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We can replace KBOO management

The Station Navigator has had her say, falsely claiming immediate fiscal crisis, alleging acquiescence to labor. People left, thinking the Station would be okay. Now we had better move fast...
Yesterday, an assembly was held for the general public and KBOO members, in which the Station Manager and the Board Treasurer appeared, to give general notions and soothing words about their plans. After the Station Manager said she would not fight the formation of a union, many left feeling the crisis was over.

But the corporatization plan is still afoot. We must organize swiftly to counter it, for once the programming is changed, the community is changed, and members will drift away. Station Manager Lynn Fitch still has carte blanche to change the format, and once she does, she can argue before the NLRB that, due to the changed nature of the Station, staff concerned with organizing/producing local community broadcasting is not needed. She can say she'll accept the Union if she likes--the election is May 28th, and the outcome is certain, with a supermajority voting for the union.

Now, we must organize, and fast. Read the Bylaws: we, the members, have the right to set the course of the station. An extraordinary Special session will (in my opinion) have to be called. This will mean using the Bylaws to demand the member list (see below), setting a time according to the Bylaws requirements, finding a place for the meeting, and calling and following up on each member until we are certain that five percent (250 people at the very minimum, 600 to be safe) will be present at the meeting. An agenda will need to be set, removing the Board Treasurer and perhaps others, amending the Bylaws (yes we are empowered to do that) to prevent further corporatization attempts, et cetera.

This is where the COMMUNITY in COMMUNITY RADIO needs to step up. Otherwise, all is lost, and it won't be regained in our lifetimes.

Go here for updates: savekboo.org

KBOO Bylaws excerpt  http://kboo.fm/bylaws


Section 1. Annual Meeting. An annual meeting of the members of the corporation shall be held in the month of September, for the purposes of receiving a report from the President and any other officer the Board of Directors or the President may designate on the activities and financial condition of the corporation, electing members of the Board of Directors, and transacting such other business as may come before the meeting.

Section 2. Special Meetings. Special meetings of the members of the corporation may be called by the Board of Directors or by written demand of at least five percent of the members signed, dated, and delivered to the Secretary and describing the purpose or purposes for which it is to be held.

Section 3. Place of Meeting. The Board of Directors shall designate the place for any annual or special meeting. If no designation is made, the place of the meeting shall be the principal office of the corporation.

Section 4. Notice of Meetings. The corporation shall notify members of the place, date, and time of each annual and special meeting in person, or by telephone, mail, or publication in the Program Guide. Notification shall be no fewer than fourteen days, or if notice is mailed by other than first class or registered mail, no fewer than thirty nor more than sixty days before the meeting. Written notice is effective when mailed postpaid addressed to the member's address shown in the corporation's records of members. Notice of an annual meeting shall include a description of any matter or matters which must be approved by the members under Chapter 65 of Oregon Revised Statutes. Notice of a special meeting shall include a description of the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called.

Section 5. Record Date. The record date to determine the members entitled to notice of a members' meeting shall be the day before the day on which the first notice is mailed or otherwise transmitted to members. The record date to determine the members entitled to demand a special meeting shall be the date the first member signs the demand. The record date to determine the members entitled to vote at a members' meeting shall be the date of the meeting,

Section 6. Members' List. The corporation shall prepare and maintain a current alphabetical list of the names, addresses and membership dates of all of its members. The list of members shall be available for inspection by any member for the purpose of communication with other members concerning a membership meeting, beginning two business days after notice of the meeting is given for which the list was prepared and continuing through the meeting, at the corporation's principal office. A member, the member's agent or attorney is entitled, on written demand setting forth a proper purpose, to inspect and ,subject to the requirements of Chapter 65 of Oregon Revised Statutes, to copy the list at a reasonable time and at the member's expense, during the period it is available for inspection. The corporation shall make the list of members available at the meeting, and any member, the member's agent or attorney is entitled to inspect the list for any proper purpose at any time during the meeting or any adjournment.

Section 7. Quorum. A quorum shall consist of five percent of the members of the corporation. No business may be transacted unless a quorum is present.

Section 8. Manner of Acting. Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter voted on by the members, not exercisable by proxy. An organization or business which is a member may designate a person to vote on its behalf. A majority vote is required to take action unless a greater proportion is required by Chapter 65 of Oregon Revised Statutes or by these bylaws.

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

Theresa is part of the Problem 05.May.2013 12:35

Not the Solution

Theresa, Who do you plan to replace the management with? Or have you not gotten that far?

I really hope you have a better plan that put staff in charge. As you'll recall staff managed the station for 2 years, up until last summer. Almost everyone agrees that was an utter disaster.

Because your life partner is a staff member at KBOO and your own household income could be altered depending on the outcome of changes at KBOO, it would appear that your motivation for preserving the status quo are suspect at best.

Pretty much seems like you're saying...

Don't fire my wife, fire her boss, come on people, we can do this!

Suggestion for maximum turnout 05.May.2013 12:49


In the New World economy, many people work weekends or "odd" hours.

Generally speaking, though, most people are available on a Sunday evening (after 5:30 p.m.). Now that the weather is getting nicer, people will not be willing to give up a day in the sun to attend a meeting; however, they might later in the evening, particularly on a Sunday, assuming that they are "winding down" the weekend in anticipation of Monday.

Turnout will also be improved if food is provided (i.e., ask that people bring snacks to share).

Good luck!

the graphic is just humor, by the way 05.May.2013 13:03

theresa mitchell

Not advocating cannons. Respectful dialogue, flowers maybe.

au contraire, Not the solution 05.May.2013 14:09

theresa mitchell

Collective management worked just fine, and saved the expense of hiring a manager. It did not "fail" but was killed by Board members who are too close to the Business Community and too far from grasping the original meaning of "democracy" (it didn't always mean "going along with the Boss").

Too much negative attention on Ani and Theresa 05.May.2013 19:24

Now about this union.....

Besides getting tired of "dirty laundry" being aired on-line, I am also getting tired of readers focusing too much negative attention on the Volunteer Coordinator and Theresa and their relationship.

It is natural that Theresa would support her spouse. I would hope that my spouse would do the same for me in a similar situation.

The fact remains, however, that Theresa's and Station Navigator Lynn Fitch's postings and statements indicate that the ENTIRE STAFF (all ten of them) is requesting unionization, including program directors who probably normally would not be allowed to unionize because they would be considered managers. The whole situation appears to be not "just a personality conflict" between the Volunteer Coordinator and the Station Navigator. Everyone on staff seems to feel threatened and upset about cuts in benefits. Otherwise, why would the entire staff approach the CWA?

It appears that the ENTIRE STAFF is up in arms about having to submit time cards, having sick leave cut from two weeks to one week annually, limiting the amount of sick time that can be rolled over from year to year, cutting maternity leave to three weeks and eliminating sabbaticals.

The KBOO membership and the KBOO community is expected to support staff; however, the only one who appears to be championing staff is Theresa Mitchell. Everyone else is conspicuously silent.

Theresa and by extension her partner, the KBOO Volunteer Coordinator, are bearing the brunt of indymedia readership criticism. This is not fair.

Staff Management worked great? 05.May.2013 19:33

What drugs are you on?

How departed are you from reality in suggesting that staff management worked great. Again, as your wife works at KBOO, and was the defacto boss under the collective management, your impartiality on the matter is impossible.

Please expand on how the Board was too close to the business community, I don't know all the board members, but here are some of their job titles (as of last summer).

Conch, Part-time Actor
Judy, retired I think
Marc, Lawyer for the state (and former people's board member, the example of successful collective management)
Paula, self-employed accountant type
Keller, Occupy activist
Alisha, former Grateful Dead program host and works in an office
Lyn, self employed hair stylist
Hadrian, retired I think
Michael, not sure
Ben, works at a non-profit dealing with medicaid or something?
Kate, student

Maybe I see a couple business folks, but certainly not the majority.
If I recall, the new plan passed unanimously, including votes from great friends of Ani, Lyn, Conch, and Keller.

Saying the Board are some business execs, or tied to business is a complete fabrication.
Of course, when you don't have the truth on your side, you need to spew something to try and fool the masses

business influence 06.May.2013 01:34

Theresa Mitchell

I think that $15,000 Fred Meyer "Board Training" pushed the business agenda. To the point that those who were not "on board" (so to speak) were somewhat intimidated, and went along for the ride. But you're right, the list is a little out of date.

Intimidation at KBOO? 06.May.2013 10:07

Pretty Ironic or Hypocritical

So, what you're saying is that Board members were pressured to going along with the pro-business Meyer Training.
What about the pressure from Staff to support collective management and more recently unionization.
There was clearly pressure to "toe the line" among staff and support collective management. Intimidation, absolutely.
Yet, even Andrew admitted that the current KBOO staff is not capable of managing itself.

Certainly seems like this is the pot calling the kettle black.

So folks like Andrew and Debbie can stand up for what they believe is right, yet you are saying that some Board members are too weak to stand up for themselves and what they feel is right? Are you suggesting that some Board members neglected their duty of looking out for the foundation when they went along with the "Fred Meyer" training? You seem to be making some pretty big assumptions and accusations for board members neglecting their duty to the membership.

@Too much negative attention on Ani and Theresa, your statements are inaccurate. The ENTIRE STAFF does not support unionization.
The folks who handle the money, and actually see what the financial reality of KBOO is DO NOT support the unionization efforts, nor the ousting of the Station Navigator.

They are not up in arms about submitting timecards. I'm under the impression that they welcome a little bit of accountability being instilled at KBOO. As a dues paying member, I for one support knowing that staff is not stealing hours from KBOO, and in essence, from me.

corporatization can be sneaky 06.May.2013 14:46

theresa mitchell

The crux of the matter concerns the transfer of autocratic power over hiring, firing, and programming to one person--the Station Navigator. Now, she is acting in good faith, attempting to implement those changes. She will move forward, as she has said. The Board simply needs to remove that power, instantly ending the crisis and allowing democratic process to return to KBOO. And it was the Fred Meyer training that convinced the lot of them that they needed an autocrat: "a truly empowered executive." That's the usual business bullcrap, and look where it has gotten us--more prisoners than any nation, half the nation underemployed, unemployed, or just plain desperate. KBOO's participatory paradigm takes work and mental flexing, for Americans. It only takes a small push to regress to the Business Model.

Well, we're pushing back. This is the second time around, for me--I remember the Pacifica corporatization fight. I have put literally half my life into carving out space for anti-corporate, anti-imperialist broadcast space. I will not stop. Anyone who knows me knows how important I think it is to have at least this tiny, still, small voice on the airwaves. As for my partner's fortunes, they may be brighter without the draining effort at KBOO that she so loves; that decision is up to her.

So I ask all Staff: hang in there. I'm sorry that you have to face a boss every day who you know tried desperately to fire you. It must be very tense indeed, but for the sake of free speech in this Imperium, hang on. Soon we will either remove the firing powers or remove the whole corporatization group.

We laugh in your general direction 06.May.2013 20:20


Seriously, not very many people care about the infighting at KBOO. It seems that it's all about wanting more and placing misguided importance on a "Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored" radio station. The reality is that the internet provides more and better content than KBOO is willing to provide.

Please quit spreading untruths and causing more damage to KBOO 06.May.2013 21:12

Debbie Rabidue - Finance Coordinator.. KBOO STAFF

Well... here goes. I guess I will be the next major target in your attack campaign, because try as hard as I could, I cannot keep my shut about the constant misrepresentation of the Grant, Board Training and Policy Development.

Please stop with the incoherent ranting and raving about corporate board training funded by a grocery store. This is so far from the actual truth. I wrote that grant application. It was to the Meyer Memorial Trust, and they have absolutely ZERO affiliation with Fred Meyer and they ask that we make that clear when we accept their funding. 2nd, the grant was to fund 2 pieces of the KBOO strategic plan that was written mostly with a collaborative group of members and volunteers, with a dash of staff added in. "Board Development & Training" and "Policy Development". Although I don't think the KBOO strat plan is the most compelling read I've come across, it was a road map to help KBOO Board, Staff, Volunteer and Members to work together to bring KBOO to a place of sustainability. The Plan was adopted by the Board and the Staff in 2011. No one here ever heard of Lynn Fitch back then. Arthur Davis had already been beat-up and chased out before the work was started on the Strat Plan, and neither Station Manager was around when I applied for the grant funding to assist the Board.

I felt so strongly that in order for other objectives in the strategic plan to have any chance of success, the internal capacity needed to be strengthened in order to support the intense work that was laid out in the Strat Plan. I felt that needed to start with stabilization and fiduciary knowledge within the Board. Then stabilization within the management, and then the staff and volunteers. (Too logical, I know) I also believed that the Board needed training to understand their powerful role as fundraisers and in community outreach (as it is in most non-profits)The Board also was in need of policies that were vetted through a non-profit legal expert so that KBOO was protected and meeting every government and employment requirement in existence. The consultant and legal professional that the Board used for the policy development, was the very same attorney that helped to write KBOO Bylaws back before most of us even knew there was a KBOO. Bylaws the Membership adopted! I was hoping with these tools the Board could unite and work together to bring strong leadership and guidance to the management, staff and volunteers as we worked to further achieve the goals in the strategic plan. I applied for the MMT grant because I believed so strongly that this 1st piece of the strat plan needed to be achieved before we could support the efforts to take on Media diversity and fundraising diversity. Huge tasks.
Now...after seeing some unsettling behavior and actions, I wished I would have acted like the majority of the staff collective and just ignored this when the 1st application was rejected. I think the funds were spent wisely, but I also think that the Board as a whole, fell apart (badly) when they needed to come together and act like Directors. I can't fault the entire Board, but the actions of a few have made the Board unable to function as a whole unit. I feel that the generous funding from a Grantor that I had to practically beg to give us a chance, was just wasted. I don't think I can get back any faith in any group within the KBOO walls. I'm saddened by this wasted gift.

So...Please STOP trying to crucify Lynn for implementing the tasks she was directed to do by the Board and by the Strategic Plan (that the Membership played a huge role in developing). AND yes... Program changes are supposed to happen. Read the strat plan and read the 2008 NFCB Station Assessment. FYI... NFCB are not corporate warmongers! http://www.nfcb.org/ and last time I looked, the huge volunteer and community group that put together the KBOO Strategic Plan where not 'corporate warmongers' either! FYI... I did not get involved with the writing or the goals of the Strat Plan, that came from the many members & volunteers that created the Plan. I do support it however, and think it was a good start to sustainability.

KBOO Staff Collective Management was not staffed with experienced and skilled 'managers' in the important areas of managing the operations such as legal, even 100% of the FCC compliance, HR and best business practice to protect the Foundation's assets. I can go on and on, but will spare the gruesome details here. I do however have tons of documents that will strongly dispute your claim that " Collective management worked just fine, and saved the expense of hiring a manager. It did not "fail" but was killed by Board members who are too close to the Business Community and too far from grasping the original meaning of "democracy" (it didn't always mean "going along with the Boss")."
Also, SCM was 'killed' by the Staff and not the Board. The staff was not able to get 100% consensus or even consensus -1 to support SCM. SO a final proposal never went to the Board to request that the interim SCM become the model of management at KBOO. The staff did not reach consensus because the interim SCM lacked accountability and the staff, as a whole, we not able to follow our own guidelines in the SCM proposal. So yeh, SCM failed.. I was there! We did not have the crucial skills, training and experience to manage and to protect KBOO. Although, it was fun to not have a boss! (not really) Not much really got accomplished in that 2 and half year period. We did spend a lot of time in meetings though. I didn't because I quit going to them and just focused on what I was hired to do.

KBOO STRATEGIC PLAN... What projects the MEYER MEMORIAL TRUST (not the grocery store) funded:
Chapter 5: Reinventing KBOO - A Plan of Action  http://kboo.fm/about/stratplan/05
KBOO Strategic Plan CHAPTER 7: Proposed Organizational Changes  http://kboo.fm/about/stratplan/7

Goal #1 - Board Development

The Board will strengthen its effectiveness and its cohesiveness.

Reaffirm a basic skill set in board practices and functions for all KBOO board members, to broaden the board's expertise for successful operation of board functions and overall organizational leadership and development.
Support and invigorate the committees serving under the board's direction.
Strengthen board commitment for development of a strong and active board that will oversee the implementation of this strategic plan.

Implementation Plan:

Action Step: The board will complete and implement a plan for professional board development. This includes identifying and conducting skill-specific training in:
Board Basics:
Agenda- the purpose of and how to set the agenda
Meeting Minutes- the purpose of and simple format
Meetings- how to run a meeting, policies and procedures
Roberts Rules of Order- Quorum, voting, polling, consensus building
Working with Program Director and collective management body
Policy Development and Adoption
Board's Role in Fundraising
Board's Role in Organizational and Board Development
Officers and Executive Committee Roles
Legal Obligations and Financial Responsibilities
Definition, function and purpose of committees
How to develop committees
How to run a committee and be effective
Committee work plans
How to report to the board from committee
How committees work with staff and board
Committee recruitment

Timeline: June 2011 - June 2013.
Action Step: Review and revise job descriptions, responsibilities, duties and procedures for KBOO board members, committees and volunteers.
Timeline: June 2011 - June 2012.
Action Step: Provide further board education and training in operations, diversity, fundraising, development, outreach and other emerging issues for the organization.
Timeline: June 2011 and ongoing.
Action Step: Revise and refine board recruitment practices to ensure that the board members possess the breadth of skills set and expertise that is necessary for success.
Timeline: June 2011 to August 2011 - Before Annual Meeting in September.
Action Step: Improve committees by recruiting new members based on expertise, revising work plans and ensuring board member participation for each committee.
Timeline: June 2011 - December 2011.
Action Step: Provide leadership for volunteer recruitment, activities and recognition.
Timeline: Ongoing.
Action Step: Increase active fundraising, broadening and deepening giving to meet the fundraising goals and needs of the organization, including Fund Drives, community outreach, and grant writing, among other fundraising efforts.
Timeline: To coincide with Fall Fund Drive and ongoing.
Action Step: Coordinate and develop comprehensive Human Resources training program to emphasize the distinct and interrelated relationships of board to staff to volunteers to community partnerships. The outcome will be better decision-making and the ability to put into effect policies and procedures that are of maximum benefit to the organization.
Timeline: June 2011 - July 2011.
Action Step: Review and revise, as needed, this strategic plan and its goals, implementation and action steps on a bi-annual basis. Participants in the review can include board, staff, support volunteers, Working Group members and community and private individuals.
Timeline: June/November 2012; June/November 2013; June/November 2014; June/November 2015; and June 2016.

negative inuendo 06.May.2013 22:02


Boo unskilled management...

Possibly not needed as the boo has booing for years.

Community networking could be with a pig front group.

Are Pigs Infiltrating the Boo?

Hard to say if the seeds of destruction could be better sown?

I am very worried about outside consultants.

I have seen how well they work for the city in cleaning
up its police department.

My advice stay out of debt.

Don't live too large on free labor and donations
Odd but could be Heathy
Odd but could be Heathy

Dear Debbie, loyal accountant 07.May.2013 12:21

theresa mitchell

With all due respect, Debbie, I can't accept an assessment of collective leadership from you nor Andrew, as you were both the least cooperative with the project. That's putting it nicely. As for the Meyer Memorial Trust, they can try to distance themselves from ol' union-busting Fred if they want, but here is a cut-and-paste from their website:  http://www.mmt.org/learn-about-us "Meyer Memorial Trust was created by the estate of the late Fred G. Meyer. Find out more about the man behind MMT, whose memory still inspires us today."

People can learn to cooperate without a "boss." It requires practice and committment, and in the context of US society it is difficult, because there will always be anti-socialist hysteria within and without the group. Ironically, transparent cooperation within the original Soviets would have prevented their downfall--they fell to their habit, kowtowing to a big boss. Yet I have seen it work, and work well--and it does come without the stress and expense of an Executive Director.

It is also somewhat deceptive to claim that the collective management "killed itself" when you were so instrumental in its demise. As for a final proposal to the Board, the Board was so hostile to the idea that it kept returning and refusing models; so, again, deception.

Your links are revealing, however:

"3. Revise and implement a new fundraising plan that is diversified, asks more of present supporters and expands into new funding opportunities."
"4. Create strategic and clear connectivity between the complex and interrelated aspects of the organization as a means to improve overall operations internally and within the Portland Metro area."

Now let me translate that bureaucratese for the members, in its current incarnation: "3. Wipe out controversial programming and replace it with corporate-friendly stuff, so that donations can be brought it from, say, Jiffy Lube and such. Stop depending on small member donations, because that is what keeps KBOO assets distant from the Important People who have millions and billions." "4. Make clear connections by eliminating messy decision processes and replacing them with ONE BOSS TO RULE THEM ALL who can set programming and staff changes without opposition."

It's all about that American pro-corporate pressure, isn't it? And when KBOO has been sanitized and downsized, it may not even be necessary to "drown it in a bathtub."

As for Lynn Fitch, she may feel that it is appropriate to "hold the cards close to the vest" in a business change situation. But (again I must remind all parties) KBOO is not a business, in the usual use of that word. It is a 501(C)3 nonprofit and it reflects the will of its constituency, even if that will grates against Limbaugh listeners and hipsters with google glasses.

And, though I sympathize, it may be that Lynn will not be able to perform her duties anyway, if she is sentenced to any length of time for drunk driving. (And was the Board informed of this at hiring time?)

The best course of action would be a return to collective management, at least temporarily. It's natural for people to be tense with each other after a conflict, but there are professionals who can help with that (and they're cheaper than Bullard Law).

Debbie Rabidue -- thank you 07.May.2013 15:31

Jim Thompson

Debbie Rabidue, thank you for coming out and using your real name. That is a courageous act -- the internets have a long memory. The internets also present a culture of anonymity, which is fine to a point. Simple comments or questions support anonymity, But when someone presents information as fact, having a name or source attached in this public forum lends credibility to the veracity of the information.

Take care though, it's all to easy for someone to spoof your name. Hope that don't happen to me.

PIMC is probly not the best place to have these discussions. I wish there was a better place. Until then I am,

yours truly.


Outsider confused 07.May.2013 16:05


Usually when something this rocky to the alternative community comes up, the source of contention and differing opinions are explained either clearly enough, or are found with little a little research.

Neither is the case here. In KBOO's corner representatives of the org are probably being cautious about what they say, a legally responsible tactic. The "pro union" side has a couple of mildly disjointed screeds on IMC plus one website with one article(last checked). Which doesn't tell much.

What IS getting communicated is the idea KBOO ARE UNION BUSTERS! And other over the top accusations with muddled facts.

The fact that Michael Papadopoulos is considered to be a credible representative is worrying. [Tribune:  http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/151495-kboo-radio-dials-up-labor-fight-blues ]

This guy organized with the 'not so closet' racist conspiracy 911 truth alliance and was promoted on one of their email lists:

AirCascadia on kboo : FEMA Camps 20090817mon + Cointelpro 20090729wed
Posted By:

Send Email

Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:05 am |

AirCascadia (kboo) re FEMA Camps 20090817mon

AirCascadia (kboo) re CoIntelPro 20090729wed

Click on image for details of precursor
Scan : circa 1975 pamphlet on domestic spying during the Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon presidencies (under J Edgar Hoover's entrenched FBI)
to America's current and increasingly
totalitarian domestic spying and
intimidation program to discredit genuine
dissent, dissenter groups and their leaders

The "Challenger Panel" of candidates (Scott Forrester, Cris Andreae, Michael Papadopoulos PhD, Maire Cullen and Glen Owen) are meeting 9am Wednesday to discuss prospects for hammering out a common platform.

glen~ 503 287 3473

Papadopoulos buddy Owen also tried to sabotage KBOO:

[fairly disturbing mix of conspiracy paranoia propaganda against KBOO. The website/pages themselves have several anti semite links]


This same thing was posted on a Grass Roots Radio Conference email list last week. The poster was Michael Papadopoulos and here is the email header as presented to that list. Look carefully at the To list.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 16:34:25 -0700 (PDT)
From:  kboooowner@gmail.com
To:  papadop@peak.org,  sassyKathy464@gmail.com, Glen O <  gleno2001@yahoo.com>,
 Clackamas9@aol.com, joy laing <  joilaing@hotmail.com>
Subject: Director candidate arrest if he insists on addressing voters

<snip .. the rest is the same>

The To list is omitted from the pdx posting. The recipients in the grc posting are Michael Papadopoulos, Kathy Leonard-Bushman, Glen Owen, Scott Forrester and Yvette Maranowski -- the last four are losers in the this years KBOO Board elections. They were together as a bloc.

Three of these four have been banned from the station for good cause. Along with Michael Papadopoulos. For bad behavior of one kind or another. Don't know anything about the identity of the "anonymous male caller", and nothing about  kbooowner@gmail.com.

It's pretty clear that this is a very small band of folks with an axe to grind. And they seem to be trying their best. Their purpose? Revenge? Take over? Fuck shit up? I really can't tell, but they are not friends of KBOO.


Don't know how Papadopoulos got back in with KBOO, but this entire episode has the mark of secret intentions. Maybe Lynn Fitch screwed up. Maybe not. But the people demionizing her KNOW she has to "play by rules" while they can play fast and loose with the facts. Mitchell in particular seems invested in promoting this conflict on IMC.

Mitchell's judgement may be in question. She seems susceptible to right wing conspiracies like the so called "truth movement" and has a history falling for this crap:


"If Trinkaus' work on 9/11 is as sloppy as his analysis of KBOO programming, it must be an embarrassment to the rest of us attempting to bring out the fact that 9/11 was staged to bring about the current fascist paradigm."

Interviewing author of book almost pure anti semite propaganda:
"Host Theresa Mitchell interviews Tod Fletcher, who worked on the new book Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Case, by David Ray Griffen, the preeminent expert on the events of September 11, 2001."

There's a real chance Theresa Mitchell is being manipulated by people with questionable agendas; perhaps the worst example of her gullibility is talking to a far right racist lunatic to fight fascism:

another good link 11.Oct.2007 11:10
theresa mitchell link

I got an email from Captain May shortly after the show, passing on this link

link to t4falseflag.googlegroups.com

--among other things, it points to Blackwater and military buildup here (I can't confirm that at this point). Regarding indymedia posters, I hope I have mentioned them and other posters sufficiently, and if not, I apologize. Like all of you, I just want to thwart fascism.

Audio of interview now available 11.Oct.2007 12:20
Theresa Mitchell link

Here is an edited (for length--we have a 25mb limit) version of the interview with Captain May today.


What the SPLC has on May:

 link to www.splcenter.org
"Get a load of THIS comment (followed by May's response), posted by Von Brunn to May's "Ghost Troop" yahoogroup,which calls for a group of "five or six well equipped martyrs" to take action against our government:"


Not trying to embarrass Mitchell over something that she probably regrets. Just pointing out she's not the best at judging what a credible story is or researching people she's giving a platform to. Ergo doubts about her information and interpretation of the KBOO situation.

If KBOO volunteers have a real grievance, great and solidarity to them. But if this is a puppet show by local right reactionaries to hijack or destroy KBOO by manipulating people in position's like Mitchell's, everyone involved ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Trust in democratic process 07.May.2013 16:28

Angela, a KBOO member who still has faith in humanity

KBOO IS A MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION!! It is possible that an accurate picture of how the majority of the membership responded to the May 4 meeting is not revealed by scouring through these posts. There was remarkably short notice for the meeting and not much info about if given to the public beforehand. In fact, I believe that the only reason the PSA's announcing it (in just the couple of days prior) were created by Lynn Fitch, is to do damage control after local media broke the story.
I want to point out that, judging by the crowd that attended the meeting, a bulk of KBOO's members (and, who knows, maybe bigger individual donors) are past age 40. It is with all due respect and as someone in that same age-group that I would suggest that they might not engage in social media as much as the people who post here. I believe that, if all KBOO membership were notified and given enough time to gather, there could very well be a majority who want to weigh in about the station's future. It is even written into the bylaws that they have the right to do so, if following proper procedure.
Thanks to Theresa for having the courage to share her view of the situation, despite how unpopular it seems with certain in the KBOO inner circle. I agree with a previous poster in this thread (Jim, perhaps?)that the "whistle-blower" label is very fitting and the lack of support for it at KBOO is shocking. I also want to point out that Theresa is providing documentation for many of her claims, and that I, myself, heard the "station navigator" admit at the May 4 meeting to suggesting firing all of the staff and only rehiring some as an equitable labor practice. Sound like a fishy house-cleaning to anyone else? Most importantly, having attended the meeting myself, I know that the allegations that Theresa is merely starting rumors is clearly false. I wouldn't have known about any of this without her sticking her neck out.
To the KBOO Board, programmers, and staff: Please do not disregard your membership. Many of them contribute based on the values for which they believe KBOO stands. Also, to the Board, please try to respect these people and the democratic process enough to avoid the paternalistic "we know best" attitude. It might seem more efficient to create an autocratic leadership, but it seems like it led straight into a mess. If you follow more inclusive processes, you just might get more volunteers to participate in committees and such.
I'm not sure which direction the majority of general membership would prefer, but I know that I will be more comfortable with whatever future outcome, if it is arrived at fairly and transparently. I might even continue my monthly donation.
I agree with Theresa that the time to act is now.

All confirmed as total garbage 08.May.2013 08:10


Ironically at the Tribune link Theresa is spamming:

 link to portlandtribune.com

"Kurt Lauer Follow Portland, Oregon
I'll keep pointing out (although NONE of you are listening) that NONE of you ever attend Board meetings or Committee meetings yet all of this has been discussed at length, already. You continue to report and regurgitate the same misinformation and refuse to listen to the truth. I'm so sick of arguing with people who should know better that I've given up all hope that KBOO will recover. Without management, you're just a clubhouse for your buddies and that's the last thing you should be wishing on a public company."

"Benjamin Hoyne American
Steve, your article is inaccurate. Employment at KBOO did not recently switch to at-will, it has long been that way, including when the staff collective was in charge as recently as last summer.

As Kurt noted, what has been happening at KBOO has been happening in the open for almost a year. Most people now upset didn't participate in a democratic process, but rather are now throwing stones. The most recent KBOO Board election had 8 candidates. 6 of them were added to the board. It is easy to participate at KBOO, so don't complain about things, get involved. Attend board meetings, finance committee meetings, etc. Then you might understand the actual issues, rather than just reading blogposts.

Anyway, last summer a Board/Staff committee was formed to find a solution for KBOO moving forward. I was on that committee, as was Ani Haines, longtime KBOO staffer. The 6 person committee UNANIMOUSLY agreed to hire Lynn Fitch as the Executive Director for 18 months, and tasked her with doing a through evaluation of staffing structure, hours, and job description. KBOO used to received six figure grants annually from CPB. Staffing was added during those years. The grant funding left, but staffing levels stayed the same. KBOO's staff is bloated, and the appropriate hours are not assigned to vital positions. The engineer (arguably the MOST critical job for a radio station) is paid 20 hours a week. Yet, there are two full-time news/public affairs staff, and a full-time volunteer coordinator. I have been involved at 5 community radio stations in the US from rural Alaska to Washington, DC, and have never seen a full-time volunteer coordinator anywhere. I've also seen stations that are operating much more financially stable than KBOO.

So, as Lynn Fitch has been doing the job she was hired to do, staff got scared that some or all of their positions could be eliminated, and decided to unionize. They should be scared, because some of their jobs or the hours attached to them are out of touch with reality. Rather than embrace change and put the future of KBOO above their own personal employment interests, the staff is working on holding KBOO hostage, so that we can inevitably find ourselves in the same position we were in last year, the before that, the year before that, etc, etc.

Change is hard. The world of radio, media, internet, has been changing rapidly for the past 2 decades. KBOO is resisting change.

We know where this will lead.

As I said at the beginning, don't complain, get involved. Not by attending a protest, but by attending a finance committee meeting or by running for the board. When you attend a monthly 3 hour board meetings, and various monthly sub-committee meetings, and trainings, and fundraising events, when you do all that, then you'll have the perspective needed to really comment on what is going on.

It must be noted that the board has gone along with all these changes made by Lynn Fitch, and the board president is great friends with Ani Haines.

The view changes when you're actually paying attention to reality, rather than just reading blogs and articles."

"Vernon Huffman
From my perspective a labor contract would be a step forward for KBOO, which has been dominated by a few strong personalities on the staff & board. Arbitrary bannings have included a former engineer who received more votes for his seat on the board than anyone else in the race.

Lynn Fitch has made an effort to let some sunshine into KBOO's inner workings, for which she has been demonized by the "in crowd." Perhaps the membership meeting 1 pm this Sat at Tabor Space will help to sort it out. It will be refreshing if the meeting has a quorum. That hasn't happened in over a decade."

Things suck and change is hard, but acting like a right wing drama queen doesn't help, Theresa.

You didn't play nice Debbie! 08.May.2013 22:19

Like Totally

Seriously Debbie,
Like Theresa said, you and Andrew didn't play nice with the other staff during the collective mis-management.
I mean, if you had just gone along like everyone else, you could continue to be sitting high on the hog, milking the sucker members who donate money year after year.
Oh remember how much we laughed when we would say during pledge drive "all of your donations are well spent!"

Don't you know KBOO operates outside the realm of economic reality? It's not a business, it doesn't need to make any money. We'll just not replace managers who quit or other staff that leave, then there will still be money left for us.
Who cares if equipment is outdated, our website doesn't really work, and we couldn't even handle running FCC required emergency tests for months. Just remember the golden rule "it wasn't my fault." See when there is collective mis-management, we all get to escape any accountability for our incompetence!

Why are you always sweating the details? Seriously, just chill out and drink the Kool-Aid!!!

If only you had played nicely with the other kiddies on the playground, this whole mess would have never happened.

Oh well, a girl can dream...

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