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Archers Afield attacked twice

solidarity action
We attacked Archers Afield twice in a short period of time. They are in the business of selling commodities made to maim and kill wild non-humyns, and providing sport and "game" hunters with precision training courses. We fully intend to drive them into bankruptcy.

Our first visit, we slashed several tires on their two "mobile archery shop" trucks, destroyed three windows with glass etching cream, and filled their door locks with epoxy.

This time around, we filled the truck locks and the store locks with epoxy, and etched the glass doors and two windows.

For Jerry Koch and all non-cooperators,

Against all domination and hierarchy

Realistically, Bows And Arrows Are Not For Hunting 18.Jun.2013 05:08


Pretty much the absolute maximum range for bow and arrow seems to be about 40 yards (120 feet). More powerful bows give you more impact, but probably not more accuracy. I was a "nature boy" who spent years in the woods, never hunting. It takes years to learn how to deliberately get within 120 feet of any critter. They have great abilities to smell and hear! You mostly have to wait for hours and hope to stay downwind! Hardly anyone is going to do this. I have seen many hunters with guns, but never any with bows and arrows. Check the distance limitations at:
Fieldandstream.com What is your maximum effective range with a bow? At what range can you put 5 arrows in a 3-inch circle?
 link to www.fieldandstream.com

It's almost a joke, and they only write about it to sell their goofy magazine. Actual hunters use rifles since they have 10 times the range, and they can afford cheap bullets, which do not have to be recovered.

The only advantages to bow and arrow and slingshot are that you can make the gear yourself, and they are silent, unlike guns that can be heard for miles. With very few exceptions, bow and arrow is just a hobby, not a blood sport. Opposition to it cannot possibly be worth the time and trouble. It's like complaining about people who pick up rocks.

not the old bow and arrow 19.Jun.2013 17:07


I know plenty of bow hunters. Plus, there was a bear in my area last year. A neighbor shot it with an arrow. When he was trapped, he had to be euthanized because he was in bad shape. Nice going!

Those power bows are not for target shooting.