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VIDEO. America's revolutionary wake-up call triggering a great number of

do believe this is a wake up call..vkd]
Hello American Citizens:

While the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) is cleverly shy
about not publicly announcing what will soon spark the upcoming New
American Revolution, I've never been bashful about broadcasting
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence revealed equally as clever unearthing
government secret stratigems hidden in plain sight but not where most

America's revolutionary wake-up call triggering a great number of
'soon to be unemployed U.S. citizens and legal immigrants' will soon
discover that the most important heads-up video clip explaining both
'why' and 'when' they are going to see arms taken up against the U.S.
government ( Click Video Link Below ):


Accordingly, the aforementioned video clearly indicates a U.S.
internal political assault on liberties set forth by the U.S.
Constitution and Bill of Rights being alienated away from "U.S.
citizens" and "U.S. Immigrants" ( 'all ethnic backgrounds' ) by many
politicians ( 'all major political parties ) voted into public office.
Hence, now at this late stage of the political process, physical
extraction remedies against applicable tyrannical politicians
legislating against U.S. citizens inalienable rights to be free from
'descrimination' as a 'class of people' ( i.e. "U.S. citizens" and
'legal' "U.S. Immigrants" of the United States ) may likely be the
only logical alternative taking back America for the people.
Americans, once a proud people, must resist becoming U.S. national
slaves to embarrassment and icons of international shame.

Take back America. Maintain freedom. No fear. Eyes open. Weapons
ready. Shoot before being simply shot out-of existence by people
unaffected whom undermine American freedoms by their continuing to
vote more tyrannically led corrupt politicians into public office.

There will be no further notice, about the millions who invaded
America killing citizenship, when U.S. tax enforcement of insurance
premiums force all U.S. Citizens and 'legal' U.S. Immigrants into
poverty because there will be no U.S. Citizen job tax incentives
offered by the U.S. government to Corporate America.

U.S. citizens are already a part of the economically 'walking dead
population' that doesn't even realize they're already dead - those
whom were killed by their own government laws that Corporate America
lobbying bought politicians with to kill U.S. Citizens jobs by passing
tyrannical laws sugar coated as a "national health insurance benefit"

Want a 'non-violent' American revolution? Begin by voting out of all
public political offices 'all incumbent politicians', which will
break the back of "the good ole boy" cronism in our Nation's Capitols,
and then vote out-of all public political offices 'every politician
who votes for the current Obamacare 'forced national healthcare
insurance benefit plan' that only Corporate America will profit by
seeing made law.

Wake up America people! This 'threat to national secutity' is hiding
in plain sight!

Submitted by,

Paul Collin