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Concordia University Shooting Incidents

Concordia University, in northeast Portland, owns a house across the street from the university. On 5-31-13, shots were fired there. Then, on 6-3-13, a man was shot at this house.
On 5-31-13, about 11 PM, about three gunshots were fired near Concordia University, at the house the university owns, directly across the street on Northeast 27th Ave. Then on 6-3-13, in the early morning hours, a man was shot at this same house, a house owned by Concordia University. The 'Oregonian' said the shooting was gang-related. The man's car, with bullet holes and a shattered window, is still sitting on Holman Ave, right beside the Concordia University house. What is going on with this situation? Is Concordia University going to do something about the gang people living there or do students still have to worry about being shot?