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Salem Rally to Protect Oregon Cougars, stop inhumane bills

Come rally to protect Oregon's cougar from being killed with hounds!  We are staging the rally on May 8th, noon to 1:30 on the Capitol steps and media will be there.  We have posters, just need bodies!
Oregonians voted twice to end the hunting of cougar with hound dogs.  We need to be assured that our vote for Measure 18 is honored before this irreplaceable resource, the cougar, disappears!

This rally is to stop the bills that ignore the voter's voice and the protecton M18 offers cougars.  STOP the NRA and Safari Club (International) H.B.2624 and H.B. 2390 designed by Brian Clem, HB 3395 by Sherrie Sprenger,  and Senate Bill 428!  All these bills are the same!  These bills allow cougars to be killed by using hound dogs.  This is abusive to the dogs, the cougar and the cougar cubs!  

California has a better plan for cougars:   link to news.yahoo.com

For more information visit the Oregon Cougar Action Team at  http://www.orecat.org/
or email Jayne at  elderoak1@yahoo.com


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