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It’s not science fiction anymore: Monsanto seeks to control world’s food

Seeds containing genes patented by Monsanto account for more than 90 percent of soybeans grown in the U.S. and 80 percent of U.S.-grown corn. The company has a long history of bullying farmers, spreading GMOs throughout the food supply and intimidating anybody who gets in its way.
The ultimate monopoly would be control of the world's food supply. Although not the only multi-national corporation attempting to achieve the ability to dictate what you eat, Monsanto Co. appears the most determined.

Already infamous for toxic chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Agent Orange and dioxin, Monsanto's march toward control of the world's food supply is focused on proprietary seeds and genetically modified organisms. No corporation or corporate oligarchy possessing a food monopoly would be desirable, but Monsanto is a particularly frightening contender. So powerful is the company that a special law tailored for it was snuck into a congressional appropriations bill funding U.S. government operations.

The Farmer Assurance Provision — better known by its nickname, the "Monsanto Protection Act" — was quietly slipped into an appropriations bill in March by a Missouri senator, Roy Blunt. The appropriations bill had to be passed to avert a government shutdown, providing an opportunity to do a favor for the powerful. Slipping off-topic special measures into bills hundreds of pages long is routine in the U.S. Congress.

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Divest and let the market do the rest 28.Jun.2013 14:03


Divest and let the market do the rest.

Perhaps uncle Sam would buy the collapse stock,
but divestment from this company and its product
is my recommendation.

Billionaires are pigs that want more and more.
They seem to be driven by banks that give debt to
drive the profit machine.

Happy equinox
Puppet on a String?
Puppet on a String?