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Oh The Irony

"Detective" Joe Luiz

CRC Appeal 2003-X-0009

An officer detained the appellant and transported him to the detoxification center, which was full. The officer then took the appellant to a temporary booking facility and booked him for resisting arrest. The appellant made numerous allegations against the officer, two of which were declined by IAD (that the officer lied about why he stopped the appellant and why he arrested him). The remaining allegations and the Police Bureau's findings were the following: the officer took the appellant to the detoxification center without cause (Exonerated); the officer arrested the appellant without cause (Exonerated); the officer threatened to beat the appellant (Unfounded); the officer punched the appellant above the eye (Exonerated); the officer drove erratically (Unfounded); the officer reapplied the handcuffs too tightly (Unfounded); the officer lost the appellant's Visa card (Insufficient Evidence); and the officer logged in only seven of the twelve dollars the appellant believed he had (Unfounded). The appellant withdrew the appeal on the day it was set for a full-hearing.