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The following is my article articulating the facts and events surrounding my recent legal action against Cascade Management Inc.
"Plaintiff has failed to prove his case. Plaintiff's case is dismissed............"
Judge Terry Hannon's issued ruling to my case.

It NEVER ceases to amazes me as to how villians can be viewed as victims, and become the victors. Corporations often favored in a "court of law" leaving the real victims to sound like sour grapes. Just-us over justice. History tends to repeat itself, even in similiarities for me.

My court battle in federal court against the City of San Francisco, in 2007 regarding the police department's attack upon me in my own home two years before. Just two years ago, my court battle against Tenderloin Housing Clinic to hold some of its employees responsible for its unethical conduct towards me, as one of their tenants.

Defeated and totally devastated best describes how I felt when Judge Terry Hannon issued his ruling. More than I could even bear, I excused myself from even watching him write the order.

Six long hard, and VERY difficult months I spent preparing my own case. Gathering documented incident reports, of evil events occuring in my environment: MUSOLF MANOR. Operated and managed by CASCADE MANAGEMENT INC. Throughout my near-two year tenure, as one of it's tenant here in this building; I've had horrific experiences in the past six months that no law-abiding citizen, let alone rent-paying tenant should have to endure:

Racism, disrespect, threats of violence, sadistic psychological warfare from wicked neighbors, (even employees) life-threatening emergencies, conduct and abusive language unbecoming of an employee, excessive police calls (some made from me, consequentially) and corrupt bureacracy from management.

Additionally, intervention towards prevention, in terms of tenant's safety and security from harm.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a destructive device to the mind, and not just from a mental health diagnosis from a psychologist, or a therapist. Living in a place like Musolf Manor (or any affordable housing complex for that matter) where others have similar psychological disabilities is a risk. When I moved here in this building, in December of 2011, I anticipated a just little trouble.

The word "little" slowly and surely began to eject itself out of my vocabulary, when new tenants and employees arrived to this building the following year. In August of 2012, (and later on that year) I was verbally attacked by my neighbor, Randy Corwin an elderly white man with "mental health issues" who came from across the street, shouted obscentities and called me a "nigger."

I wrote an incident report of this situation. He would continue to harass me ocassionally throughout the rest of 2012, and even early of this year. At one point, I was so pissed that I was willing to risk incarceration, and inflict serious physical harm to him being fed up with his harassment.

The most dramatic, traumatic, and life-threatening of these incidents occurred on December 3rd, 2012 and February 12th, 2013. In December, I came out of my hallway to witness my neighbor, Richard Dodge, remove a fire extinguisher out of its emergency box, (directly across from my room) and proceeded to spray his own door with it. I immediately alerted the evening staff desk clerk on duty as to what was happening.

(Previously that evening, Dodge got into an altercation with Les, the evening desk clerk because he refused to give him a spare key to access his room. Portland Police had to respond when Dodge began to get out of control.)

The fire department was immediately called. Dodge not only set fire to his room unit, but he also flooded our entire hallway as a result. The fire department members had to dump all of the water into my own toilet. This became very inconvenient for me as a result.

The next day, I learned that as a result of his act, the editorial office of Street Roots (where I work as one of its vendors and occasional writer) collapsed as well as Darcelle's, a popular female impersonator's club. Both buildings are conjourned to Musolf Manor. My very room unit is directly above the office.

In February, an incident took place in Musolf Manor that was undoubtedly the most horrific, and inhumane sight I've experienced in a longtime. It involved a tenant by the name of Tamara White, other neighbors in the building, and an un-invited guest. This person attempted to retrieve their belongings room.

What happened next was totally unexpected. I was writing an incident report regarding White's behavior from the night before in the presence of Les. The next thing I know, Les was alerted of some drama occuring in her room.

He ran upstairs and amidst the chaos, Les and a neighbor of mine physically struggled to remove this person from the building. My neighbor came to Les's aid once he heard him cry out for help. Massive streams of blood poured profusely from both arms of the intruder, leaving the hallways to look like a murderous massacre had just been committed.

A total graphic and ghastly sight. The intruder broke free despite the efforts from Les, my neighbor, and myself to keep him detained long enough for the cops to arrive. I chased the intruder down the street, furious that he shoved my neighbor down on the sidewalk. He was shoved so hard that to this very day as type this article, he's still suffering from an injury to his shoulder.

(To read more about this, follow the link below: ) http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2013/03/28/18734376.php

I arrived at Multnomah Circuit Courthouse a half-hour before the proceedings went underway at 2:00p.m. Darla Lull, representative for Cascade Management Inc. was there accompanied with the resident and assistant manager. In addition, she also brought along Les, the evening desk clerk which was a great surprise to me. I had absolutely no grudge against anybody Darla brought along, except for Les.

Les, (I would later attempt to explain to the judge) has had SO many complaints written against him. His obnoxious attitude, arrogance, harassment, and excessive police calls (most unwarranted) towards tenants is a mystery as to how he's even able to maintain his employment position here.

At times, he would even leave his post for long periods of time, and spend considerable amounts of time in the bathroom. "This is MY house" he used to say, laughing. Tyrannical is how he presents himself.

I, personally, don't interact with him even on a professional level, and prefer to distance myself whenever he's on shift. I pointed out his behavior, and the incident reports against him. Some of them lodged by me.

Once my case was finally called waiting for over an hour, Judge Terry Hannon began to hear the matter of MARLON CRUMP VS CASCADE MANAGEMENT INC. (The original judge in the matter had to recuse himself due to a conflict of interest because he purchases papers from me, as a Street Roots vendor.)

I pled forth the claims in my complaint, and shared all of my documented incident reports, as evidentiary exhibits. Judge Hannon requested that I numerically mark each exhibit. $10,000 was what I sought in damages, remedies for liabilities.

I held Cascade Management Inc. responsible in terms of neglience, for the criminal acts committed by the individuals, I had earlier stated above. Ineffective intervention towards prevention from future harm. Subjected to the life-threatening instances I had also earlier above.

Additionally, the eviction which I deemed as "retaliatory" on their end due to my failure to pay my rent on time. I articulated to Judge Hannon as to the dates that led up this attempt, and how I unnecessary it was considering that I written money order written up for partial rent payment.

The other was a promissary letter from a church indicating their aid to provide the rest. "Ive been a really good tenant since I moved at Musolf Manor, your honor." I said to him. "They were acting in bad faith, didn't even give me a 30-day notice, nor did they charge me a late fee."

Which was the clause in our rental agreement.

Nearly two hours later, and despite my arguments of liabilities being imposed upon them, Judge Hannon ruled that the defendant, CASCADE MANAGEMENT was not liable for the acts committed. "No legal standing, or any legal compensation for that matter". The words from his ruling literally "shocked the consciousness" to me. A shockwave to my very soul.

The environment that I live in with individuals with "mental health" issues is what appeared to be the deciding factor for his judgment. It felt to me as if this was condoning their conduct granted that certain people with "mental health issues" use this to their advantage.

Thinking to myself, "How can this be happening?" Aren't they responsible for screening individuals and employees? Whatever happened to the right to "quiet and peaceful enjoyment?" The right to safe and security in the sanctity of my own home? Who is exactly responsible for the safety and security of tenants, especially in funded afforable housing complexes that subsizes one's rent usually 30%?

Sadly, my next and only move...................IS to MOVE!

"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks."
--------Arthur Miller