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Metro Clothing & Body Piercing selling Fox Tails

Call Metro Clothing and Piercing. Tell them to stop selling Fox tails.
Strolling down Hawthorne today, I spotted a full fox pelt in Metro Clothing and Body Piercing. I went in and noticed they sell fox tails, stolen from foxes killed in brutal ways on fur farms.

Make a call today. Demand that they stop selling the fox tails. This is a cruel and abhorrent practice

3525 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
(503) 234-9667

Good cause but... 22.May.2013 10:31


Are you absolutely sure they are from fur farms?

How many tails are we talking about? A couple three? Or a rack?

I ask this question because I personally know people to obtain animal skins and pelts through ethical means: road kill, hunters(finding dead animals while hunting), etc.

Volume would be a clue here, that's why I ask about quantities. A couple of tails could be an on again off again trade with a hunter. Who knows how long they've been there. OTOH a rack of ten, regularly stocked, is probably from a farm.

Contacting the owner with a civil letter/email to clarify before protesting is the way to go. Here's their email address:


Don't do a PETA and go off half cocked.

Thanks for letting us know 22.May.2013 13:26


The only problem with taking road kill is that other people don't know it's road kill. Otherwise, I don't have a problem with it.

Asking for facts is great, but we shouldn't be unreasonably optimistic, either. Fur tails entered my community a few years ago. They were everywhere. The people selling them believed they were ethical because the tails would otherwise be waste. However, both they and the furriers profited from what these animals suffered.

Recently, in my place of business, I encountered someone with a whole, dead fox. More and more, I see that a large percentage of the left is ready to leave animals behind when it comes to liberation. Rewilding, hunting, using the entire animal have clouded the issue. These animals suffer horribly and give their precious lives for something we don't need--their fur (or their meat for that matter).

Yes, contacting Metro is a good idea. But after Schumachers (and even post-PETA) stores should know that fur is not welcome in Portland, and they should know why. However, a boycott is not a protest. I greatly appreciate the notice so I can avoid shopping there.

And please, lefties, my brothers and sisters, please remember that we don't want to keep everything from the past. We can reduce suffering (and at the same time benefit our health and the health of the planet!). We are awash in animal suffering, although it is hidden from view. Please take the steps that will make the world a kinder place.

So what a happened to the follow up article? 04.Jun.2013 11:26


The one where comments exposed this as a complete fucking fraud?


The compost bin still doesn't work and this is one of those times we NEED a record of this shit stirring.

Here's a copy 04.Jun.2013 11:33



Metro Body Piercing vandalized
Sat, 06/01/2013 - 12:30pm

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From: Portland IMC

Metro Body Piercing vandalized multiple times

Locks were super-glued four times in three weeks at Metro Body Piercing on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. This has no doubt cost them hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Metro, it's your choice. If you continue the sale of fox tails, expect more sabotage and an increase in intensity. We will not sit back and tolerate this exploitation of wildlife.

Foxes on fur farms are driven insane from the conditions. They are caged in their own filth. They pace neurotically and dream of the freedom just out of reach. We are their voice.

For the silent ones, For liberation. For the wild,

--Oregon Anti-Speciesists


Someone pointed out it wasn't 3 weeks, it was exactly 2 weeks. No one ever tried to contact the Metro over this.

And OP never confirmed the Green Wolf "fox tails"...half of which weren't foxes, were the ones they saw. And image was linked from facebook, and if OP really did go into the store, they'd know if that was them or not.

What a bunch of fakes.