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How did I learn about this? I learned about it when I was asked to assist president Harry S. Truman's original OSS/OSI to underwrite PROJECT HAMMER (bring the gold home)after the G.H.W. Bush operation set up parallel accounts and stole the original "PROJECT HAMMER".."

If you connect the dots you will discover this is why JFK issued Executive Orders 11109 and 11110 which later brought about his assassination.

First we must go back to the 1940's Administration. Communism was rampant back in those days.. as equally rampant was the BUND of the Nazis.

The House called the Investigative Arm to the forefront to investigate Un American Activities of the U.S. Sec. of the Treasury, Harry Dexter White for his activities involving the two planes carrying U.S. Dept of the TREASURY Plates shipped to Russia which allegedly crashed. Before the Investigation could be completed the U.S. Sec. of the Treasury Harry Dexter White died of a heart attack.. and shortly thereafter FDR also died leaving the Presidency to Harry S. Truman.

President Truman was fully aware of the necessity to gain control over the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury "Gold and Silver Certificate Plates" he knew the damage these MORGANTHAU'S as Occupation Money/Script could do with the U.S. TREASURY Backed Instruments now called "Nation Busters."

My husband was original OSS under president HARRY S. TRUMAN.. he was instructed to "bring the gold home and free this nation from the COMMUNIST via U.S. Sec. of Treasury Harry Dexter White and President Franklin D. Roosevelt working with Russia and China via the Federal Reserve Banking. To understand read FROM MAJOR JORDAN'S DIARIES  http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/jordan/12.html


President Truman called his OSS men in and ordered them to in essence "seek out, locate and identify" these Treasury Plates and to BRING THE GOLD HOME to free the United States of America from the clutches of the foreign owned Federal Reserve Banking System.

President Truman was furious as to the involvement with Communism at the level of U.S. Federal Government reaching deep into the White House and Wall Street and the Presidency of FDR who would entertain the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the HYDE PARK residence to receive messages sent by ADOLPH HITLER via the Duke and Duchess who had entertained Adolph.

President Truman knew about this UnAmerican Activity leading straight into the ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION. He was mad as hell.

When the meeting neared finishing President Truman told his men "PUT THE HAMMER TO THE SONS OF A BITCHES! BRING THOSE PLATES HOME!"..

That is how PROJECT HAMMER got it's name.

And yes.. V.K. Durham, CEO Durham International Corporation did underwrite Col. Russell Herrmann/Herrman/HERMAN's CI-Ltd project HAMMER set to bring the GOLD HOME when president G.H.W. Bush has set up parallel bank accounts (Banks involved: Republic National Bank, Anschbacker, Credit Lloynaise, UBS Switzerland, HSB, Riggs, Cotts etc and back to the U.S. TREASURY and FEDERAL RESERVE Banks).

DURHAM INTERNATIONAL LTD; The Corporation put up the $35 Trillion Dollars of legitimate Assays on 13,520 Acres of Gold Property in Yavipa and Maricopa Counties Arizona was pledged for COL. Russell Herrmann/Herrman/HERMAN "TRU HAND" ACCOUNT TO "FINISH BRINGING THE GOLD HOME.

DURHAM TRUST was never involved in any way with Col. HERMAN OR G.H.W. BUSH OR BILL CLINTON ETC.

V.K. Durham, CEO, Durham Holding Trust Tias 12087.

aka Col. Herman's Widow.