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Repudiating the NSA-created debts via the law

The best way to stop the creeping fascism in the US is to defund it. I think that it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country by refusing to pay for the DHS and other nightmarish inventions of the Bush-driven 4th Reich
THE NEW UTAH DATA CENTER WHICH WILL STORE "DECADES" OF DATA MOSTLY ON US CITIZENS...will cost $1.2 billion to build. What it will cost to run is another story.

THERE IS A PRINCIPAL IN THE WORLD CALLED ODIOUS DEBT. It states that people of a country should not have to pay debts incurred keeping them oppressed. I SAY THAT THE NSA'S EXPENDITURES ARE JUST THAT.

ALSO, THE 14TH AMENDMENT PROHIBITS US DOLLARS BEING SPENT TO OVERTHROW OUR GOVERNMENT/CONSTITUTION...SO THIS EXPENSE AND THE EXPENSE OF SPYING ON US CITIZENS CAN BE CHALLENGED VIA THE General Services Administration, the office of the Inspector General and the Inspector Generals of a number of government agencies...as well as the Treasury.

Anybody up for it?