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American Death Squad Silences Boston Bombing "Person of Interest".

Still believe the Boston Fairytale?
knock knock
knock knock
So an FBI agent and two members of the Massachusetts State Police paid a visit to Orlando, Florida this week and confronted a Chechen immigrant martial-arts friend of the older brother accused of the bombing. They say he confessed to a murder under their questioning (No Florida authorities were present) and suddenly lunged at the Fed with a knife. The cops shot him down dead. Now they're claiming he never did pull a weapon and giving out zero informayion to the press. They're also demonizing him because he got in a road-rage scuffle with some idiot. This poor fool knew too much. Chances are good that he was the one who recruited the two brothers for the CIA in the first place, and was a major risk to the official cover story. If the cops coming to your door are wearing "out of state" uniforms, head for the hills!

@rAt 23.May.2013 12:46


I've read your paranoia ridden comments/articles over the years and now I'm trying to decide what you are:

1. a genuinely disturbed paranoid individual who has fallen down your own personal rabbithole
2. a victim of cult brainwashing designed to produced the desired effect
3. an informant or other type of narc trying to draw out violent loonies with a crazy act.

Haven't decided. I'm leaning towards #1 or variations of #2 mostly because I think a sane person flogging this shit would TRY to look credible by publishing a url to go with the tin foil. But I could be wrong.

Where's the law enforcement accountability? 23.May.2013 15:50

Jody Paulson

It's just like when Seal team 6 killed OBL. We never saw the body, nor will we. And not long after, most of that team dies in a helicopter crash.  link to www.foxnews.com

Now, guess what? Two FBI Agents In Boston Bomber Arrest Die In Fall From Helicopter Training Exercise
 link to personalliberty.com

So, where's this supposed "note" Dzhokhar wrote while hiding in the boat? The one where he said his brother was a martyr even though at the time he couldn't have been certain he was even dead yet? Why did FBI guys deny finding anything in the beginning? Now they can just say they found his confession?? And we're supposed to believe them? Why don't we have photos? Videos?

And so now this guy, who, trust us, was just about to sign a confession, pulls a knife on interrogating Feds? Do you really believe this? Do you really believe everything people in authority tell you, instead of friends and family of the supposed perpetrators?

"'My husband—he does not do drugs, he does not smoke, he doesn't do anything like that,' Ms. Manukyan said. 'He doesn't even drink alcohol.'"

"Abdulbaki Todashev, said his son was a 'very calm' person who would never hurt anyone."

Wife of Chechen Man Killed in FBI Probe Speaks Out

When people stop questioning authority, that's when *I* get scared.

I'm Moving to Russia

Jody? 23.May.2013 17:06

Tracy Mapes

The Two FBI Guys were probably extractions.

You can't begin a new Life until they think You're Dead. Looks like that may be the Same Case for the Dude that Ran Craft Security. The Feds are All Fuck-ups as far as I'm Concerned.

lightweight 23.May.2013 18:20


Is that the best you can give me? A paranoid? A NARC??? I've been branded by the best as an Alien Scientologist NWO Zombified Troll-King of all media and all you can come up with is PARANOID? Are you posting from a dorm room at Dartmouth? Can YOU write messages on a fibreglass boat hull with a Bic? Try it sometime. No go back to your XXX videos.

major Troll <> 23.May.2013 18:28


<> is a major troll. Violent acts? I have NEVER advocated any sort of violence EVER in any posts over the years. That's PROOF you have never read anything of mine "over the years". LIAR. The pen is mightier than the sword and that's the exact reason you have come out of the rotten woodwork. If anyone is an IMC plant trying to snake folks into doing illegal stupid stuff, it's YOU Bubs. All I do here is try and make people THINK outside the box. You obviously work FOR the box. Don't worry- your gig will go down in ignominy too when they get tired of your lame talents. Loony indeed.

major Troll <>, '....' , '/////', '@', Larouche cult etc. 23.May.2013 22:29

uh huh

yes indeed, just look at the KBOO threads (kicked off by "STFU" troll)

this is AntiFa Dramatica Blog Tinfoil Troll - near as I can reckon anyway,

since whoever is behind that web site, comes here to PDX IMC to link to it.

anyone with expertise in IP/DNS identification, might want to trace down ownership + funding of that Dramatica Blog site and see who owns and is behind it. (Established circa 2002, and only 6 or 7 total posts on the site since then)

Also note (see ^^^ above 1st troll-post on thread):

"cult brainwashing"

This particular troll makes continuously repeated, hackneyed mention of 'Larouche' and 'cult'.
(Again, cf. the KBOO or 9/11 threads)

classic disinformationalist off-topic / ad hominem / strawman rhetoric to distract & derail.

Trolls trolling trolls 23.May.2013 23:18


Hey can I be a troll too?

>>>> Are you posting from a dorm room at Dartmouth

OH NOES! How did you guess? lol