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KBOO: strength through innovation

Through a storm of innuendo and outright lies, community radio/media survives, like a shrew among dinosaurs
KBOO has a brilliant economic model that was developed to keep it close to its constituents. By accepting small donations from listeners in "membership drives," KBOO stays honest and suitably funded. It's a model that has brilliantly weathered the 2008 crash. Did you know that? Or have you fallen for the "not just for communists" propaganda? Here are the real figures:

Revenues FY 13 year to date--
Budget- $437,610
Actual- $436,771

we know that

Fall Pledge Drive made goal
End- of- year appeal letter exceeded goal
Spring Pledge Drive- has almost made goal- within $1000 or so
Underwriting- 41% over goal year to date (+11,280)
But--the Winter Pledge Drive was canceled. Why? The Station "Navigator" said it wasn't needed. Was this an attempt to create a crisis, to bring in a different, non-member based funding model?


Possible Revenue shortfalls:

Board-led fund-raising
Budgeted- $12,000
Actual ytd- 0 (So much for hobnobbing at the Golf course.)

Local business contribution (not Underwriting or Co-sponsorship)
Budgeted 18,750
Actual ytd- 0 (There's still time for the biz-friendly geniuses to turn this around...)

budgeted events still to come June-Sept.
mainly KBOO birthday party and house parties (where hopefully true KBOOters will step up)

anticipated revenue $50,000

It's hard to guess what the total shortfall for this might be-
$25,000-$70,000? Or, say, a missing Winter Drive?

Overruns to Expenses:

Professional services- so far this year $6932 over budget --lawyers; some to deal with rogue members, and some to bust unions. Probably doesn't include the $25 retainer to the union-busters
Actual 18,420


It is in this context that I posted  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/05/423408.shtml the information about Lynn Fitch's failed three-year plan for Food Alliance--the one in which she "increased corporate giving." KBOO's innovative model works brilliantly during hard times, because in hard times WE ARE NEEDED THE MORE and people tune in. That is why we have survived since 2008 and are thriving, whereas KPOJ's broadcasts and Food Alliance's extension services are dead. Now come the Saviors who would de-emphasize small donations, and turn to fickle corporations for large donations.

Please read the above facts carefully. And ask yourself: Is it time to replace those lazy, granola-chomping, communist hippies with some real hard-headed, business-friendly, commanding personality types?

Or is that a load of crap?

Could it be that KBOO Staff is actually chock-full of dedicated, brilliant, award winning people, renowned internationally for their accomplishments? That just about everything you've heard against them is a lie?

Please take action. The Board Meeting is June 3rd, 7PM, 20 SE 8th.

Please sign this petition.  https://www.change.org/petitions/to-the-kboo-board-dump-bullard-law

Please go to  http://savekboo.org for updates. Feel free to leave your opinion.

................and one more thing: check out the above photos, with Arlo Guthrie hugging KBOO Statio Navigator Lynn Fitch on the right side image. Arlo's wife was contacted; she says Lynn does not have permission to use Arlo Guthrie's name or image.

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

some signatories 22.May.2013 16:15


Reasons for signing

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Mike Horner PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 2

I can't imagine why this station manager would be consulting with an avowed union busting law firm. Is she unaware of the type of programming that is broadcast and the 'sense' of the station? Where has she gotten the idea that members would be opposed to the meager staff, that makes meager wages, being represented by a labor union ? Given the managers' attitude, I expect they will be needing that union protection. I pay my membership dues with the expectation that the money will not be wasted on frivolous and reactionary expenses. Dump Bullard and possibly Lynn Fitch as well.
Justin Kertson PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 2

You aren't much of a community radio station with a union buster at your helm. I won't be donating to KBOO until a change is made for the better.
Steve Goldstein OREGON CITY, OR
about 19 hours ago
Liked 1

I am a long time member/contributor who is strong supporter of worker rights. I strongly oppose KBOO's use of Bullard Law in labor relations and am re-considering my financial support of KBOO.
ibrahim mubarak PTLD, OR
about 23 hours ago
Liked 1

because capitalism is the destruction of this country, and this Law firm is a union buster
Stephen Strausbaugh CLACKAMAS, OR
1 day ago
Liked 1

I have been a proud KBOO volunteer and programmer for more than seven years now, and even before I was a part of the station, I was interviewed on KBOO when I was an activist working on the union drive at Powell's Books. It is antithetical to KBOO's values to support a "union-avoidance" law firm. Whatever changes are in KBOO's future, alienating Portland's progressive community and tarnishing a legacy of supporting worker's rights should not be among them.
Jeff Rosenberg PORTLAND, OR
1 day ago
Liked 1

KBOO's political stance is staunchly pro-union. We shouldn't be contracting with an avowedly anti-union firm. An impartial one can and should be found.
MIchael Mulhall WILLIAMS, OR
2 days ago
Liked 1

KBOO money is being spent on Union Busting Lawyers?

I say no! I will also say the Board needs to make a stand, With the Members and get KBOO back on track!
Natasha Beck PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

I've been listening to KBOO since I moved to Portland in 1977 and was a volunteer host in the late 70s for the Bread and Roses show. I count on KBOO for its commitment to alternative news (from Free Speech Radio News to Democracy Now!) and a diverse range of musical programming.

As a long-time KBOO member,union member,social justice activist,teacher and writer, I support the staff in its union campaign.

I'm shocked to read about this anti-union firm's having anything to do with a solid grassroots community radio station.

Ken Cropper PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

Please fire the Bullard Law firm. Labor rights are human rights!! Stand up for the values that KBOO supports.
Andrea Drury PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

KBOO of all places should support union efforts and if a law firm is needed for one reason or another, at least hire one that represents and embodies the progressive values treasured by KBOO.
Chris Ferlazo PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

It's shocking to me that KBOO would even consider going down this path. If KBOO wants unions to be underwriters, and union members and workers' rights supporters to be members/sustainers, they should reverse course immediately!
Mary Winzig PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

Union Busting is disgusting. Stop it, KBOO. It makes you look foolish -- and fascist.
4 days ago
Liked 1

I'm a union member and remember being able to interview at KBOO when we were organizing two years ago. I really appreciated their support of our efforts and I'm standing with them in solidarity. Here's to professional and cooperative communication to bring about a stronger KBOO!! I love the Saturday morning country music show and don't know what I'd do if I couldn't listen to Democracy Now! every afternoon.
4 days ago
Liked 1

Community radio and union busting don't go hand in hand.
4 days ago
Liked 1

I've been involved in community radio my whole life, and I'm an active trade unionist. KBOO has no business calling on a union-busting law firm.
Marlene Howell PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

Upheaval in organizations is common. Being gutted is not the kind of upheaval KBOO needs, nor will it lay a fertile ground of compost from which we can flourish and grow. Please board members-you were hired via our votes to keep the station moving forward, and not to gut the station. A unionized staff offers so much opportunity for the station to grow. Don't sell out KBOO in the interests of expediency, or due to your own fear.

Political struggles often encourage us to stray away from our integrity. Board-now is the time to stay in your integrity, remember why we have KBOO, whose interests you serve as a board member, and why you originally got involved with the station.

If you do that, honestly, it's unlikely you'll accept Bullard Law as the best fit for KBOO, the membership, or you as a board.
Paul Roland PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
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As a KBOO volunteer and member, I don't want the station associated with or financially connected to, a firm like Bullard.
Martha Odom COLTON, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

A union busting law firm? This is pure WRONG.
laurie&dave king PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
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Using a union avoidance firm to deal with labor issues at KBOO goes against the very essence of the station and goes against MINE also. I am watching the situation closely. I am very unhappy with the management at KBOO and am a long time supporter of the station.
Peter Shapiro PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
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I'm a union member. I don't shop at WalMart. I've never crossed a picket line in my life. I believe every worker has the right to union representation. Important as KBOO is to me and as valuable as it is to the community, I do not believe it can fulfill its mission when it uses member contributions (mine included) to pay for union busting. I'm frankly ashamed that we even need to be discussing this and would seriously consider csancelling my membrship if it continues.
Bill Bigelow PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

KBOO is a Portland treasure. As this petition explains, for KBOO to retain Bullard Law is "antithetical to the values of KBOO." I have been a longtime contributor to KBOO. This is not how I want my contributions spent.
Teresa J Frakes PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

I give all the money I can afford to the station. Using my money to pay this law firm is an outrage.
4 days ago
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As a community radio station, KBOO should be supporting unions, just as unions have supported KBOO. An injury to one is an injury to all, and Bullard Law IS an injury to all.
Jamie Partridge PORTLAND, OR
4 days ago
Liked 1

Recognize the union and bargain in good faith!

The Petition

Petitioning SW Conser
To the KBOO Board: Dump Bullard Law!

Petition by


Because it is not only unnecessarily costly, but also, as a firm dedicated to the interests of employers seeking "union avoidance" and a "union-free workplace", Bullard Law is antithetical to the values of KBOO. Just as KBOO has "stringent guidelines regarding from whom it will accept donations", so, too, we think the station should not spend money on an organization whose values are contrary to KBOO's "progressive perspective" and dedication to inclusivity, empowerment, justice, and democracy.
SW Conser, KBOO Foundation Board President
Matthew Bristow, KBOO Foundation Board Vice President
Paula Small, KBOO Foundation Board Treasurer
Rabia Yeaman, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Michael Papadapoulos, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lisa Loving, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Jeff Kipilman, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Hadrian Micciche, KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lyn Moelich, KBOO Foundation Board Member
As concerned members of KBOO, we call on you to terminate the station's relationship with Bullard Law, because it is not only unnecessarily costly, but also, as a firm dedicated to the interests of employers seeking "union avoidance" and a "union-free workplace ( http://www.bullardlaw.com/practices/labor/), it is antithetical to the values of KBOO.

Just as KBOO has "stringent guidelines regarding from whom it will accept donations" ( link to kboo.fm).


Recent comments by some members of the board and management suggest that KBOO is experiencing unusual financial difficulties, This would seem to be a confusing statement.

In November 2012, the Board Finance Committee reported in its year-end summary:

"The Balance Sheet remains healthy with no significant short or long term liabilities"

According to that report, income from membership was "about $7,400 over what was budgeted" and income from underwriting was "close [to] budget, and almost $8,000 more than" the previous year. Income from events and from board-led fundraising was, however, under budget.

According to the same report, "Employee expenses are under budget" but "Professional services was over budget by $8,500. This was largely due to overspending on legal services."

(Finance Committee report, 11-20-2012, available on line.)

And for Fiscal Year 2013 we know that the Fall Pledge Drive made it's goal, that the Spring Pledge Drive came close to making it's goal, The End-of Year Appeal Letter exceeded it's goal, and Underwriting for FY 13 is exceeding it's goal by more than 40%.

But we also know that costs for "Professional Services" is already over-budget, and that revenue for events and board-led fundraising are once again behind budget goals..

While we have great confidence in the loyalty and support of KBOO members and the community, we recognize that KBOO must always be prudent in its use of members' money.

Thus, we have no wish to continue overspending the generous contributions of members on legal services.


KBOO's Core Values and Programming Charter ( http://kboo.fm/about) embrace a "Progressive Perspective" as a "controversial, activist resource," "reflecting justice, peace, sustainability and democracy," and emphasize "KBOO's values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change."

Bullard Law, in contrast, presents themselves thus ( http://www.bullardlaw.com/practices/labor/):

"We recognize that many employers are facing increasing challenges from well-organized labor groups. Even if your organization is union-free, employment concerns are issues you wrestle with every day. If this sounds familiar, it's time to contact a labor attorney. Portland Oregon employers know that it is our job to protect you for the short and long term.

"Employers appreciate our proactive, practical and preventative approach, and in labor-related litigation, they depend on representation from a qualified labor attorney. Portland, Oregon employers know that we represent both private and public employers in collective bargaining, grievance and arbitration, strikes and other labor disputes, NLRB proceedings, day-to-day labor relations, and union avoidance."

While the "overspending" on legal services seems to constitute a change for KBOO, we do not believe that it necessarily aligns with the "social change" endorsed in the Programming Charter, nor the "Progressive Perspective" essential to the core values. Moreover, any spending on a firm specializing in "union avoidance" seems to bring KBOO closer to the marketplace values that we seek to challenge and change.


Rather than continue to spend valuable membership and underwriting funds on payments to a firm that does not share the progressive perspective that is central to KBOO's essential values, we propose a number of possible alternatives for situations in which legal services may be necessary.

The Board might develop and consult a list of qualified members who would be willing to work pro bono for the station. In many cases, we suspect, the legal assistance needed might be minimal. In addition, pro bono volunteers would be able to triage legal questions and determine which would be sufficiently complex or time-consuming as to warrant referral to paid counsel.

For those situations, the station should retain the services of a legal firm whose values are compatible with those of KBOO: one that supports progressive unionism and the rights of workers. Firms referred by or affiliated with the National Lawyers Guild, Northwest Labor Press, or similar progressive organizations would likely be a wiser choice than Bullard. Cathy Highet of the Portland Law Collective ( http://portlandlawcollective.com/ 503-228-1889) has expressed willingness to suggest names of such firms.

We appreciate that KBOO is essentially "welcoming, inclusive, participatory," and we thank the Board for its attention to this call to terminate KBOO's relationship with Bullard Law.

[Your name]

looks like theresa pulled pulled the wool over lots o people's eyes! best look at these urls before signing:


correction 22.May.2013 21:37


typo: should say $2k to the union busters"

Union Vs Corporation 22.May.2013 22:01


Is Union Vs Corporation the dialectic here?

What happen to the little membership folk?

Is the parasitic class destroying the host
or is a Corporate Zombie being manufactured?

Its really hard to tell?

I wonder if the FBI/CIA are trying to destroy
our democratic voice.

KBOO is one of a few sources to help us rally against
Carbon, Pig Violence and war.

Don't Kill the boo. From the smell of this mess some
termination or reconciliation better happen fast.

The Boo used to survive without a night time pledge drive
and only three time a year was the collection plate taken out.
(could be wrong...but that is what I recall)

Down sizing the boo verse expanding the boo. And expand to what?
Can the boo boat really be a feather bed with donation income?

Is management paid? Should it not be volunteer?

When will the fun start?
Good Luck
Good Luck

qhGKxhogBO 06.Apr.2014 06:45

tTqpZJZO john@hotmail.com