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Plan for the restoration of the constitutional government

This a simplified version of the plan for restoration of the constitutional government.
A Simplified Explanation of
"The Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government"

I have been asked for a sentence, or two, to describe "The Plan For the Restoration of Constitutional Government". Well, I could not provide such a short description due to the complexity of the Plan, itself.

However, in numerous phone conversations, I have tried to provide an explanation of the Plan, and I do believe that I have found a descriptive means of demonstrating just how it would work.

Suppose you had a map of the United States and it was all black. Black represents areas that are under the control of repressive government (yes, this also includes all state governments that have submitted to receiving federal funds all of them).

Now, suppose a very small white dot appears on the map. Within a few days, a few more white dots appear. These white areas (even though very, very small, at first) represent areas that have returned to Constitutional government, regardless of the means. As time goes on, these small white dots become more frequent, and, they begin to become larger.

After a short period of time, some of the dots, now growing into definable shape, stretch out and merge with another white area.

As time goes on, these areas become even large, merging with other areas, and, soon, encompassing counties within their respective state. Growing and merging, the will soon encompass most of the state, perhaps wrapping around large population areas (cities and metropolitan areas).

As they continue to grow, they will cross state lines and begin absorbing the high population areas, until the map has been reversed, and the black areas are reduced to dots, and then disappear completely.

So, if I have been successful in reducing the Plan to a simple and easily conveyed explanation, perhaps you would like to go to The Plan for Restoration of Constitutional Government, and download a copy of The Plan.

When you read the Plan, you will see that it is based upon our own history. It is an emulation of the same course taken by our own Founders in securing the colonies that were soon to become the United States of America.


homepage: homepage: http://Www.outpost-of-freedom.com & www.committee.org
phone: phone: 503-860-4466

Poll shows 29 percent of voters think 'armed revolution' might be needed 29.May.2013 18:26


We knew distrust of government was high. But a new poll shows that suspicion reaching new levels.

According to a survey from Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly a third of registered voters -- 29 percent -- believe an "armed revolution" might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties.

The poll from the university's PublicMind explored perceptions regarding Congress' latest gun control push as well as the Sandy Hook mass shooting. That legislative push, launched in the wake of the Connecticut shooting, fizzled last month after the Senate blocked a bill that would have expanded background checks.

The poll showed 50 percent of voters still believe Congress should pass laws to protect the public from gun violence, while 39 percent say the opposite. But there is a huge partisan divide. Among Republicans, 65 percent don't see new laws as necessary.

And the survey could help explain why applications for gun permits have hit record highs and retailers report ammo has been flying off the shelves. Not only are gun owners worried about new gun laws, but the poll suggests some voters think a revolution could be on the horizon.

Asked whether an armed revolution might soon be necessary to protect liberties, 29 percent said yes.

Another 47 percent said no, while the rest were either unsure or declined to answer.

Of those who said yes, 44 percent were Republicans. Most of those who said yes also did not support more gun control legislation.

The poll of 863 registered voters was conducted April 22-28. It had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

 link to www.foxnews.com

Wow? 29.May.2013 23:18


@KL - Why would you troll me, then write under the handle I often use, and then make a point that I would actually make? It's hillarious that you suck so hard at trolling, and also flattering that you use my handle to make a decent point, so...thanks? Keep up the good work?

(note to others: I did not write the comment timestamped 29.May.2013 18:26, I assume it was KL, since they've been offering to do that since April: portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/04/422783.shtml#413529 )

can't start shooting 30.May.2013 01:02


We have to find a better way. Once Americans start shooting at each other, they'll never stop.

WTF!!! 30.May.2013 06:24


Some one is posting with my handle!
I did not make the post titled Wow?

Welcome to the Internets 31.May.2013 02:36


For someone who brags about their security knowledge online, you sound like a rube. This is some seriously funny shit, whoever is the real troll.

Addressing the topic, first you need to prove this our constitutional government is in need of restoration. So far only tea baggers and militia crazies believe that. So yeah, good luck.

A Congressman I Are! 31.May.2013 11:40


How could you tell? :)

I'd like to say I'm deeply shocked...SHOCKED...that anyone would imply that I'm not the real Fidelity. The others are obviously cheap impostors. Indymedia is clearly going to Hell in a red, white and blue gun toting hand-basket.