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VIDEO: Pitch A Tent Rose Festival Protest 2013

Rose Festival 2013 - Right To Dream Too hosts the event: "Pitch A Tent" - I went down to 4th street [on Saturday morning] and filmed what was going on around those activist who had set up the night before. When I arrived the radical cheerleaders were providing cheers to the crowd before the parade started.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BkVQ2h6k0I [25 minute video]

2013 Rose Festival Parade - "Pitch A Tent"

Protest was going on along 4th street highlighting the injustice of city sidewalk laws that impact houseless people & their civil and human rights.

Also there was cheers and a few short street rally's from the center of the street ...on justice (and housing) issues... before the rose parade started. Many cops were around everywhere as we walked around ...

Thus there is some Copwatching being done by Joe Anybody and Radical Richard around this R2DToo camp area.

One encounter with a bike cop, who politely asks a person to take their tent down, the person in the tent cooperates and takes the tent down (but) did not want to be filmed by waving me away.

The cop then jokes "to me" as he talks w/ another man who is sitting down ....saying he (the cop) is not violating anyone's civil rights he is just talking with someone he knows, as the man sitting agrees with him.

Many more cops were not filmed - and thankfully there was is nothing negative to report back.

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