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Alex Jones and the Left: Never the Twain Shall Tweet?

Alex Jones' understanding of the "New Left" and the 60's in general is a bad joke.
In the wake of the 911 attacks and the obvious flaws in the "official story", the emergence of Alex Jones or someone like him was inevitable. The first real "911 truther" was world-famous author & Professor of theology David Ray Griffin, whose in depth analysis of the WTC and Pentagon events paved the way for the 911 movement we now see. Alex Jones ran with the 911 ball, and it made for refreshing radio. The thing about riding to fame on some conspiracy claim is that is what you'll become famous for. Jones ran with that too and incorporated Waco, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge and JFK into his repetoire of discussable subjects. Trouble is, he sucked in a lot of listeners whose actual knowledge and take on recent American history is, shall we say, subject to decades of mis/dis information disguised as actual events. When Jones try to delve into sensitive subject matter, like race relations, he blows his "self-educated" genius cover by saying the most stereotyped comments imaginable. "Martin Luther King was a sexual pervert and predator, a homosexual and a Communist agent". Say Whaaat? That's the party line from the most undemocratic forces this nation has ever produced- J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon. Is that who Jones believes? He claims Satan himself introduced LSD to destroy America. Hello Earth... The Jones Broadcasting Network (formerly GCN) ran out of true skeptics and rebels a long time ago. Now the guest list runs the gamut of former disgraced GOP officials from the Bush and Reagan years, intent on questioning Obama's heritage and parentage. These guys never talk about the collapse of building seven, that's for sure. Jones needs guests. It's the lifeblood of the show, and at least he discusses (when he's not interrupting) issues the MSM ignores- even if his take is skewed half the time. He's big now on having the saddest excuses for Rock Stars call the show to kibbutz on the latest headlines. Guys like Ted Nugent. You remember him from his MTV series- he had to shoot every mammal under a foot long on sight just for the thrill of it. "They're just varmints" he'd drawl from his ATV, ejecting a 9mm shell. You can just guess Bush-lovin' Ted's take on the sixties, drugs, guns, the 2nd amendment, Democrats and liberals. Then there's advertisements for "exotic big game" pay hunting "farms", where wanna-be Hemingways can execute some poor Cape Buffalo in some Arkansas swamp for only $5,000. Meals included. Yes- AJ does bring a lot of suppressed things to the attention of mass media, but seems overwhelmed with endless gratitude with those who throw him a bone. And that's usually someone with major Republican Party connections, despite his claims that the GOP is "just as bad" as the Democrats. The constant hammering of Obama administration sins is probably a good thing in itself, but where's the balance? Who is really educating the masses about 911 and the Bush/GOP/Saudi/Pentagon axis that spawned and executed the deed? Infowars seems to give the Republicans and Pentagon a free ride when it comes to the important details of 911. Sending people to see your DVD isn't the same as spilling the beans for free over the air as a public service. Jones has done an incredible marketing job with his array of "survival" foods, medicines, vitamins, water purifiers, solar energy products, and assorted parts and accessories for your Soviet-issued assault rifle. Really. Convincing a huge swath of intelligent Americans that the end is nigh, and that they can do what the Vietnamese, Nazis, and Japan could never do- take on the US government in a full-out war/revolution/rebellion is really quite a feat. It's almost becoming a religion- with Scientology-like beliefs that are almost gospel. The belief that because they're capable of a Dallas or 911 that they really want to Nazify the nation and lock up the non-elite in concentration camps, euphemistically called FEMA camps. But what about the left? Jones tries to say he knows Obama & Co. are not "real" leftists. But he never defines what a real leftist actually is. To him, anyone from the 60's protest/anti-war scene must have been a duped idiot who fell for the commie line about Vietnam. But he'll still try and suck in Boomers to his show by playing bits of Led Zeppelin or other 60's Rock anthems, although he really thinks down deep that era was Red all over. To AJ, Abbie Hoffman was a communist. He just never gets the fact that in the 60's there was a totally unique breed of American activist who didn't identify with the right or left as they stood then. Creative anarchy is an artform rarely seen on today's political stage. But back then there seemed to be a million ways to wake up the masses, who were really bored of the Perry Como culture rotting around them. The best "conspiracy" websites don't make predictions they can't keep. They don't draw conclusions because they're politically correct enough for the target audience the ads & products are aimed at. And what about Gay people? Jones finds anything about gays to be extremely humorous. He's subtle in his religious-like patronizing put-downs. Any mention of Janet Napolitano is an excuse to make adam's-apple jokes. There's this guy Mike that sits in for Jones sometimes. Now this clown is a total homophobe. He goes off full-blast into little dialogues with himself, affecting "gay" voices and knocking gay marriage as the ultimate crime against God and nature. Are these the kind of people we want to lead some "Revolution"? What sort of democracy do they think will work? Jones runs ads that troll for "independent" types to move to "private enclaves" in Idaho and Dakota. Places with zero minorities. Perfect spots to shoot it out with the army and ATF when the sh*t hits the fan. I still do enjoy listening to the show- but the major gaps in knowledge and the hard-headed (is Jones a Taurus?)stubborness when it comes to the accomplishments of the Left and the utter evil of the Vietnam War- those gaps leave a big canyon that destroys a lot of credibility that doesn't deserve to be destroyed. Yeah- they did 911 and Boston too. But that doesn't mean I give a flying wazoo what Ted Nugent thinks about anything, or that I'd rather guzzle silver extract than go to my Doctor.

People on the left that spoke out About 911 before Griffin: 07.Jul.2013 07:47

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Mike Ruppert, Lloyd Hart, Lenny Charles and INN world Report just to name a few. People on the left who salted the earth where ever we walked: Amy Goodman and democracy now, The Nation Mag, Mother Jones Mag, Pacifica Radio. In other words anyone on the left tied to oligarch foundation funding. Amy Goodman and democracy for instance take Ford Foundation money and then do things like read on the air straight from the CIA fiction sheet on Libya, Syria and Mali carrying water for the psychopaths in the white house and the pentagon. Yes, these so-called lefty news outfits are corrupted and only allowed to report on lefty issues the oligarchs have already won their agenda on. Amy Goodman and her ilk on the left are oligarch stooges who when it is boiled down are just play by play commentators simply watching and reporting as the fascists strangle the life blood out of the working class stepping over our corpses while they speak into the camera. Never ever proposing mass action to stop the bleeding. Never ever putting themselves on the front line.

no problemo 07.Jul.2013 09:24


Lloyd- I agree with you (mostly). I was talking about the "New Left" of the late 60's and early 70's. Today's excuse for "left" has no defense for your charges. Especially radio media. But mostly I was referring to Jone's superficial grasp of that period of time. It taints his whole approach to reality. A shame in a way. Obama has destroyed what remained of the Left almost single-handedly. It's just that the cult of Jones has created a personality phenomena that supercedes the supposed message. Personality cults always turn into a situation where the revered leader's opinion on absolutely any subject under the sun is treated as enlighteninbg gospel. Right about 911- wrong about the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's. No wonder they give AJ a wide berth in D.C.- he may be spouting things they'd rather keep under wraps, but at least he's condemning the "radicalism of the 60's" and knocking Democrats and progressives. Long term occupations of the far right. Jones meant well, and really feels patriotic in his classic Texan prarie-fire way. But he never scrapped the rednecked baggage that went with the assignment. Incorporating mental defectives like Nugent into the matrix displays a true lack of discernment when it comes to appealing to intelligent people. Yeah- Jones is getting sort of Morton Downey-ish.