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A Rockefeller That Wants to Save the World--SPEAKS OUT

People are wondering what the truth about everything is. Well, an illegitimate child of Nelson Rockefeller, Mel, spells it out. His letter is a graphic expose' of the treason that has befallen the United States at the hands of a number of banksters and crooked politicians along with certain rapacious countries in the middle East that use the US as their enforcer to the detriment of all of the peoples of the world. Read it. Pass it along. Ask your Congressman when this is going to be prosecuted if ever.
Post to White Hats from XXX3:
Hi XXX1 and everyone -

XXX1... you still love me? I'm so glad. Missed you all but, frankly, I was in the hospital and then convalescing. Haven't been to a doctor in years, but collapsed in my kitchen and was taken by ambulance for an 8 day stay in the cardiac ward. The ticker proved out to be A-OK, but I had multiple blood clots to the lungs. So, I've been resting since I got home and trying to get back on track. Plus, I had heard that XXX1 said that nothing would happen until after May 14, so I thought to just rest and not distress myself with all the brouhaha.

I did email XXX2 and apologize - because I did reveal something in our private email on the blog, and probably incited him more by that. I do believe in apologizing and admitting fault when I recognize it. In retrospect, I don't know if I remembered if it was a public or private statement, as XXX2 is usually very transparent, which is commendable. Later, I realized that it was from the private email, and I'm sorry for that. Just wanted to share that for the record.

With regard to the whole Jewish thing...not that I should have to defend myself...but no synagogue Jew would consider me Jewish. Never been to synagogue, even! So, the accusations that I work for the Greenbergs is really over-the-top, lol.

Well, I am hopeful that some good things are ahead for our world. I care about the dinar issue, but I also care about turning things around in our world.

I would like to say something about my friendship with a Rockefeller that was brought up on the other blog. Yes, I am friends with James Melvin Rockefeller. You can research him online along with another friend, Jeff Gates. You can see from their work on the Criminal State blog that they have been working against the political Zionists for many years before most people on this blog were that aware of this mafia. The Zionists set up his father, Nelson Rockefeller (who had a penchant for pretty young females), with Mel's mother. They then set her up to marry someone whose brother worked for the Israelis. The Zionists watched over him his entire life and, apparently, this illegitimate child was the reason that Nelson never ran for President. Ford and others knew before Nelson that he had an illegitimate child.

Mel has suffered his entire life at the hands of the Zionists... who have killed people around him, attacked fortunes made, etc. etc. Mel is the most amazing person that I have ever encountered and I will not apologize for being friends with this Rockefeller. Not all Rockefellers are bad... it's mostly David and Jay, and the deceased Aldridge (Jekyll Island) father-in-law.

Mel has taken some of his father's plans for South America and has plans to partner with a North African country to implement micro-grid communities where profits are retained in the community rather than siphoned off by the elite at the top of the pyramid.

Yes, the cabal has intentionally created a caricature of a wanna-be Rockefeller out there that is claiming the surname and family fortune. It's disinfo to defame Mel, folks. Mel is the real deal. He has much integrity and is indomitable. I won't apologize for knowing him or being a friend. Because of the dynamics and the way that Mel has set this up, the Rockefeller inheritance is his insurance plan...as long as he doesn't go after it. They don't engage him publicly because they don't want this dog and pony show... so, he continues to write emails to politicians and public figures... then watches when the news changes as a result of his letters. I have seen it now, and "get it". Hopefully, in the next months his business deal in North Africa will be concluded and it will be the first region where things get turned right-side up. Then, watch him tear things up when he gets access to some major funds.
This is a recent letter Mel wrote to a Congressman:

Congressman McCaul:

There is zero doubt that the FBI had a role in ensuring that the recent bombing in Boston went forward.

Let me explain from my personal experience. Two of the hijackers who flew planes into the WTC had their rent paid and checks cashed by San Diego Special Agent Stephen Butler. I know for a fact that he knowingly engaged in criminally obstructing information that could have stopped President Bush from ordering the invasion of Iraq post-911. See my attached letter to Senator Hagel pre-confirmation hearings. See also the attached letter to Senator Levin (from my home state of Michigan) and it will be clear why Senator Levin could not respond.

Operatives within the FBI knew the 911 hijackers paying their rent and cashing their checks. Special Agent Butler went to the home of Iraqi-American Munther Ghazal on September 15, 2001 to ask if he was funding me. That's the same day that Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz made the first pitch to President Bush and the principals at Camp David that the U.S. should invade Iraq in response to 911. Why did Agent Butler visit Munther Ghazal four days after 911?

Because FBI operatives knew I had evidence that would have stopped President Bush from relying on the false intelligence that was created to induce a war with Iraq (and then Iran) that Israel has long sought. The mass murder of 911 had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with re-shaping our national security interests to ensure that Israel consolidated their control over our government in order to achieve hegemony in the resource-rich MENA region. This is precisely the agenda that the Joint Chiefs feared Israel would us the U.S. to pursue when they cautioned Harry Truman not to extend nation-state recognition in 1948.

To date the FBI has refused to interview me on any record as that would implicate those within the Bureau loyal to Israel. Nor could the FBI respond functionally to a Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request as that would make their complicity transparent. The ongoing failure to engage me—and the facts that can be proven by my firsthand experience—is aiding and abetting ongoing treason in plain sight.  
As with the assassination of President Kennedy—with many in our government believing he was weak on communism and deserved to die—you now see President Obama being framed as weak on terrorism. When Bibi Netanyahu wanted to back off the President of the United States from doing his job, Israel's many agents and assets in the Congress hosted a Joint Session to ensure that the leader of the Jewish state got more standing ovations that the leader of the United States. You were there. You experienced that spectacle firsthand applauding the man who is behind what happened in Boston. Doubt this call the White House and ask them regarding my email to the President the day before he departed for Israel, the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. I made it clear to him that the timing of the Chemical Weapons used in Syria was a hoax orchestrated by Netanyahu to call his red line to get him to act. What did the President do? He took the matter under advisement because the only real interest served when he landed to meet with Bibi was securing what is required to take military action against Iran. There were no chemical weapons used with the timing of the crisis Wolf Blitzer attempted to stage pre departure of the President and arrival in Tel Aviv is a product of bifurcating our security under the auspices of a Special Friendship that is a front for TREASON!

The "Marathon Bombing" was staged to advance military action against Iran, ensuring that if President Obama or Defense Secretary Hagel interferes with Israeli goals, a pro-Israeli controlled media and Congress they are weak on terrorism and incapable of protecting the American public is how our President and Secretary of Defense will be portrayed if they do not do what Bibi Netanyahu demands of them. Why Chechen? Russia's defense of Iran with the "terrorist" link to Russia intended to back Putin off. Engage me and I will provide many examples confirming that this is how Israel and its many operatives have long deceived the American public to fight their wars and to embrace values contrary to ours.

If you understand your Constitutional oath you will meet with me and prove that what I'm saying has no real basis in reality. Our nation has been bankrupt by leaders who mouth the words loyalty and justice but have no real understanding of either. I leave May 2nd for meetings in London to close what will fund proving that operatives within my own government are aiding and abetting terrorism. I do not care what you believe. The Constitution you swore to protect charged you with an obligation to follow the facts wherever they lead. To date, those aiding and abetting treason have ensured that no one with line authority will speak to me as I am subjected to serial criminal stalking and repeatedly targeted financially in an ongoing attempt to stop these facts from reaching a long-deceived American public. Even now, that public believes Israel is a special friend rather than an enemy within.

The parties with whom I am meeting will never recognize the Jewish state. They know the true facts and they know why my government cannot engage me—even at the cost of further undermining our national security. That is why they are backing me in order to help prove what operatives within my government have covered up that threatens both our nation and the free world. You have a very limited amount of time to act or be seen as nothing short of complicit to treason. Ignorance of the law is no real defense for anyone. Anyone giving you cause to not meet with me will not give you a pass citing what was created to ensure no one would ever meet with me on a record to stop those in our government who engineered 911. 911 had nothing to do with terrorism.  
Rewind the tapes immediately following the bombing in Boston and ask yourself why Wolf Blitzer, "J'lem Post Wolf", repeatedly focused on the President mouthing the words TERRORIST ATTACK. More time was spent questioning why the President would not speak the words required to sustain the narrative than a focus on the crime. Idiots McCain and Graham calling on charging the young man as a military combatant. Why?

When America awakens to what was done to destroy their way of life you and others will need more than we didn't believe the man was credible. Homeland Security was created to protect those in our government intent on destroying our way of life. Go on the record and tell the public you support those intent on destroying our nation or meet with me. Anything in between you are on the side of those destroying our nation from within. John Butler, Director of IC2 is copied. My late adviser Dr. Glenn Olds phoned him before he died. Call and ask him what he had to say about my work and me. My late adviser knew GHW Bush for 59 years when he passed March 2006. Dr. Butler has known former President Bush for 42 years. Former President Bush was had by the filth now attempting to box in our President to get him to back military action against Iran for Israel.

Our President cannot do his job unless you do yours. I would begin with you doing yours and get your hands on everything related to me and get Munther Ghazal and I to meet a.s.a.p. I'm leaving for London xxxx and will be in NY xxxxxxx.

Best personal regards,

Mel Rockefeller