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Indigenous Experience NW “Medicine Within” Event

Indigenous Event on May 30th open to all in the community, to learn about local native culture
Indigenous Experience NW "Medicine Within" Event Portland, OR - The first annual Indigenous Experience NW (http://www.indigenousexperiencenw.com) will be held at the Scottish Rite, Ainsworth Event Center, 1512 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97205 on Thursday, May 30, 2013 with events at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. IENW features local artist TJ Ravenwolf, whose work explores healing through art. Native storytelling and traditional Native foods make this a family-friendly, fun event for everyone. Tickets are $25 advanced can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets (http://indigenousexperiencenw13.brownpapertickets.com/) or at Cedar Mountain Drums (2237 SE Burnside Street, Portland). About the Artist TJ Ravenwolf TJ Ravenwolf, Koyukon Athabaskan and Muscogee Creek, was born and raised in Alaska. He grew up in Anchorage, at times in Fairbanks and Koyukuk, a Native village in the interior of Alaska with no phones, power or running water. TJ grew up in a traditional subsistence lifestyle?in fish camps in the summers, gathering traditional foods/medicines through the warm seasons, hunting in the fall and with dog sledding on traplines in the winters. TJ was raised by extended family and the village. These experiences ingrained a deep spiritual awareness and connection with creation which inspires TJ to this day. Having learned to sew, cook, bead, knit and carve wood at a very young age, he was molded through creative spirit and a perspective of the sacred. Today his practice has formed into multimedia experimental journey 3D paintings using natural pigments, berry stains, sands, clays, ash, and leather that express traditional and cultural stories and spiritual beings are captured into a living body of work. Enduring the hardships faced by most Native Americans today, art and traditional Native American spiritual practices have saved and preserved his place here on our Mother Earth, which TJ expresses this through his art. http://www.ravenwolfndnarts.com About the Experience The theme of this year's event is "Medicine Within" and focuses on the many ways we heal ourselves, heal our families, and heal our communities by bringing forward our individual and collective talents, skills, and trades to engage our own "Medicine Within." Along with an art show, IENW reflects the depths of Native American community by including a meal of buffalo, salmon, and other traditional Native foods while music and storytelling are shared. Cody Blackbird, Keith Secola, and Swil Kanim and others will provide musical performances while Ed Edmo and Esther Stutzman will be the storytellers for the event. A presentation from the Native Arts & Culture Foundation. Guest speakers will include Lillian Pitt, Rick Bartow, Charleen Touchette, Ed Archie Noisecat, Jubel Perkins, and Phil Archambault, among others. Many community organizations on exhibit. A part of the proceeds to benefit the Traditional Native Games Clinics, Portland. To learn more about this event, please contact: Deborah Newman Petite Taway, Inc. 207-991-1451 arts@petitetaway.com http://www.petitetaway.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.indigenousexperiencenw.com/