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Police come to my home on suspicious fishing expedition

See evidence of a planned, coordinated and unlawful effort by the law enforcement community, spearheaded by fbi's own assassins, to find a way to arrest me.
geral sosbee
geral sosbee
This date *two law enforcement officials in plain clothes visited me in my home in Harlingen, Texas, for two hours beginning at about 1:PM. They both identified themselves by badge and credentials and then explained that the name "gsosbee" was linked to a crime involving the United States mail, in the Dallas, Texas area. The two focused attention on my whereabouts over the past few years and whether or not I was in the Dallas, Texas, area at all recently. Clearly I was a person of interest in a crime that the two refused to detail. They also indicated that they spoke with others who use the name "gsosbee". The two officers had copies of some of my online reports, as though the reports are evidence of some kind.

About an hour into the interview Agent Rodriguez asked me if I am angry with the fbi or others whom I write about on my websites. I stated that such a characterization is false and that I can say that I am frustrated that no one in government, including the courts and the congress has made any attempt to verify the many felonies committed against me apparently by the fbi or their operatives. Then, Agent Rodriguez asked me whether I do my work online for the benefit of humanity. I stated that such an idea is false, that I do my work to defend myself from the assassins and the torturers who seek to do me great harm; I added that the people of this country also need to know what their government is doing to me and that perhaps even the world has some interest in the methods and practices that I describe concerning the fbi's non-consensual cover research and human experimentation program of which I am an apparent victim. I also mentioned the directed energy assaults against me and the elaborate and recent efforts by someone to attempt to provoke a response from me on the campus of the UTHSC (University of Texas Health Science Center) at Harlingen, Texas. I referred the two officers to parts 19 (a,b,c) of"My Story In Detail at sosbeevfbi.com.

At the end of the fishing expedition, I stated that I hope that the officers record in their report that I am reasonable and forthcoming about all of my answers; that I have no reason to lie and that all of reports are true. I also indicated that the fbi, contrary to Agent Rodriguez' stated belief to the contrary, began a severe retaliation campaign against me when I reported multiple felonies committed by the fbi as reflected in my court pleadings and my 'Affidavit 2007'. Agent Rodriguez hinted that such a report on the crimes that I allege is not sufficient explanation to justify my belief that the fbi is on a retaliation campaign of such proportions that I allege. I replied that his attitude is exactly what the fbi expects from all who hear my reports. Even the corrupt judge, I explained, who heard my complaint dismissed my statements against the fbi as insufficient to justify my law suit against the fbi.



Trey Knipfing, Postal Inspector, 14800 Trinity Blvd., Suite 600

Fort Worth TX 76155-2675

(817)359-2765, Fax: (817)359-2708


Conrad Rodriguez, Agent, Texas Department od Public Safety, Dallas, Texas


contacted me at home 4-30-13 for over one hour re suspicious use of my name to comit a criminal offense.

threats, powders, ticking packages 1-877-876-2455



The fbi may have staged the above referenced crime in Dallas in order to cause the Director of Texas Department Of Public Safety (DPS)**Steven McCrawto open a full field investigation on me for the following purposes: 1) Determine whether I had any involvement in the staged Dallas crime; 2) Find any evidence of even one act of violence committed by this Target; 3) Determine whether my reports on line, together with any other element of statutory guidelines, may be sufficient to charge this Target with any offense, civil or criminal. 4) Determine whether an employee of DPS, possibly acting as fbi operative, is responsible for the crime referenced above in Dallas.photo.jpg

As I have documented numerous assaults on my person by the fbi's operatives, the evidence suggests to some that the efforts to silence me from reporting fbi's own century-long crime spree is now in full swing, with planned & choreographed attacks on me and with high profile law enforcements' ongoing extensive background examination of me. The above referenced investigators are encouraged to be accurate in their report, showing evidence of concerted, planned & provocative attacks on me as I have documented on many occasions. The Director Of Public Safety must not permit his loyalty to the fbi's own criminals and assassins within the 'Burro' to prejudice his actions in this matter because much more is at stake here than simply his political success. Regarding the investigators, I urge them to thoroughly investigate my claims of extensive & abusive conduct toward me and to notify Congress of USA of their findings. Finally, as the two officials mentioned above showed great interest in my report shown here:


I suggest that the people of the USA need to know what the government here is doing to one of their own (me), and that such illegal actions against this Target may also represent a similar inhumane USA program worldwide against other Targets. We as a people must reign in the sometimes out of control departments of government (such as fbi/cia/dod) in order to preserve our own fundamental values of the worth & dignity of man. Otherwise the USA leads the world in the wrong direction.

**Prior to his service as Homeland Security Director, McCraw was the assistant
director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Inspection Division,
overseeing evaluation of FBI operations, strategic planning and execution and
internal investigations.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: usa

Why Would You Think That Anyone Cares? 02.May.2013 13:07

James Duval

Nobody gives a shit about what happens to you, you fucking liar and fraud.

Fake War Hero: Claims to be a "decorated" war hero, only problem is that he didn't receive even one decoration. Lies and fraud.

Fake whistle blower: claims to be a whistle blower, only problem is that he never even addressed the Rodriquez case that he claims to have blown the whistle on until 20 plus years after he was forced out of fbi for incompetence and inability to get along with others. Liar and fraud.

Hey geral 02.May.2013 14:43

You are an exception.

Gang stalking is mostly done by agencies to test new recruits to see if they are cold-hearted enough to torture and assassinate people. They don't usually use it against people who are radical or outspoken, only ones that are good-hearted and not controversial. The recruits should have no motive at all for attacking their victims. That proves they are really cold-hearted. If they carry out the attack then they are cold-hearted enough to be trained to be assassins, etc.

hah ok 03.May.2013 10:50


"Gang stalking is mostly done by agencies to test new recruits to see if they are cold-hearted enough to torture and assassinate people"

No it isn't, because gang-stalking isn't real. It is a product of paranoid people who are obsessed with their own importance, thinking the world is somehow paying attention to their petty lives.


jimmythesnakeduval,aka snake,pickurboog,j. robert upton, etc. 02.May.2013 14:10

geral, the war vet gsosbee@gmail.com

James Duval admits here to being one and the same cyberstalker that uses the name 'jimmythesnakeduval':


More filthy infections fro the snake, cry baby, and serial cyberstalker duval:


If only the snake would show his DD214 and his true name, we could all admire his contributions (aside from his role as a fbi assassin) to this sorry nation.

geral vs snakes in the swamp
geral vs snakes in the swamp
war vet
war vet

You Just Can't Fix STUPID 03.May.2013 10:59

James Duval

Sorry you stupid old piece of cow flop, I never said I had a DD214, I just said that your 214 proves that you are a fraud and liar. This isn't about me, it's about you and your bald faced and bald headed LIES.

Fake War Hero: Claims to be a "decorated" war hero, only problem is that he didn't receive even one decoration. Lies and fraud proven by geral's own DD214.

Fake whistle blower: claims to be a whistle blower, only problem is that he never even addressed the Rodriquez case that he claims to have blown the whistle on until 20 plus years after he was forced out of fbi for incompetence and inability to get along with others. Liar and fraud proven by documents on his own website.

Why don't you go pick on a poor janitor like the one you filed a "report" on for asking you to flush the toilet, you cowardly little asshole, because you aren't capable of intimidating me. That's right, Mr War Hero didn't flush the toilet after use at UT library, then when the janitor touched him on the shoulder and asked him to please flush, the little punk piece of shit filed a complaint on the janitor for assault.

You are a lowlife piece of dog shit sosbee, and nobody cares about your whining ass bullshit. Fuck off, moron.

Seeing the ignorant comments, I feel the need to speak out. 17.Jul.2013 10:32

FBI = Fabricated Bullshit, Inc.

This is REAL. I do not doubt the man who wrote this as unreasonably paranoid or a liar, because it happened to my fiance. He was set up by the FBI because of his activities as an outspoken activist, framed as a drug trafficker. It was easy for them, because he has tattoos and rode a motorcycle. Any jury would surely convict on appearance alone, so he was railroaded into taking a plea deal of five years in federal prison. Before they presented the deal, he was facing 30 years as per mandatory minimum laws. In jail awaiting his hearing, he was viciously attacked by a large man he did not know for no apparent reason, resulting in a shattered femur. For those who do not know, the femur is a very large, thick bone - the one in your thigh. For that to shatter takes sufficient force and is generally only seen in serious auto accidents. That man knew what he was doing. This incident came after a period of several months where a different man wearing a suspicious-looking ankle bracelet tried to 'buddy up' with my fiance, asking him strange questions about people they both (supposedly) knew, some of whom had since passed, therefore making his fabricated stories completely impossible and overwhelmingly suspicious.

This is NO JOKE, guys. We all need to take this man's story VERY SERIOUSLY. It can and very well may happen to you or your loved ones. They will break down your door with a battering ram at 3:30 am, throw in a flash grenade, drag you out of bed naked and interrogate you with a rifle pointed at your head, all while tearing apart your home on an invalid warrant. They will even feel up your wife, girlfriend, or daughters against their will, while they are being restrained in handcuffs, naked. Right there in your own fucking living room. Sounds illegal, right? Wrong. No matter what they do, whether it's written law or not, they can and do get away with it.

We couldn't afford an lawyer. The attorney appointed to my fiance by the court only wanted a plea. He didn't want to work, we couldn't make him work. He never answered the phone or returned calls, was extremely rude and basically told us he didn't care about the outcome because he had other cases to work on. Paid cases. That's the way it is with most assholes like that.

So, what can you do about all this? Speak out. Warn and inform others, everyone you can. The internet is a great way to accomplish that. Yeah, it may put you on their radar, but there is strength in numbers and as soon as our fellow citizens start seeing through their shit, the sooner they'll realize that they can't fool us all - eventually, they won't even be able to fool most.


A conspiracy theory doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy. Look up MKULTRA, about how the CIA randomly dosed thousands, maybe even millions of people with high doses of LSD without them ever knowing what happened, back before the average American knew what LSD, or even tripping, was. They have ruined many, many lives and continue to do so today. But now, it's more than just a cruel experiment or prank; now, it's used as a weapon.

RE: Duval, aka fbi operative & stooge 31.Jul.2013 12:23

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

I trust that the data on my DD214 and the awards I received in service to this corrupt nation sufficiently expose jimmy-the-snake-duval, aka J. Robert Upton, as a pitiful example of a man.



fbi history book wherein all awards listed are verified by the federal burro of investigation (fbi):


My recent posts where Jimmy the snakes sidewinder tracks may be evident:



viet nam combat vet: geral sosbee
viet nam combat vet: geral sosbee

fbi operatives come out of the woodwork 10.Oct.2013 16:37

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

The fbi operative James Duval uses many aliases: J Robert Upton, paint me doubtful, ben dover, monique, anonymous, etc. All such personalities share one common feature: each seeks to fraudulently discredit this Target of fbi atrocities. For more on Duval, click on the image of Upton in the *link below; for more on Duval as 'doubtful' see his mouth wide opening, arms extending, finger pointing and evil proclivities protruding as he cries, **"...mass murderer."




fbi's Cointelpro:

 link to austin.indymedia.org

geral vs fbi assassins
geral vs fbi assassins
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet

fbi operatives duval, upton, ben dover, paint me doubtful 01.Nov.2013 11:52

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

fbi operative James Duval, aka * paint me doubtful, ** j. robert upton, ben dover, etc., regularly appears online in efforts to discredit; perhaps if she would show us her DD214 we could better understand the filthy & twisted mind behind the crude comments.

* Regarding paint me doubtful , he is one and the same fbi operative who cries ," mass murderer" and points a finger at me:


Regarding **upton, see his image here and click to understand his infirmity of body, mind, soul:



See my reports that reveal the demonic like character of the USA government, especially as reflected in the covert global operations of nsa/fbi/cia. Note that such characters as duval, doubtful, upton are emerging as the usa's principal personalities and representatives engaged in the overthrow of governments globally.

For several years I attempted to understand the rationale for the fbi' s *torture & attempted murder games against me. I postulated, for example, as follows:



Then, after I posted the data at the *** link shown below, I noticed that once again the metaphorical choke chain on my neck ( in the form of remote electronic human behavior manipulation technology) was tightened; the tightening came in the form of increased sleep deprivation via brain entrainment assaults by directed energy weaponry and ELF, incapacitating me for 12-15 hours. The same treatment was repeated on October 31, 2013.

Thus after years of enduring such painful experiences, I must now conclude that the United States government ( **now overthrown) is ruled by insane, homicidal and sadistic psychopaths who are free to torture anyone on earth at will.

So, let the world know that the surveillance and phone monitoring operations by NSA globally, is a prolepsis to total control of all mankind by demonic methods that I have delineated for almost two decades. See  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part4-worldinabo.html


 link to lissakr11humane.com

Anyone who labels as 'delusional' a victim of such assaults is part of the problem and should have his head examined:



Fbi operative Jimmy the snake duval needs to display his Army awards 21.May.2014 17:26

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

The world is waiting for Jimmy the snake duval to show his DD214, or at least tell us his real name. Of course Jimmy boy can't comply because he is an assassin and torturer for the thugs of fbi who have overthrown this government by a stealth coup.
Tell us little man, where are you hiding!
Here are the awards sent directly to me by the disgraceful US ARMY:

 link to www.google.com

agenda of fbi & its operatives 20.Jul.2014 13:45

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

http://po box 1548
United States

Re: fbi crimes online accompany new de facto criminal courts 08.Nov.2014 10:50

geral gsosbee@gmail.com