initiation of the American Indian Movement, and the good people of Wales, UK who stopped the legalization of GMO crops against ALL the odds, including two-faced environmental organizations.]

Because leafleting/talking/telephoning accent Chain Process [PASS IT ON], the Movement waxes de-centralized and self-generating. Few things could be more consequential than this, for a variety of reasons.
[Note: leaflets, talking, telephoning have two features --- Substantive information, and specifically What To Do.
[ Side A of a leaflet --- facts [5 to 8 are all that's necessary on almost any issue] & themes [e.g. Outlaw Patents on Life and Genetic Engineering, Outlaw nuclear power plants, Develop clean energy sources, Throw the scoundrels out!].
[Side B, What To Do in a little Sparetime --- photocopy & PASS ON the leaflet/information [Chain Process] Discuss things with family, friends, acquaintances. Just do it in a little sparetime.

Eventually, sufficient grassroots public education campaigning on a variety of vital issues produces a Grassroots Mass Media which challenges, then nullifies the hitherto-invulnerable-pernicious corporate mass media Thought Control machine.

AND a Grassroots Mass Media provides the foundation of a popular, direct, sparetime participatory Grassroots Democracy. Together with the inevitably-formed
Community Assemblies, Grassroots Democracy will supersede the traditional indirect,'representative' [i.e. corrupt, paid for by the Richest Movers] so-called 'Democracy'.
[Aristocracies designed it that way, camouflaging Oligarchy with 'representative' pseudo-democracy. Aristocracy was not about to relinquish all power & privilege in favor of the unwashed masses; just give them a little window dressing and they'll optimistically vote and vote and vote and spin their wheels until Kingdom come. Har! Har! Har!]

SO, just passing on a leaflet, on a vital issue you consider a GOOD CAUSE, that a few folks with initiative compose [why don't you and a couple of friends be the initiators?; prepare a double-sided leaflet and ask others to read and make suggestions for improvement].

talk with people [family, friends, acquaintances - rustle up a little courage and knock on a few doors, tell them who you are and what motivates you, tell them that it's important for their children and grandchildren, give them a leaflet and a briefish message.
Note: with such an approach, people normally respond well. If someone does not, remember, it's their problem, not yours. You are acting honorably, they are not. But experience shows that, when approached a 2nd or 3rd time, people respond positively. Give them a chance.]

telephone others.

Do any of the above in a little free time, what's the big deal? Yet this helps form a gigantic popular Movement. That's what participatory, grassroots democracy is all about.
Many do a little, NOT a Few do a lot. That's not a bad motto, do you think?

Do this as part of an ethical life-style. It puts real moral purpose in your life to engage in a Good Cause, because you decide what issue or issues are vital, and engage in that.

AND in this way, we reverse the deliberate dumb-dumb-dumbing down process, and - Yes, it can really happen - inaugurate a Spiritual Renaissance for country, countries, and planet.

Note on Money: Take another look at the contemplated chain-process grassroots public education Movement. What money is required? Tell me. You may have sufficient funds in your pocket at this moment to run an entire campaign! It doesn't take money, only a little time and effort and intelligence. Besides the cost of leaflets [which are cheap in quantity, and perhaps a sympathetic printer will give them to you at peanuts-cost], what else of any, any significance?
It doesn't take money!

Note on established NGOs (referring to supposedly action-organizations): Steer clear of them. Don't waste your time and NEVER give them money. None of them are what they seem.
Some were actually started by Justice's adversaries. Most are soon enough corrupted and controlled by Big Money. Some don't require anyone else to corrupt them. A precious few are on-the-level (I'll take that on faith, as I have yet to meet one), but are rather brainless or lazy or incompetent and will squander your money and effort.
Steer clear of them. If they wish to pass out your or some other good leaflet, OK, fine, but don't you get involved with them. Many of them are quite professional at ruining good [especially grassroots community] groups. You will become dispirited, cynical, and fail in the Spiritual Renaissance Movement.
Steer clear of them!

P.S. "Nothing will stop the march of an informed people." --- George Seldes, the splendid and tireless investigative journalist and political commentator

AND, forever keep well in mind Victor Hugo's giant dictum:

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea that has arrived."

Myron [Mike] Stagman
www.vitalissues.info - 19 (normally two-page) Information-sheets including

#6 "The predatory Banking Cartel's gigantic Financial Fraud" [with a grassroots mass media, such a thing couldn't happen in a million years];

#11 "GMO Disease Epidemics" [see what horrors the Janus-faced NGOs have been hiding from you; an Additional Posting follows the 19 info-sheets entitled "GMO Disease Epidemics report", the 40-page study including all source citations];
#14 "Dangerous Medicine and Bad Health" (most drugs, dangerously, will soon be genetically-engineered, if not already so);
##15 "Patents" [Patents on Life are sacrilegious & the life-support system of GMOs. Without Patents on Life, genetic engineering is practically dead. Re other patents, note that 2/3 of patented products are NOT MARKETED. That's right, patents are simply corporate monopolistic tools to stop benevolent competition.]

#17 "Nuclear Power Plants & Radioactivity" [Did you know that one million people died as a result of Chernobyl? And that Fukushima, which is ongoing, not past tense, is reportedly even worse; moreover, there is reason to believe that a workable counteractive to radioactivity EXISTS NOW. which the [American] Oligarchy has been keeping for itself, concealing it for decades];

#18 "The Destruction of Mother Nature";
#19 "Dolphins versus Sharks" [A documented epic fight at sea affords us a metaphor.]

Amazon.com for books on Shakespeare and Classical Greece [Socrates, the Martyred Messiah: an Essential History of Classical Athens, and The Burlesque Comedies of Aristophanes describe the ancient Athenian participatory, Grassroots Democracy]

homepage: homepage: http://www.vitalissues.info