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They want capitalism without democracy; we want democracy without capitalism

The policy of crises and impoverishment disrupts our lives and the lives of millions of people in the world... More than 300 persons were gravely injured through blows, tear gas and pepper spray. Blockupy had an important political success. Repression and police force should demonstrate strength but in truth show the nervousness of the dominant crisis policy.

by Blockupy Coordinating Circle

[This article published on 6/5/2013 is translated from the German on the Internet, www.blockupy-frankfurt.org.]

Blockupy 2013 - those were intensive and powerful days of common action and shared resistance. With more than 3000 activists, we blocked access to the European Central Bank and - as announced - brought resistance to the heart of the European crisis regime.

In different disobedient actions, we made clear how the policy of crises and impoverishment disrupts our lives and the lives of millions of people in the world:

through the exploitation and deadly working conditions in the global textile industry,

through precarious working conditions and poverty wages in Europe,

through the dirty businesses of the Deutsche Bank with armaments, land-grabbing and food speculation,

through shifting caring-, nursing- and reproduction work into the private and the worsening of gender inequality,

through the expulsion of people from their apartments (with evictions, luxury upgrading and privatization of public housing) and

through the merciless and deadly migration- and deportation policy of the EU.

We gathered in a marvelous camp that provided lodging and a place for meeting, exchange and planning actions of activists from Italy, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Austria and many other countries and not only from Germany.

The attack of the police on the massive international demonstration - with over 20,000 activists - on Saturday sought to destroy those successes and split the alliance. Those responsible for this attack - above all the Frankfurt and Hessian ministries of the interior - both from Angela Merkel's party - could not endure and allow that a large international demonstration drifted past the EZB (European Central Bank). They wanted to prevent this through prohibitions but were defeated in court. Thereupon they simply repressed this judgment and showed what their talk about democracy and the constitutional state is really worth. The danger that a few spray cans could reach the facade of the EZB was sufficient reason to suspend freedom of assembly and gravely injure more than 300 persons through blows, tear gas and pepper spray.

The movement was to be demoralized and split with the attack on our demonstration. They really thought they could encircle 1000 activists from the anti-capitalist block at the head of the demonstration and the other blocks would simply continue on that route intended by the police. They completely underrated the solidarity and unity among the alliance partners and activists. The police attack all of us when they attack a part of our demonstration.

No one thought of abandoning the encircled and attacked. Thousands remained to late in the night and courageously opposed the police to the end. This shared experience of courage and solidarity in the face of police violence strengthens our alliance and our movement.

Blockupy had an important political success. The attack on our demonstration became a political defeat for the ministry of the interior and defenders of authoritarian crisis policy. We are determined to stage more actions at the European Central Bank, the deregulated nerve of the European crisis regime where protests obviously hurt and are undesired.

It is unnecessary to enter into the lies and justification of the police and the Hesse ministry of the interior in detail. This is already happening in the public and on many sides. All who took to the streets on June 1 know: the police attack was not justified in any way by the conduct of the demonstrators. Stopping the demonstration and the encirclement were politically ordered. Allowing our demonstration on the judicially-approved route was never intended.

Repression and police force should demonstrate strength but in truth show the nervousness of the dominant crisis policy that can hardly be democratically legitimated and must be increasingly enforced in an authoritarian way. Resistance against the social consequences of crisis policy, against the impoverishment and hopelessness in which millions of people fall and resistance against cutting democratic rights are directly connected and cannot be separated. They want capitalism without democracy; we want democracy without capitalism.

We send our greetings to all activists in all countries who take to the streets. We send solidarity greetings to our courageous friends in Turkey. Your struggle is our struggle.

In the 2013 action days of Blockupy, we hope to come a step closer to our goal of becoming part of a common European and global movement. In this way we will continue and intensify discussions and joint actions with our international friends.

Blockupy promises to continue our actions in the heart of the European crisis regime in Germany and particularly in Frankfurt and not rest. We will invite to common consultations to initiate a great international and participative preparation for the 2014 mobilization against the planned opening of the new European Central Bank.

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