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May Day Unpermitted March

Terry Schrunk Plaza - 12pm
As being reported on KGW -  link to www.kgw.com.

"Portland Police said they're aware of the unpermitted protest, but so far are not too concerned about the event from a security point. They said they expect most of the anarchists to protest up in Seattle."

Or 11am? 01.May.2013 06:05


The write up says 12pm but the video says 11am. Can anyone verify the actual start time?

fb 01.May.2013 10:30

. .

on - FB
I read
meet at 11
march & surprise at 12
head to Obryant Sq. at 1:30

Actually Later... 01.May.2013 12:29

Hurdon K'boo

It was announced on KBOO this morn that the start times were : Gather @ S.Park Blocks @2:00 Rally @ 3:00 March @ 4:00 Anyone else know anything ?