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Video: 6.11.13 Portland Police Accountability - Appeal Hearing - CRC

6.11.13 in the Portland Building an appeal hearing was heard.
The video of the meeting / hearing is now online.
The hearing and discusion was centered around the (supposed) use of profanity and an illegal search by the Portland Police. Ater refuseing to give ID a woman was arrested. Her side of the arrest sounded more believable and plausable to me, compared to the officers version of the same event.
CRC (Citizens Review Committee)held a hearing on 6.11.13 in the Portland Building

Video of the public hearing:
 http://youtu.be/OYzSD6FmYYE (Video 3.5 hours)

Case Number: 2012-C-0187/2013-X-0001
Police Accountability - charges of profanity and illegal search, new charges may arise from this hearing.

This case is still open.

Independent Police Review - Citizen Review Committee Website:

(related link on Police accountability and the IPR for Portland Copwatch)

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