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immigration bill has stalled for now thanks to GOP House Members who, reportedly, rejected

looks like a "whole lot of shakin going on".. [vkd]
Immigration Bill Stalls For Now - Yes It Is About Jobs, Too! ILLEGAL Chop Shop Busted

The new immigration bill has stalled for now thanks to GOP House Members who, reportedly, rejected the Senate's bill.

If Congress passes this crap of legislation they will complete the losing of credibility, entirely, with The American People. 'We, The Forgotten People', already understand the sellout of our country by Congress over the decades as they continue to allow the chemtrail gassing-poisoning of what's left of us, but this bill represents the proof that nearly every presidential term has a treasonous mass of border jumpers allowed in here and it has become a racket which must be stopped, not allowed.

This bill literally helps to legalize the treason, that's all. It puts to shame all the efforts of honest immigrant citizen applicants who are trying to go the honest route to citizenship. Just because the nearest country has people who can connect with those already within the U.S. does not mean that their people should receive preferential treatment pathways to citizenship which discriminates against the regular, legal immigration process.

Also, La Raza and other special interest groups have no business in The White House, nor in any panel meeting dealing with immigration or any other issues. They are just that - special interest groups acting as strong-arm lobbies.

This is, too, about jobs! Anyone who says this is not about jobs and the employment-unemployment rate is either ignorant or untruthful. Recently another group of suspects, allegedly running a 'chop shop' in Dallas, has been arrested and are being held, also, on immigration status. These illegals get in here and start setting up all kinds of stuff that eventually may cost you your fenders, hub caps, motor, etc. from your vehicles, or your goods or family members from your homes.

Wanna give illegals an 'honest' job? Then give em your job, damn it!

Affidavit: Police dismantle illegal West Dallas chop shop
 link to www.wfaa.com

This unfortunate situation where the Senate, the so-called Impostor Prez, and others refuse to grant Americans the basic Homeland Security will likely end in great, disappointing conflicts reminiscent of The Alamo, The Battle of Goliad, and other such horrors if responsible leadership does not immediately re-declare border jumping to be unlawful, unacceptable, and deport all illegals. Anyone who thinks these hardworking American People who are out of jobs are going to stand by and watch a bunch of illegals continue to rob them of jobs is delusional.

If these outbreaks of violence occur, the blood will be on the hands of Congress who sat by decade after decade and allowed this situation and the unsecured border to develop into what it is today.

And by the way, I'm still seeing new reports that the bum impostor in The White, Red House is going to go.

House Republicans throw brakes on immigration push
 link to www.foxnews.com