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AMNESTY BILL THIS AM? Here is what you don't know!!! CALL NOW PLEASE!

Better shake a leg on this one! vkd
Did you call about the AMNESTY BILL THIS AM? Here is what you don't know!!! CALL NOW PLEASE!

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One activist sent this in email:

"You are part of our first line of defense against amnesty and 33 million work permits for foreign job seekers over the next 10 years and your help is needed this week. You have a Senator(s) on the Senate Judiciary Committee that will vote on S. 744 tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22."

We don't need another immigration "reform" bill. Enforce the laws on the books. Vote NO on S. 744.

PLEASE call your U.S. Senator first thing this morning. Flood their offices with calls and faxes. Also, if you can (it only takes a couple of minutes) call the following "gang" members: Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Juan McCain, Patty Pancake Murray, Maria Cantwell and Chuck Schumer. Give them a piece of your mind, politely. You can find your senator and phone number below. If you can't get through on the DC number, call their district office:

 http://www.senate.gov/ SENATE SWITCH BOARD... 202 224 3121

We are the last line of defense. EVERY phone call will count. We defeated the globalists in 2007. We can do it again this time. This amnesty is Obama's great wish. Defeat him.

Did you see this one?

Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for new immigrants

They're not "new immigrants". They are liars, cheats and thieves and now we're supposed to slave away trying to put food on the table for our families only to be raped in more taxes for more welfare? The HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars stolen from us in taxes to pay for illegals (welfare, food stamps, education, housing and crime) is all borrowed debt from foreign governments.

Every penny stolen from us by the IRS is eaten by interest on the congressionally created "national" debt and transfer payments (UN dues, IMF and other financial institutions). This country is over $120 TRILLION in debt and now we're to be raped, again, big time to reward those who cheated their way into our country?

Illegal Immigration - The $113 Billion Dollar Drain on the American Taxpayer

800,000 Illegals Ordered Deported Remain in US, Could Receive Benefits -- YOUR paycheck

This is 1986 and Ronald Reagan all over again - only a million times worse. Open the flood gates to more financial destruction for our states, not to mention crime:
Illegal Alien Rapes Baltimore Girl 1 Year after City Becomes Sanctuary

Gang of 8 Bill Would Legalize Tens Of Thousands Of Illegal Aliens With Criminal Convictions

Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Would Legalize 45 Percent of ICE Criminal Caseload

"One of the most alarming effects of the Schumer-Rubio amnesty, if enacted in anything close to its current form, would be the legalization of tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have already been a public safety threat in their community. The eligibility criteria established for the amnesty and most of the new "guest worker" provisions excuse a wide variety of criminal behavior, including gang membership, drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter, identity theft, and immigration fraud (see this analysis). In addition, the bill offers amnesty to those who have repeatedly and flagrantly violated immigration laws."

I would like that poltroon to tell the victims of their crimes it is "only" one or two misdemeanors. Too many offenders escalate. They should never be released by ICE except back to their own country.

Conyers: Many Imprisoned Illegals Let Go by ICE 'Had One or Two Misdemeanors Only'

Keep crapping on American workers. How about the tens of thousands of new college graduates now looking for jobs? Oh, no. Let's bring in foreign labor to take the jobs:

Gang of Eight Prevails on H-1B in Judiciary Hearing

"On the other hand, the effort by the new bomb-thrower in the Senate, Ted Cruz (R-Texas), to expand the upper limit of H-1B applications to 325,000 (as opposed to the current 65,000 plus 20,000; and to the Gang of Eight's long-term number of 180,000) was also voted down....

"One by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a devoted supporter of the high-tech industry, called for some H-1B fees to be used to support more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education for U.S. citizens. Another by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) would create a complaint center in the Labor Department for U.S. workers displaced by foreign workers. It would have no power but to listen a really feeble gesture."

Isn't that just peachy? A complaint center for Americans "displaced" by foreign workers. You know what this is all about? Whores bought and paid for by big corporate interests. There's no polite way to say anything about the unlawfully seated U.S. Senate.

Immigration "Reform" Hoax Will Kill Millions of American Jobs

Reward them? When pigs fly:
Unlicensed Drivers Pose Threat On California Roads-Why Illegal Aliens Need to be Stopped

Illegals bringing drug-resistant TB to U.S.
Once-defeated disease now surging, lethal for 60 percent of those infected

Immigration Services Union: 'Officers are Pressured to Rubber Stamp Applications' of Illegal Aliens

Immigration Bill Does Not Require Payment of Back Taxes

From the illegitimate loon bag VP. We should respect liars, cheats and thieves?
Biden: Amnesty For 11 Million Illegals Would Be 'Granting Them The Dignity And Respect They Deserve'

From one of the slimiest racist, freedom haters ever to hold public office:
Holder: Citizenship for Illegals a 'Civil Right'

Immigration reform groups react after Rubio speaker portrays them as unholy misanthropes

Bull. Secure the borders? There has never been any serious efforts to shut down the border because the evil doers want "seamless" borders so Canada, the U.S. and Mexico become on region under world government. I wouldn't vote for Rubio if I lived in his district. I'd work very hard to see him thrown out of the senate.
Stop the Amnesty and Guest Worker Bills

"The new amnesty and guest worker bills would help establish the North American Union.

"To learn what to expect in the way of amnesty and guest worker provisions in the new comprehensive immigration reform legislation being introduced in Congress this spring read "Permanent Amnesty, Temporary Border" in the April 22 issue of The New American.

"The following quotes from that article provide an important perspective on the new Senate immigration bill:

"But why should a place be found for those who sneak across the border and do not want to assimilate? Why can't borders be enforced? In truth, the policy of providing repeated amnesties without enforcing the border does not make any sense unless the intent is to eventually eliminate the border as part of a broader agenda to establish a North American Union. The evidence demonstrates this is exactly what's happening... .

"The establishment of an NAU would do in North America what the Amsterdam Treaty did in Europe when it made the Schengen agreements part of European Union law it would transform de facto (in fact) open borders into de jure (in law) open borders. In order to prevent this transformation, both sides of the internationalists' agenda must be countered simultaneously: Illegal immigration must be controlled and amnesty denied, and new "free trade" pacts between the United States and other nations must be stopped and existing ones, such as NAFTA, repealed.

"Exactly. The new comprehensive immigration initiative in Congress should be understood as part of a broader agenda to establish a North American Union. The intent of the reformers is to legalize the status of an estimated 12 million (more likely many millions more) by providing them a "path to citizenship," aka amnesty, and to legalize the future flow of immigrants by providing a large-scale guest worker program. That is, the intent is to establish an open border by granting amnesty to the present illegal immigrants and by establishing a large-scale guest worker program as a legal option for future would-be illegal immigrants." Rest at link above.
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