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State Department Makes An Appearance

See my reports on efforts by gov to silence and discredit me.
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The United States Department Of State sends a message shown in the site meter at the bottom of this report that they support or focus much attention on the fbi efforts to find a way to unlawfully silence me from reporting fbi/cia/State Department crimes against humanity. Here is the page that the State Department wants the world to see:


This report focuses on some of the methods used by the fbi and officials in the *University of Texas (UT) in concerted and ongoing efforts to fabricate a criminal of this reporter. Such unlawful efforts by government have been ongoing for decades and continue today; similar unethical and unfounded charges against me are seen at these first two links below from my Writ which was rejected by fbi/cia operatives wearing black robes at the Supreme(ly) corrupt Court of USA.

Assistand USA Sara R. Robinson just can't control her blaspheming against me:



See the evidence (in the links below) that the fbi stages a crime, plants my name at the scene and then sends high ranking federal and state police to investigate me for the very same crime:

Fishing expedition:




 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

Then and fbi operative/assassin suggests online that I am a threat to the public:

Suggestion by fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' of "mass murder".



See my report on 'Outlaws Are Better Men' :



fbi turns up the heat on me, even using a medical doctor to libel me:

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

In the following links I present evidence of outrageous conduct by UT officials who, aware of crimes against my person by UT employees as directed by UT police, nevertheless boldly & falsely suggest that I am a suspect of a criminal investigation:

September 21, 2009: UT legal counsel refers to the ideas to "deter crime", and an "active, on-going case" (case # 09-4578) against Geral Sosbee.


Proof of provocative crimes against me by fbi/police operative while the UT police pretend to investigate me:

April 17, 2009: criminal assault & battery by UT police operative/UT employee:


Fraudulent BOLO, August 20, 2009:


Now back to the State Department:

Besides the data shown in the following links, the fbi/cia and State Department are responsible for mass murder, assassinations, crimes against humanity, and ongoing unjustifiable wars and threats in the Middle East, causing millions of deaths and suffering of astounding & unprecedented proportions..

CIA Atrocities:



Crimes by fbi:



fbi/police manufacture criminals:



Thus the State Department's focus on UT lies and assaults against seek to obscure the crimes committed by the same State Department and their homicidal allies in fbi/cia/nsa.


Here is what we can do to stop the thugs and assassins who run this nation:



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Abject Stupidity 10.Jul.2013 12:03

James Duval

Any FBI/CIA/State Department of any nation who is incapable of silencing a moron like sosbee after decades of trying is either totally incompetent or sosbee is a lying attention whore. All evidence points to sosbee being a liar and attention whore playing the poor victim. He was kicked to the curb by the FBI ending his tenure as an agent because he was incompetent and unable to get along with anyone. Sosbee is just an disgruntled employee who is mad because he really loved fucking with people as an fbi agent and still hungers for that power. If you want a real trip through insanity just go to his blog and be prepared for a nightmare of lies and bullshit.