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Derivatives and their role in the world's economic collapse

Bloomberg and "What Really Happened" both document the fact that the current mess caused by derivatives is a bottomless hole begun by fundamentally unstable alleged investments. What most don't realize is that derivatives are also built on a foundation of sand...much of the money "borrowed" to fund them was illegally hypothecated without the permission of the owners of that money. This article explains the entire mess which began back with the Iran Contras and Casey's plan to create sources of money for intelligence work that did not have to be approved by Congress. This was a fundamental undermining of the US government akin to treason.
A situation exists which you can read about in the email at the bottom of this writing. This is reported as what really happened.com. Bloomberg News is reporting that traders will need an extra 2 to 4 Trillion Dollars.

An ongoing situation since 1933 to bankrupt the Sovereign Civil Governments of the united States actively participated in by those at the very top of our 'elected' Federal and State Governments. The 1933 incident made it an impossibility for the American People to ever pay the Federal Reserve the piddling $3Billion in gold it took to pay the Fed. R. off and free the People from bondage.

Unfortunately for the officials of the Treasury of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- which appears to be the International Monetary Fund's corporate factotum, and not the organic Treasury of the united States of America -- any actions to be taken or planned to be taken with reference to gold coin, gold bullion, gold denominated certificates ( i.e. greenbacks of the United States of America payable in gold ), and gold-backed securities, the operative legislation from 1917 cannot and does not and will not abrogate the rights inherent upon previous gold-denominated debt instruments. Specifically, the one-time only, Peruvian legislature-endorsed Commodity Contract known as the Bonus 3392 , held lawfully by the Durham family and now in the lawful possession of the Durham Trust, V.K. Durham, Signatory, cannot be annulled or ignored.

V.K. Durham as the Signatory of the Trust is the lawful person with the controlling signature and status for the Bonus 3392, also known as the Bonus 3392-181, dating from May of 1875. This was issued as an open-ended commodity contract based on the laws operative in 1875 and '76, containing interest and penalty clauses for its ultimate discharge by payment in gold only.

Since the United States of America, well prior to the creation of the unconstitutional and unrepentant "Federal Reserve Bank System" assumed the outstanding debts of Peru -- all assumptions completed in 1907 -- the Peruvian commodity contract mentioned sits as an unresolved debt of these States united. The Federal Reserve System, if it is accepted as being any kind of a lawful entity at all, was charged with the oversight of any and all such international debts and under "The Edge" or the Foreign Federal Reserve Act of 1919, cannot dispute the legality of this acquired debt instrument, payable in gold.

The Federal Reserve System had the opportunity, in 1918, to pay off the Bonus 3392-181 which at the time would have weighed in at something over $ 1 billion 200 million ( not an exact figure but close ). This they declined to do. Therefore the Bonus 3392 commodity contract continued to accumulate interest on the original amount and on the penalty provisions, which have been alloted compound interest to be calculated every six months.

This is compound interest on both principal and unpaid interest.

Therefore, by international agreements and legislation which preceeds the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917, the debt inherent in the Bonus 3392 constitutes the primary claim or claim of oldest continuing authenticity, on the Treasury of the United States and for which the Federal Reserve System stands liable for any failure to pay said claim. Therefore, as the Signatory of the Trust which holds the lawful claim and the "instrument of color" which is the Bonus 3392-181, V.K. Durham and the Durham Trust is the Primary Creditor of these United States of America. The States united preceed the manipulations conducted over some decades, in creating a municipal corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and whatever it is, in faction or corporate fiction, it is subsidiary to these States united.

Furthermore, any and all manipulations of the "legal tender" and the lawful currency of the States united conducted by the Federal Reserve System Banking cartel, with regard to the Bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and National Economic Emergency of 1933 ( and all subsequent manipulations ), occur in the never-never land of fractional reserve banking. None of these manipulations, charades, masquerades or subsequent economic agreements can serve to discharge the lawful standing of this debt instrument, acquired as a debt, by the United States of America.

The Bonus 3392 stands as a roadblock to the confiscation of gold or gold debentures or gold denominated securities, a roadblock which is no less than $ 208,000 Trillion dollars in value and steadily climbing. Furthermore the strike price of gold under the Bonus as a commodity contract is set at $ 420 per ounce and it could be higher than that. It cannot be less than that.

As the Primary Creditor, the Durham Trust and its Signatory has the first claim on any and/or all MORTGAGES and any and/or all payments of claims or debts payable in gold -- whether handled by the Federal Reserve System under the 1919 legislation or whether pre-existing -- which are due to the U.S. Treasury or any organization claiming to be the U.S. Treasury. Ex Post Facto legislation cannot be adjudged valid in any State Court and by various international agreements -- which the owners of the Federal Reserve System cannot deny or annul, lest their own claims of ownership dissolve -- the validity of the primary creditor's claims must be upheld and honored as is.

DEBT IS A COMMODITY. We know that this is true. The whole international financial system operates on debt-swaps and the trading of lawful debt instruments, bonds and other securities.

In every official statement and in every personal communication issued by V.K. Durham, as the Signatory and as a Citizen of the United States of America, to any and every federal official and to the financial experts of Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Sultanate of Brunei and others, the lawful standing of this commodity contract has been asserted and the sovereignty of this pre-existed debt has been affirmed. continued  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=77131

It can be safely said there is, and has been an ongoing, never ending war during our lifetime. We have watched our nation shredded as our leaders set about participating in war games, spending money from our treasury trust coffers to explore space, build Hadron Colliders, tearing up the infrastructure as if there was and/or is no tomorrow.. around the world, destroying manufacturing, industry, schools, hospitals, dams, highways, airports, homes, villages, towns, etc, etc, etc and NO MONEY IN THE COFFERS TO REBUILD ONE DANGED THING!

THE PEOPLE as the Sovereign Civil Governments of the united States of America OWN 24.4 PERCENT of the accrued interest calculated [1989] [interest still running at 7% semi annual] from May 1, 1875 to May 1, 1990 ...24% OF $206,858,581,465,280,000,000.00 due and payable in GOLD, GOLD COIN, GOLD BULLION and/or Coin of the Realm ... which also holds the Right to MORTGAGE the Natural Resources "UNTIL PAID" [Authorized by Legislative Act].







Do you really want these PRIVATE CORPORATIONS to take what is yours, and MAKE YOU SLAVES AS THEY DID PRE "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE"... ??!

Everyone bitches about wanting their Constitution and the Bill of Rights restored... THE TRUST is the GLOVE OVER THE HAND OF THE CONSTITUTION... Set up as a PROTECTOR...and WE, THE PEOPLE govern..pursuant to the Articles of Trust which are governed by THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


[DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, TIAS 12087 kept her GOLD at $420 Per Fine Troy Ounce. Locked that price at the Standard Charter Banks around the world.]

Americans really don't want to go down that road again.. Just get on with the TRUE BILLS and INDICTMENTS.

V.K. Durham, CEO-Signatory

Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Documents of Recorded Record

It is suggested you read this if you are going to understand our Instruments.

The One Time Only Bonus 3392 Commodity Contract "A MORTGAGE OF RECORD" (se legaliza la firma que antecedes) is filed of Record in Washington County Illinois, Gallatin County Illinois and Ida Grove Iowa, COPY sent to Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House and President W.J. Clinton. Speaker Gingrich resigned. President Clinton sent a THANK YOU.

CERTIFICATE OF INDEBTEDNESS OF PERU NO 181, MAY 1, 1875. NO COUPONS AFFIXED  http://www.theantechamber.net/Vk2009/DocumentationValidation.htm


THE SHAME OF IT ALL; Millions have died of starvation, disease, and have even been murdered by those associated, in league with these FALSE MUSLIMS running this Counterfeit U.S. Debt Instrument Operation out of the Philippines...
We, the People, as a Nation have been terribly wronged and our International Good Standing, The long standing International Respect for We, the People's form of government...has been lost by these terrible wrongs. These wrongs are not only to WE, the People, but to People of all nations who have been subject to the abuse of power, the frauds, the criminalities exercised by these administrations who represent themselves & their corporations and it is TO HELL WITH THE PEOPLE..

THE SHAME OF IT ALL; The U.S. Treasury's Secret Service "Only duty is to protect the President of the United States. They have NO jurisdiction over Counterfeiting of U.S. Debt Instruments in the Philippines."

THE SHAME OF IT ALL; We, the People are losing our Nation and our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS over this...just as GHANA'S people, and others which suffer daily which can be read in JanL's Articles on RumorMillNews at
[NO LONGER AVAILABLE]  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?search .
(click on "Posted within the last" select YEARS, click on "Messages posted by:" and type JanL into field)

THE SHAME OF IT ALL; Our leaders have indulged in Conflict of Interest Activity, Violations of Oath of Duty, Trading With the Enemy, Sedition and some allege indulging in the WORLD TRADE TOWERS INCIDENT of 9/11/01.
THE SHAME OF IT ALL; LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES... ALLEGE "WE HAVE NO AREA OF JURISDICTION"...(but they assume un-constitutional jurisdiction making and passing laws they have no duly constituted authority to make or pass without VOTE of the We, the People.)
read more:  http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/ShameOfItAll2.htm


July 4, 2013. On a major landmark day, the current president express's his opinion of our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE DAY, the 4th of July.

2013. Obama on 4th of July: ''I can't believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!''  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/07/423934.shtml

Perhaps it is time to review the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE to wit;


The Unanimous Financial Declaration of Independence of the 50 United States of America

read the following.. then THINK ABOUT IT!

Sent: Saturday, July 6, 2013 8:52:27 PM
Subject: FYI.

From whatreallyhappened.com. Bloomberg News is reporting that traders will need an extra 2 to 4 Trillion Dollars reserve to continue trading under the new rules. Margin calls coming. ---snip.

A Shortage of Bonds to Back Derivatives Bets

Starting next year, new rules will force banks, hedge funds, and other traders to back up more of their bets in the $648 trillion derivatives market by posting collateral. While the rules are designed to prevent another financial meltdown, a shortage of Treasury bonds and other top-rated debt to use as collateral may undermine the effort to make the system safer.

Derivatives allow buyers to bet on the direction of currencies, interest rates, and markets, insure against defaults on bonds, or lock in a price on commodities. The new rules are rooted in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, passed in reaction to the near-collapse of the financial system in 2008, which was caused in part because derivatives contracts weren't backed by enough collateral. American International Group needed a $182.3 billion bailout from the U.S. government after it failed to make good on derivatives trades with some of the world's largest banks. In response, Congress required that most privately negotiated derivatives transactions, known as over-the-counter trades, go through clearinghouses.

Clearinghouses, run by firms such as Chicago-based CME Group and London-based LCH.Clearnet Group, make traders provide collateral, including government bonds, that can be seized and easily converted into cash to cover defaults. Traders may need from $2 trillion to $4 trillion in extra collateral to meet the new requirements, according to Timothy Keaney, chief executive officer of BNY Mellon Asset Servicing.

 link to mobile.businessweek.com

roa (Comment)
The $648 Trillion Dollar Derivatives market was a good number about 5 or 6 years ago. Expanded to 1.4 Quadrillion about two years ago. According to atimes.com 5 years ago $640 Trillion was 10 times more than all the currency in the world combined.