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More leaked emails from KBOO

Note the tone...and please remember: the tension exploded when the Manager tried to lay off Staff en masse. Sixth paragraph: "one year to enter into negotiations." 7th graf: "new staff structure"
On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 4:35 PM, Lynn Fitch < manager@kboo.org> wrote:

> To The KBOO Foundation Board of Directors:
> I am writing to you today to disclose a conversation I had with the board
> president yesterday, May 28, 2013 about 1:30 pm. Conch had contacted me
> about discussing a new way to provide access to the board, by membership,
> via the KBOO website. This in response to the recent inquiries by a few
> members, as to how best to contact the board and / or leave messages for
> the board. We agreed to meet following the staff meeting, which Conch
> attended that morning.
> After discussing the member / board communication issue, I offered to have
> a page created that would allow members to submit a comment or question,
> via a form on the website. A board member would receive notices about these
> comments, perhaps the secretary, and forward them on to the appropriate
> board member or committee.
> After that, Conch began asking me questions and telling me about a
> conversation he had previously with Marc Brown. After reflecting on the
> conversation - which initially seemed benign enough, as the day and evening
> wore on I became more and more disturbed by what we had spoken about and
> concerned enough that I decided to inform the board and make sure there was
> a public record of that meeting and conversation.
> I will say up front that I did not take minutes, as I was expecting a
> simple dialogue about communication between members and board via the
> website. So I will only mention what I remember and not try and provide
> details.
> It seems that Conch had a lengthy conversation with Marc Brown about many
> issues - including how to respond to the membership petition, how to deal
> with certain board confidentiality issues, etc. It seems Marc reiterated
> that the membership can and cannot do, including not being able to fire me.
> Conch also shared his desire to hold another "meeting" to hear member
> concerns and keep the bad energy defused. I was open about my disgust at
> what has been said by staff and volunteers and hosts to the public - about
> me and the situation at KBOO. What more could the members want to discuss?
> Bullard has been let go and the union is about to be voted in. What would
> the goal be for another meeting?
> I was asked about what I planned to do following the staff / union
> election. I gave him my thoughts - that we had 1 year to enter into
> negotiations and the first things I wanted to address were the interim
> positions and the FCC issue. I also assume that the Union will want to
> discuss the "at will" policy. Conch shared that he had received some NLRB
> materials he was sharing with the board. This was before I read the board
> agenda and read that the board was now handling the collective bargaining
> negotiations.
> I was asked if I had written a grant yet for the media center as described
> in the strategic plan. I explained that no, I had not - that I had created
> a PT grant position within the new staff structure that could help with
> those. I further explained how grants for projects work, that KBOO lacked
> planning details and budget information for most grants and how we could
> start to raise money for the media center.
> Conch talked about his desire to resurrect the strategic planning work
> group, how we were behind in the goals and that several old work group
> members would be willing to come back and be on the work group again.
> I mentioned the work being done for the event on Saturday, that the summer
> appeal had gone out to 15,000 members / donors, that I was preparing to
> begin working on the FCC licensee renewal - that events like Good in the
> Hood were being turned into mini-membership drives and birthday
> celebrations, that the community radio network and the Blues Festival
> planning was moving forward and that I was meeting about that state wide
> strategy this week.
> The conversation had gone well past the point of board communications with
> members and in hindsight it seemed like I was being questioned about things
> or that Conch was gathering information, well outside the bounds of being a
> Board President. As everyone knows, communication between Conch and myself
> (as well as several other board members) has been strained and I am doing
> my best to be amiable and provide information when asked - by any board
> member.
> However, the tone of this conversation was unsettling and seemed more like
> I was being interrogated or directed by Conch - which is a policy
> violation. Our conversation was interrupted by Erin, at a point where we
> were about to talk further about the recent leaks of information, and
> membership concerns. Conch left abruptly, even though Erin was willing to
> wait to speak to me.
> Again, the whole thing makes me feel uneasy and the tone used in asking me
> about things was more accusing than inquisitive. When I returned home about
> 8:00pm last night and read the board agenda - I was even more concerned.
> Why was I not informed about the motion by Conch regarding the collective
> bargaining agreement? I was quizzed about what I would do after the
> election, but not even told I was not going to be part of the negotiating.
> Anyway - that's it. Thanks for listening and for your support.
> Lynn [KBOO Station Manager]

On Wed, 29 May 2013, Rabia Yeaman wrote:

One thing I am curious about is whether since your conversation with Lynn
Fitch yesterday, have you also had conversations with Staff?

Conch, since your conversation with Lynn, *which the Board did not
authorize you to have*, have you also shared or gathered information from

Did you share in the last 24 hours via email, telephone or in person any
content of the conversation you had with Lynn Fitch with any employees of

Did you share your conversation or bits of it with any other Board Members?

Which members of the original Strategic Planning committee have you spoken
to about meeting again? When did you meet with them? Will you be reporting
on who you met with, when and what was discussed? Can you provide records
of such a meeting?


Rabia [pro-reorganization Board member]

++Also note: The KBOO Board President has the right and duty to discuss what he likes with the Station Manager, or with Staff. The second email is an attempt at pure intimidation, typical of what has been going on between the reorganization faction versus the majority of the Board.

And note the tone of: "it seemed Conch was attempting to gather information" --how dare he, as the elected President of the Board?

Pretty Bland 30.May.2013 14:40


Seems like a pretty normal email to me.
I'm sure Lynn knows that everything she writes is getting leaked.
What does that say about the Board?

I'd be more concerned with the Board President's actions than the Station Navigators but what do I know, I'm just some lowly member.