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It looks like Red Dawn has arrived at Union Station, where cammoed carbine slinging thugs hassle innocent travelers like some kind of Nazi train movie.
"We need to remind the public about the situation" sez this defender of Liberty
Homeland Security has staged a massive attack on downtown Los Anegeles today in a display of military occupation not seen on these streets since the Watts riots. Cops, SWAT, and military are all running around Union Staion bothering everybody in sight. Searching bags and asking for ID. They are not big on being photographed at work- hence the paucity of good opics via Google, etc. "You can't point any cameras at us!!" they scream as tourists and locals wonder what hell hath wrought for the fourth. I actually watched some LA news footage that showed these Rambo wanna-be's sticking gun muzzles at people, demanding this and that in loud voices. Treating the populace like shit. This is really an escalation of craziness on the part of DHS. A giant theatre piece to remind us all just who is control of this nation. A militant robot-like army of brainwashed goons designed to wage war upon it's own citizens and crush all opposition to it's encroaching fascist shadow. I guess they figure if they can spy on us all they might as well just go all the way with the Stalin thing and just militarize the downtowns like some Chilean death squads on the make. They claim they're just making sure no terrorists disturb the big holiday celebrating "Freedom" (whatever that was). In reality, they're the only true annoyance around. Let's just pray this isn't all a prelude to yet another false-flag terror event designed to reinforce the Big Myth that our own citizens are our greatest threat. They're closing streets, having helicopter drills on the streets, and generally softening up an already gullible public into accepting the very antithesis of what the USA was created as. A free republic. Not some Roman black-shirted Colossus throwing it's own to the lions. The MSM will no doubt just show some pictures of uniformed cops smiling at the passengers and pedestrians they're bothering. But believe me when I say the militant costumes of the SWAT/Military teams, full camouflage, full automatic, Darth Vader headgear, and robotic demeanor and attitude was being directed and focused at the most innocent of people. Old folks and little kids too. "Where are you going"? etc. etc. was the mantra. "Your papers please". Their spokesman, a typical looking LA corporate cop type, defended the whole affair as needing to be done because people "are forgetting about the critical situation we're still in" because of "terror". They "need to be reminded" he sang. Maybe we DO.