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McCain Joins Heart-Eating Al-Qaeda Jihadist "Rebels" in Syria-Our New Allies

Duhhh- Didn't these guys attack us on 911?
The Good Senator and some of his heart munching Al-Qaeda heroes
The Good Senator and some of his heart munching Al-Qaeda heroes
John McCain just "snuck" over the Turkish border into Jihadist-held Syrian territory to dramatize his call for the U.S. to arm these Al-Qaeda pledged mercenaries who routinely slaughter Christians and Jews in their crazed quest to topple the last secular state in the Middle East. They're the ones using chemical weapons too. Al-Qaeda based Jihadist are supposed to be our sworn enemies forever. Remember 911? Remember Bin Laden? Well here's proof that whatever Al-Qaeda may be now, it was and is funded by it's creators- the Western military/intelligence apparatus. Either that or the Senator is committing one of the greatest acts of pure TREASON ever recorded. We're going to support part of the very network tha's murdering our soldiers around the world? And all of this from a decorated P.O.W. who survived torture at the hands of NVA thugs? It's almost too much to digest- but so is McCain's career if you take a close look at it. The sorriest part is that the State Dept. sent him no matter what they say. Is Obama the new head of Al-Qaeda by default? On last week's Roundtable on ABC McCain called the "rebels" dedicated, experience, motivated fighters not afraid to die. Can't these sheep see they're being manipulated by their supposed enemy- the USA? Just proves that "Al-Qaeda" has no real philosophy or roots other than that of your typical mercenary warlord setup so common in that area of the globe. "Allah" is great rallying cry- but there's no real religious component other than the fact that certain political groups are affiliated with certain sects. Differences in religion are used as an excuse to attack (and murder) opposing political entities. This is McCain's lowest most humiliating moment in history- trying desperately to stir up a new war to replace the two we're winding down. Sheer hucksterism for the weapons manufacturers lobby he so fervently and slavishly fronts for.