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Acts of Eco-Terrorism Committed in Josephine County

Owners of shuttered Rough & Ready Mill (Jennifer Krauss-Phillipi and Link Phillipi) are committing acts of eco-terrorism (clearcutting and spraying poison on all neighbors) in the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains of Josephine County.
The owners of the Rough Ready Mill in Cave Junction Oregon, Jennifer and Link Phillipi, have attained over 70,000 acres of lands in southwest Oregon Klamath Siskiyou Mountains. The Klamath Siskiyou Mountains are some of the most rugged and harshest but most bio-diverse ecosystems in all of western North America. Some of the most endangered salmon runs on the west coast are struggling to survive literally in the streams below this new clear-cut (pictured) as well as many other clear-cuts that the Phillipi's are committing throughout the Siskiyou. Temperatures in these new clear-cuts will surpass 160 degrees Fahrenheit when the thermometer normally exceeds 100 degrees in the shade throughout the summer.

The slash pile pictured is about half the size of the Portland Arena or the Knight Arena in Eugene. Maybe some of this tree fiber will go to the Phillipi's "Energy Trust of Oregon" funded forest biomass burner or be shipped out as firewood to southern California? Maybe it will make a great bonfire? Bring your marsh mellows, hotdogs, and respirators if so.

You may have read in the Oregonian and other NW newspapers back in April that the family-owned Rough and Ready mill shuttered its operations and layed-off 85 employees. Well, they haven't stopped clear-cutting their 70,000+ acres of land holdings in southwest Oregon just because they closed their mill. They are likely trucking logs from new clearcuts to the Coos Bay port as you read this.

Next up for these new clear-cuts and for Jennifer and Link Phillipi is to helicopter spray thousands of pounds of herbicide poisons to rid the land of "nutrient and water competitive species" like Oregon white oak, California black oak, canyon live oak, tan oak, chinkapin, Pacific madrone, manzanita and the local human population so their new pine trees will grow unfettered to a ripe old age of 40-50 years.

The centuries old oaks and madrone stumps are now re-sprouting new life and have done this for perhaps thousands of years after each fire that burned here to heal the land. This new life will be snuffed out along many other species with the poison sprayed upon it.

The Phillipi's, abetted by Oregon State Forest Industry funded criminals, tell us one can grow a tree farm in the Klamath Siskiyou like those tree farms in the coast range west of Willamette Valley. All one needs to do is some bulldozer plowing and spray a whole lot of herbicide poison over several cycles to kill those nuisance species like oak, madrone and manzanita. If the local people get in the way just spray them too and they will either leave or die from some untraceable pathogen.

It's sort of out of the same eco-terrorist play book as was incorporated in Vietnam during our Empire's dirty war in the 1960's. This little ecosystem war started when Jennifer Krauss-Phillipi and Link Phillip took over the companies operations from Jennifer's now deceased father Lew Krauss and the other Krauss brothers about a decade ago. The earlier Krauss's didn't clear-cut nor spray poison on their neighbors. It's too bad for all who live in southwest Oregon including struggling salmon runs that the Phillipi's don't have similar neighborly ethics as their father and uncles seemingly had.

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Picture of one of the new Phillipi Clear-cuts in Josephine County. 09.Jul.2013 15:38

Picture of Clear-cut described

here is the picture described in the article.
Phillipi/Perpetua Clear-cut. 5.20.13
Phillipi/Perpetua Clear-cut. 5.20.13