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Rally & March for Justice for Trayvon! 4pm today, Penninsula Park, N. Ainsworth & Albina

The Portland Campaign to End the New Jim Crow is calling for a
Sunday, July 14, 4pm, Penninsula Park (N. Ainsworth & Albina)
Justice for Trayvon!
End Racist Killings!
No Justice, No Peace!
End the New Jim Crow!

Noon - sign making, phoning lists (bring lists & phones), plan the action!
at Penninsula Park, band shell

Jamie Partridge

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/events/188737014629259/

Good Rally, but ... 15.Jul.2013 16:22

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

This was a good rally, but will it prove to be more than merely cathartic. We'll see. There've been many such rallies.

And while it's important to talk about Florida, & Seattle, & Los Angeles, & Chicago, & New York, ... what about Portland. Has even ONE case of guilty-by-color or guilty-by-mental-illness with consequent death from police execution, has even ONE case in Portland seen Justice?!

No, not one.

It appeared that yesterday's march was unpermitted. That is as it should always be. Thank you for that. I was proud to be with you.