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Metro Body Piercing vandalized

Metro Body Piercing vandalized multiple times
Locks were super-glued four times in three weeks at Metro Body Piercing on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. This has no doubt cost them hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Metro, it's your choice. If you continue the sale of fox tails, expect more sabotage and an increase in intensity. We will not sit back and tolerate this exploitation of wildlife.

Foxes on fur farms are driven insane from the conditions. They are caged in their own filth. They pace neurotically and dream of the freedom just out of reach. We are their voice.

For the silent ones, For liberation. For the wild,

--Oregon Anti-Speciesists

For those who are responsible 01.Jun.2013 19:26

A big kiss and hug

I know the cops,feds and most of society tell us this is wrong,this is nothing but a bunch of activists or anarchist doing senseless vandalism. But damn it! I just can't help it! I want to thank those involved. You risked your own freedom to defend the rights of animals. You fuckin rock!

stop selling fur to hipsters in Portland 08.Jun.2013 23:25


People selling real fur in Portland should know that it makes people who care about animals - and there are a lot of them - pissed off.

Metro, you'd probably sell lampshades made out of the "ethically harvested" skin of concentration camp victims too, if you thought you could get away with it.