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Become a Harvest Leader or Fruit Monitor with Portland Fruit Tree Project

An announcement about 2013 harvest season volunteer opportunities with Portland Fruit Tree Project
Become a Harvest Leader or Fruit Monitor! Harvest season has begun!. Join Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need... Become a Harvest Leader! Harvesting parties bring people together to harvest fruit that might otherwise go to waste, and make it available to people in need. Each harvesting party is co-led by 2 volunteer Harvest Leaders. Harvest Leaders are responsible for overseeing and leading harvest participants, distributing harvested fruit, and keeping accurate harvest records. Portland Fruit Tree Project will provide all of the necessary training, materials, and support. Each Leader is expected to co-lead at least 6 harvesting parties in the 2013 harvest season (July - November). Click here for more info & application instructions: http://www.portlandfruit.org/2013-harvest-leader-position-description Become a Fruit Monitor! Fruit Monitor volunteers serve as an important role in the harvest planning process. Fruit Monitors will conduct site visits at registered tree sites to assess the quality, quantity, and ripeness of fruit so that we can determine if and when to schedule a harvesting party. Good communication and reporting are essential to this position. All the necessary materials and information will be provided. You can expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week on this volunteer position, which begins July 28th and ends November 25th, 2013. Click here for more info & application instructions: http://www.portlandfruit.org/2013-fruit-monitor-position-description Questions? Contact Bob at 503-284-6106 or email bob@portlandfruit.org

homepage: homepage: http://portlandfruit.org/volunteer/
phone: phone: 503-284-6106