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Oregon DEQ Coal Hearing Today

Hearing (at Oregon Convention Center) concerns coal terminal proposal for Port of Morrow. Corporations will probably not choose to be "persons" for this event.
Those of us REAL persons who'll testify today had to apply for tickets in advance to be allowed to speak. Each speaker is granted two minutes, unless suddenly cut to ninety seconds like at DEQ's last hearing. Each speaker is assigned a two-hour slot & will either be lucky & get to speak right away or will have to wait nearly two hours.

All this is why we'll hold our own People's Hearing, with & for us REAL persons, outside convention center, at 5:30. Please come & support our rally.

I bet that companies with coal terminal proposals won't need tickets & won't be limited to two minutes! Corporations like to be "persons" only when it suits them.

See You There ! 09.Jul.2013 13:20


Let's nip this evil rose in the bud.