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Abandoning One California City - Clackamas County Admin Candidate Rick Daniels

Clackamas County is considering three candidates for the top job as County Administrator. One candidate is abandoning his old job as city manager of a California city suffering a fiscal crisis due to mismanagement. Rick Daniels created three vanity websites in order to bury the bad news. While the poor city of Desert Hot Springs goes broke, the people of Oregon have a right to know the background of one candidates under consideration.
Oregonians have some tough choices in considering candidates for the Clackamas County Administrator position. There are some things we feel you need to know.

Rick Daniels - candidate for your county administrator - is abandoning the city of Desert Hot Springs because the city is broke. Outside consultants call it a financial crisis resulting from mismanagement. Daniels did not lose his job because he enjoys the favor of 3 city council members. Daniels three-year contract of nearly a million dollars is up for renewal after the November election for those same three council positions. The writing is on the wall and he's heading out of town.

Our Desert Hot Springs Finance Director resigned last month. He knew. Now we all know we are in a real mess. The city currently has no finance director. Daniels was quoted on video at a city council meeting thanks in November 2012 saying "the city is not spending one dime of reserves" now Daniels submits a budget to spend all of the city's reserves of $4 million in the next fiscal budget. That leaves us with a 2014 budget going in the hole. Daniels is leaving us with a legacy of wasteful spending.

I serve as member of the city Finance Committee. At last night's meeting we were informed the city is teetering on bankruptcy (the second in city's history) while Rick Daniels enjoys his Oregon vacation. I am also the President of the Desert Hot Springs Merchants Association. I assure you that our members do not want Oregon business to suffer as businesses here have suffered as a result of this city's management. Daniels answer to cover the budget deficit of spending mistakes is to raise taxes and business fees.

When Daniels started looking for a new job he had to suppress all reporting, not just our publication, but the Gannett daily - The Desert Sun. He did so by creating three websites to showcase his "accomplishments and experience."


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And be sure to have a little chat with Brent Hunsberger of The Oregonian regarding Rick Daniels' son Ben Daniels. Ben received a cease and desist order from the SEC as a result of operating as an unlicensed investment broker in the Griphon Ponzi Scheme operating up there your way in Oregon. Ben is scheduled to go back to court in regards to another matter of fraud and misrepresentation. See the Banks Law firm or in Oregon or FINRA for more.

Amazingly there is a lot more about Rick Daniels than we have in our archives. The people of Oregon need to know who this guy really is.

Good luck to you in making a good decision.

Writer, Artist & Publisher. Dean Gray started in the newspaper business at the age of nine earning 90 cents a week walking 3 miles delivering a newspaper door to door. 500 miles later he graduated to a bicycle route. Delivering news evolved into reporting news when he started publishing his first independent newspapers in high school. He served as editor for his college newspaper has been published in newspapers and magazines. Dean has been writing his way out of a paper bag and traveling uphill ever since. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors and lives in Desert Hot Springs, California. Want More? see  http://www.deanmgray.com or  http://www.desertvortex.com

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