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Union-busting to continue at KBOO

Last night's Station Manager show admitted: Bullard Law is still "on"
Last night, the Station Manager/"Navigator" took 90 minutes of air time to explain her positions regarding KBOO. Although the listing for the show indicated that calls would be taken, no live calls were broadcast. There is another hour-long show tonight; the kboo.fm website says "your chance to ask questions live on air on KBOO."

Lynn Fitch, the Manager, indicated she had little choice regarding her stance with Bullard. She reiterated that "change is hard." Several times per day, her "Station Navigator Report" is broadcast on the air. It's a full-court press.

Here's why this should draw your attention. Ask yourself: what is the most brutal thing to be done to an employee, short of actual violence? Every employer and employee knows the answer: one may be fired--cast into the ranks of the unemployed. We as Americans have grown so accustomed to this that we feel anger at those who do not immediately submit to it. That's pitiful, actually; an entire nation cowed by the Boss. Every slave resents the free. But the reason the standard of living is so much higher in places like France, Germany, and Denmark is that people don't put up with that shit. At KBOO, we have been able to count on Staff (with a couple of ornery exceptions) to throw themselves into every Pickathon, every Blues Festival, every membership drive--because there has been a certain reciprocity, and an acknowledgement that we are all in the struggle together. The mass firing attempt changed that. And I want the real KBOO back--because only the real KBOO can move forward in the post-crash economy--and because we have always been right to resist.

The Manager first arranged with the Board Treasurer to change the check-writing protocol at KBOO, so that the purse-strings would change to their hands. The plan failed, for reasons that will be revealed at a later time; but we now know that it was to be a classic lockout. (Surprise! You're all fired! The Manager insists that they would be gently "laid off" and thus would receive unemployment benefits. The outcome is the same for KBOO.) The reason I keep saying this is a "corporate takeover" is that Bain-style tactics were put into use versus KBOO Staff--and now, we hear from the Manager's mouth, that despite an outcry from the Membership, no apology is forthcoming. The confrontation will continue.

Bullard Law, still representing KBOO versus its Staff, is notorious for its deceptions and stratagems versus the working class. They are the front line of corporate brutality. Your member donations are paying them. So though nothing specific is put forward toward program changes, there is no way that the one-two punch--(1) de-emphasizing/eliminating drives for individual member contributions, and (2) cozying up to the business community after destroying Staff solidarity--will not enervate the programs. Should the Old Mole, and the KBOO news, and public affairs, and my own program participate in covering up aggression versus workers under our noses? We would be forced to continually denounce our own station. What a sad situation--and no, it was not the "will of the membership."

Naomi Klein warned about this sort of tactic in her book "The Shock Doctrine." This sort of anti-worker thinking comes from a deluded selfishness that is still very much in vogue in corporate America. But we are used to being kicked around--or are we? There is a Board meeting at 7PM Monday, June 3rd, at KBOO, 20 SE 8th. Members will be present to respectfully demand that Bullard shall be banned, that the Staff shall receive basic respect, that KBOO remain a voice for the community.
I will be there, and I will ask that the Board restrict Lynn Fitch to development projects for the remainder of her term. I will ask certain members of the Board to resign. I know I will not be alone.

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

Lynn's 3-year plan for Food Alliance 20.May.2013 12:52

Theresa Mitchell


Lynn Fitch on Linked In:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lynn-fitch/23/a44/45b

Marketing & Development Director
Food Alliance

"Nonprofit; 1-10 employees; Nonprofit Organization Management industry

"June 2009 - October 2010 (1 year 5 months) Portland, Oregon Area

* Designed a comprehensive three-year development plan, increased donors and corporate giving in 1 year
Developed a national marketing campaign, to raise awareness about the value of Food Alliance certification
Created a unique city-wide game, with trading cards, to teach consumers about food supply chains
Produced a successful out-of-town fundraising event featuring Dr. Temple Grandin in Seattle, WA
* Conducted a board mapping exercise, identified key relationships and launched major donor campaign "
Looks good, yes? How did that work out?


Date: Monday, February 11, 2013, 12:03pm PST
Food Alliance to cease operations, board to remain active

By Matthew Kish

Staff reporter

The Food Alliance, an organization that certifies sustainable food and agriculture, will cease operations on Friday.

"The Food Alliance is dependent upon grants and funding from the private sector as well as the public sector, both of which have changed drastically in the last several years" said Chair Jeff Picarello. "Most of the funding sources available to support sustainable agriculture in the state have dried up."

The Portland-based nonprofit, which operates nationwide, lost roughly $58,000 in 2011, according to its latest tax documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service. It had nearly $790,000 in 2011 revenue. The Food Alliance lost more than $8,000 in 2010 on $833,000 in revenue.

Picarello said the organization's board will continue to meet on a voluntary basis in order to consider requests to use the Food Alliance certification. The board will likely be reconfigured to meet the added workload.

The cease in operations means the Food Alliance will no longer have paid staff to make field visits and certify farmers as sustainable.

"The organization is not going away," Picarello said. "The standards are not going way."

The organization's last day of operations will be this Friday, Feb. 15.

The Food Alliance was founded in 1994 when Oregon State University, Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture landed funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to launch the program.

Last year it announced a program to certify nurseries as sustainable.

link for the broadcast? 20.May.2013 15:20

it volunteer

basic journalism, tm, sources. thanks in advance

good luck finding the link 20.May.2013 15:55


try searching kboo.fm...it was available yesterday, but now I don't see it.

You Sound Like Sarah Palin! 20.May.2013 15:59


I want the real KBOO Back = Small Town America is the real America

Don Merrill's Fault? 20.May.2013 16:32


Isn't the first rule of interviewing to control the interview?
If you're upset with the format, maybe you should take it out on Don Merrill.
Seemingly, he could have asked a lot more audience questions than he did, but I'm sure it's Lynn's fault.

The Real KBOO? 20.May.2013 17:15

What does that mean?

Can you be anymore close minded?
To suggests that if long-time KBOO members or the greater community disagree with you they are not "real KBOO."
It's that type of close-mindedness that KBOO was founded to counter.
How dare you suggest that your views are any more important than every other member.

It's views like yours that are holding KBOO and our society back.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Let's Play Connect the Dots! 20.May.2013 18:32

Come on, it will be fun!!!

How can I use two pieces of information to support my agenda...

Let's see, Lynn used to work at the Food Alliance and now they had to close.

Ok, Lynn was in charge of raising money, revenues were pretty steady at $800,000. What were they before Lynn got there? Not sure, well what would help my agenda the most? hmmmm....

I bet revenue was higher before she was there and then it went down, yeah that's it.

Lynn had no responsibility for keeping costs down, only raising money, but I'll need to gloss over that.

Also, since nothing happens in a vacuum I shouldn't alert people to the fact that you cannot say one thing caused another by ignoring everything else, but instead I'll blame Lynn for the Food Alliance's closing and use it as proof that she is not fit to manage KBOO.

Now if only KBOO had revenue around $800,000... well I'm sure Lynn didn't have anything to do with that. I'm sure the staff collective could get there, if only given more time.

Stay on message, it's Lynn's fault, it's Lynn's fault, rinse, repeat.

Now, how can I pin the Lindbergh baby kidnapping on her? There's got to be a way...think dammit, think!


See, playing connect the dots is fun, your turn!

Mitchell, do you know how a blog works? 20.May.2013 22:55


Hint: you DO NOT keep redoing the front page as if it is the only page you ever published, a la "we've always been at war with Eurasia".

Normal blogs/newsites have an archive people can read and browse through. You've clearly set up your site so that people reading it will only get your latest opinion without comparison or context.

It looks sleazy fyi. Far sleazier than all the innuendo surrounding Fitch.

On the other hand, maybe you don't know how to credibly manage a blog/website. Which would explain a lot.

"how a frog works" 22.May.2013 13:30


Honey, I'll blog like I wanna. Watch out, or I'll turn your Furby into a hovercraft.

Theresa Mitchell wrote, "I'll lie like I wanna" 22.May.2013 14:59


Sorry, "I'll blog like I wanna".

The effect however is the same.