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Occupy Monsanto: labeling or banning GMOs

If labeling is what you want, why not do it yourself? Here's one example: As of 2011, the U.S. corn crop was about 88% GMO. Printed index cards mentioning this fact can be distributed within the corn sections of grocery stores like Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, etc. This action informs people where they shop!
There's an enormous difference however between labeling GMOs and banning GMOs. A person conducting objective research on GMOs would most likely come to the conclusion they should be banned. There are those who say that labeling is a good first step toward ridding our planet of GMOs. But this isn't true. The opposition is controlled by an army of psychopaths. We can't expect to engage in logical reasoning with members of the U.S. government and biotech industries. An outright ban must be the only goal.

In fact, GMOs exist in pharmaceutical drugs as well as in food. Wouldn't Occupy Monsanto agree they should be banned too? Choosing one particular area of reform (labeling) will not stop the corporate domination of our health. Occupy Monsanto declares "Monsanto is an unethical unmoral corporation and they have been committing crimes against humanity for decades." So why should Monsanto be allowed to exist? Promoting non-violent direct action to exterminate corporations like Monsanto will be the only way to ensure our safety. If current non-violent direct actions fail to eradicate this invasive species, more creative and innovative actions must take place.

Here's more reality: Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Big War Contractors and Big Politicians are not looking out for the interests of the American people. To "continue working together to expose politicians that serve Monsanto and promote politicians that stand with the people" is a waste of valuable time. Out of 535 Big Politicians, how many are standing up with we the people? Do you need more than one hand to count them? We are greatly outnumbered by "our" corporate representatives in the Congress and Senate who support Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and Big War Contractors.

We must come to understand the federal government is thoroughly corrupt. Working within the system the global corporate elite has set up for us will not work for us.

The greatest obstacles to reach the American people about the dangers of GMOs are the disinformation and outright lies that constantly bombard us via entertainment TV, blockbuster make-believe movies, TV news, talk radio, MSM political discussions from only two sides of an issue, and of course, the corporate ads. We have let things get so out-of-hand that most of us, and especially young people, think it's normal. While we try to educate people about a human reality, many of them have been transformed into transhumanized beings -- with their latest, must-have, high-tech, brainwashing toys.

Occupy Monsanto is "dedicated to empowering citizens of the world to take action against Monsanto & its enablers like the FDA, USDA, EPA, GMA, BIO, and the processed food companies that use Monsanto's products." But that's not even close to enough. When this statement includes all of the enablers in the three branches of federal government - and the Bigs previously mentioned - I'll be on board. Otherwise, I won't be wasting my time with the empire's game of divide and conquer.