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July 19th: one day allotted to repair damage from anti-KBOO efforts.

The long-term plan to downsize and corporatize KBOO includes the production of an artificial cash crisis, smears and vilification of the Board President, an attempt to fire the entire staff, and now: feeble, intended-to-fail fund raising. Yet the resistance is making gains.
KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was cancelled by the new, brilliant and innovative management. We lost somewhere between fifty and seventy thousand dollars. However, the new management has claimed that thousands of dollars at a time will come in to replace those funds-they were to come from a huge boost in corporate underwriting. We are still waiting for these funds.

Fortunately, from decades of funding community radio in the correct manner-that is, receiving funds directly from the listeners-we still have some reserves left.

We do need a supplementary drive, and a small one, to wedge between the Spring and Fall drives. It should last three or four days, it should be promoted with a street party with some notable bands, and it should be preceded by substantial promotions on our own air, and on friendly and supportive media. That is what has worked in the past. If successful, it will raise twenty thousand or so, but more importantly, it will also promote good will and wide awareness of our mission, so that the succeeding Fall and Winter contributors remember what a good time they had.

Sadly, this is not happening. The emphasis on South America actually comes as a snarky punishment against those volunteers and Staff who criticized the absence of a Winter Drive-'it's winter in South America, get it? Here's your chance to raise money now with your old hippie public affairs model.' And we get only one day to try to make it happen. Guess what the new management will say, if proceeds are indeed puny.

To counter this state of affairs, I will in fact apply my dead level best, along with other KBOO loyalists, to raise funds in one day on this arbitrarily, angrily selected topic.

In fact, KBOO listeners, and Cascadians, would benefit from News You're Not Supposed To Know about things like the TPP ripoff, the Kissinger/Videla/Pinochet connection, and how those anti-civilian terror techniques are now ranged against us in the USA (and for the same reason). The added ferocity of the circumpolar winds around Antarctica mean fires and drought, in areas that compete with Cascadia for produce exports. The overfishing of the Southern Seas affects your food prices. There is much to learn.

Tune in and join KBOO. Your monthly pledge of $10 will go a long way to keeping real people's radio on the air. We need it more than ever, as the ten thousand luring voices of the Web threaten to turn all efforts into blind, passive "consumerism." Got any fight left in you?

I do.

Meanwhile, it would appear the Resistance is making progress. We got three anti-downsizing Board members appointed at the last Meeting, we got the corporate Board Policy Manual sent to a committee (hopefully to destroy it), and we got a pro-labor resolution mandating good faith relations with the staff. And it would appear that Blue Oregon is not unanimous in the desire to homogenize KBOO:


BlueOregon Action: Hands Off KBOO!

Chris Lowe

BlueOregon Action has launched a petition to bring Thom Hartmann's radio show to KBOO Community Radio. How this decision was reached is unclear to me, and it raises process issues about BlueOregon Action. BlueOregon Action should withdraw the petition, at very least until it can be fully debated. I personally believe it should be abandoned.

The action is ill-thought out, has not been adequately discussed, and poses a serious threat to KBOO as a progressive community resource. I believe that this threat is probably made out of opportunistic ignorance of current struggles at KBOO over the future direction of the station. If it is an intentional intervention in those struggles, so much the worse. There certainly will be current KBOO activists and listeners who will interpret it as a BlueOregon/liberal effort to make KBOO less radical. Regardless of the intention, the move will have a destructive effect on KBOO and on efforts to resolve KBOO internal debates constructively.

The struggles at KBOO are complex. There is a long term problem of fiscal stability that needs to be addressed. New management brought in by the Board to address the stability issue has also sought to reorganize the station and expand managerial prerogatives in ways that many long time volunteers, programmers and listeners think threatens the democratic character of the station. Corporate-style high-handed managerial actions led the staff to unionize with the Communications Workers of America. On the other hand, many Board members and some important volunteers perceive much of the staff and many volunteer programmers as hidebound, unwilling to make necessary changes, proprietary about shows and slots, and unwilling to give up air time to allow new voices, especially younger voices on the station, in order to broaden the station's base. There are other more specific issues, around fundraising for example.

One of the key claims made by the "station navigator" and her Board backers has been that the unwillingness to change means that KBOO is not adequately meeting its mandate to provide an outlet for marginalized voices from underserved communities in Portland. The willingness to turn over 15 hours per week of KBOO air time to one show controlled by one white man, however wonderful he may be, raises questions about the honesty of the diversity related arguments. Even assuming best motives, if the argument of lack of diversity is correct, Thom Hartmann's show represents a step backward, not forward.

The petition stresses that Hartmann is offering his show to KBOO for free. What it does not say is that he insists that the full 15 hours per week be broadcast.

If the Hartmann show were simply to substitute for current shows at the times it airs, it would displace about 5 hours of topical public affairs and cultural spoken word shows, and about 10 hours of music shows catering to a diverse set of musical interests including significant Spanish language broadcasting. Some of that programming could be shifted to other times by cutting or cutting back on Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman's show, which currently is the largest single block of time on KBOO I believe, and like Hartmann's is national in orientation. Unlike Hartmann's, its main producers are a white woman and a Latino man (Juan Gonzalez), and it broadcasts wide ranging interviews across a range of issues and topics from a left progressive and arguably democratic socialist perspective, including much more radical voices and much more critical perspectives than is usual in U.S. media, or than are likely to be heard on Hartmann's show.

I oppose that change. Portland needs the local shows, and Amy Goodman's voice, much more than it needs Thom Hartmann's talk format. Those shows also better fulfill KBOO's mission. The kinds of liberal to left liberal perspectives Hartmann conveys are reflected in other venues such as several shows MSNBC, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, or Bill Moyers on PBS. The more left progressive and diverse perspectives carried by Democracy Now! have no such counterparts.

My opinion, like any opinion, is debatable, of course. But it should be debated. And it should be debated within the KBOO context, not by a decontextualized opportunistic outside intervention from BlueOregon Action.

Thom Hartmann's show is great, and I understand the desire to have it on the air in Portland.

But unless his supporters are willing to commit to the whole of KBOO, to making the station work, to giving it money, to volunteering and participating, they should not try to make KBOO a vehicle for one narrow agenda about one man. The consequence will be to harm if not destroy a major community resource.

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

YES!!! to what Chris Lowe said 12.Jul.2013 18:46

old one

Excellent take on what's going on at KBOO and the travesty it would be for Thom Hartmann to have 15 hours a week on our radio station. I can't think of a worse decision that would not only take up precious airtime, but would send the wrong signal to the very people KBOO has tried over the decades to encourage: prisoners, veterans, the un-housed, youth, women, communities of color, and the list goes on & on.

I heartedly endorse what Chris says here and hope that a majority of KBOO listeners do as well.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez are KBOO folk's kindred spirits, we need more like them.

On the other hand, there should be NO air time given to Hartmann- he has plenty of other outlets for his views!

Keep it local & keep KBOO diverse! NO to any backwards steps! NO to Hartmann!!

No 13.Jul.2013 20:01

get facts straight

"KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was cancelled by the new, brilliant and innovative management."

This is not the source of the crisis. The crisis has been going on for YEARS as KBOO has lost revenue. Staff is being paid out of surplus funds from the FEDS that KBOO no longer qualifies for and will not last forever.

More accuratly 13.Jul.2013 20:12


"KBOO built up significant savings when it received CPB (Corp. for Pub. Broadcasting) grant money. That money is nearly gone. There is also $200k in Board Reserves that likely will be used to cover staffing in the near term."

No again 14.Jul.2013 07:42


"The petition stresses that Hartmann is offering his show to KBOO for free. What it does not say is that he insists that the full 15 hours per week be broadcast.

If the Hartmann show were simply to substitute for current shows at the times it airs, it would displace about 5 hours of topical public affairs and cultural spoken word shows, and about 10 hours of music shows catering to a diverse set of musical interests including significant Spanish language broadcasting."


"Let me dispel a myth that is sure to get repeated: 'Thom Hartmann will eliminate 15 hours of local programming.'

It is correct that if Hartmann ran from 12-3 everyday, music shows would have to be moved (side note, hartmann could run for 1-2 hours a day as well).

KBOO could also relocate the music programs or hartmann. Currently, democracy now (not local) runs for a second time from 4-5pm. Hard Knock Radio (also not local) runs from 7-8pm. That is 10 hours a week right there. Neither of those shows gain much revenue at membership drive, which generally indicates appeal.

Also, on Saturday afternoon/evening, there are two 3-hour music shows which could be shortened to the standard 2 hours. That opens up another 2 hours. I've just found 12 hours in the schedule without doing much. I know there are 3 hours on kboo that are either very repetitive or not fulfilling the mission. Finding 15 hours for Thom is pretty simple. Would some shows have to be moved. Yes, perhaps its the music shows, perhaps Thom would be during drive time (and not be live).

There are possibilities, it's not cut and dry, and saying Thoms will eliminate 15 hours of locally produced programming is not accurate."

false statement about cash reserves 14.Jul.2013 10:54


KBOO's cash reserves are from bequests. Federal money was intentionally cut off for small, nonconformist operations like KBOO, a decade ago. Federal money was not "ignored" or "squandered." It was cut off. It is not now, nor will it be available, no matter how much KBOO kisses the flag. And that's good, because we cannot be controlled by the CPB's dumbed-down agenda. We have never been in the business of making money, and the statement that "KBOO's income is dwindling" is irrelevant. We continue to make better and better radio, and we continue to be more and more effective as honest purveyors of public affairs broadcasting and journalism.

Yes to Thom 14.Jul.2013 16:13


KBOO should bring on Thom Hartmann. And Carl and Randi. And all the other folks from KPOJ just like the good old days. 24/7 complete with repeats. Forget all the music, forget the PM News, forget the Radiozine. Bring on the old Air America crew and ...

... all the local liberals will dance in the street shouting, "No more stinking commercials!"