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Open Letter To 5 Shits, AKA Portland City Council

Giving our money to the criminal element?
Storm The Bastille
Storm The Bastille
I gave you info concerning Wells Fargo and was upset that you would give out money to a bank that may be under investigation by the IRS and DOJ.

 link to www.forbes.com

I informed you all that Wells Fargo is stashing billions in the Caribbean and you voted to give them our tax money. After a while one would think you would say, "Let's check this out." We were right on Fluoride, we were right on JTTF, we were right about our police force, we were right about R2D2, we were right on Iraq, and are right about this criminal bank. Comm. Fish you seem impressed that Wells Fargo does good things, did you know that "Scarface" AKA Al Capone ran soup kitchens in and around Chicago; he also murdered lots of people. Would you ok giving tax money to him back during prohibition?
You all talk about responsibility but know nothing of what it means, if you go against the people you represent you should do what you think is correct but then resign. All five of you are arrogant and should be removed from office. Comm. Novick is most disturbing, we thought we may have a good person on the council; we were very wrong. Comm. Fritz is the most interesting, she seems to be warming up to a good fight with the boys; we will have your back if your position helps others. Charlie is Charlie.
 link to www.usatoday.com
Some more good PR for ya Comm. Fish
"San Francisco, CA—Hundreds of people marched through San Francisco's Financial District today to demand that Wells Fargo change corporate policies that bankrupt families, dismantle neighborhoods, and empty public coffers. During the bank's annual shareholder meeting, a delegation of homeowners and clergy addressed Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to demand an immediate foreclosure moratorium. Unlike other national banks, Wells Fargo has not changed its foreclosure procedures despite numerous confirmed reports of "robo-signing" and other illegalities in the foreclosure process."

I also said to you I know little about US Bank, and I am not going to do any more of your job; don't do this!

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

to big 2 fail 23.May.2013 07:06

warming oven

im warming up to the concept that i dont like wells fargo much at all

they have a never ending list of unacceptable investments and loans

it needs to stop - we the people dont like it nor want it

Run The Shits Out 23.May.2013 10:10

Lone Vet

We need a call to action to replace every one of the people sitting on the Portland City Council. They have screwed over us so many times that it makes my head hurt. The latest is the budget that they are selling/pushing, we must just remove all of them one by one. Here are some of the things they have done that should get you off your asses and into a meeting to get them out of office: (not all inclusive add your own)

Making kids beg for their Sun Schools, threatening to kill programs that serve the poor and people struggling to get away from pimps.

1. Keeping the camping ban, no support for R2D2 and continuing to fine them.

2. Voting to rejoin the JTTF

3. Trying to add toxic waste to our drinking water

4. Sit lie

5. Not contacting the governor to help us delay the covering of the reservoirs. The entire council should have gone to Salem and talked to the governor not just ask a state agency to help. New York mobilized and got their delay but our shits just made a few calls and Comm. Novick, one of the newest members of the council, handled it and failed.

6. Constantly supporting the police department no matter what they do, just keep paying those jury verdicts, or appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals spending more of your tax money; after all it is not their money. The money comes out of the General Fund, we are self-insured.

7. Time after time we testify not to do something and they do it anyway. They are supposed to represent our interests, not theirs. If they want to do things their way then they should resign and open their own business. The fluoride issue is a good example, we told them not to do it and they did it anyway. They got to go, all of them!
So, are you ready yet to form a group that has but one purpose, to defeat the present office holders who supported fluoride and support police brutality? I am waiting and will meet with anyone who wants to find good and noble candidates to run against fish in 2014. Until they fear us they will continue to laugh at us, we must take that smirk off their faces and send them packing. I try to attend every Wednesday council meeting and will be available between 8:30 AM to 9:30 to start the process of organizing a group that will see Comm. Fish go down in defeat. I will be waiting. I be the old guy with a sign that says, "Storm The Bastille" with votes.
Have not found one yet
Have not found one yet
talking to the 5 shits is like talking to this guy
talking to the 5 shits is like talking to this guy
we need more help
we need more help